No More Analytics


Since, I’ve been using Google Analytics to understand the web analytics of my personal websites. In early 2021, I’ve started using Piwik PRO, which is NEAT and complies with regulations worldwide.ย 


My website isn’t unique, I’m aware. My blog posts aren’t top-tier, yet it helps a few. Ultimately, you can’t stop me from styling and updating regularly. It’s my shit.

Moving forward.

This website’s analytics don’t mean anything to me now. I’m going to write stuff anyway, and people will reach out to me after reading my articles. And I’m still going to receive a bunch of link-building offers, so fuck yeah!


Verfasor’s no longer friends with Analytics. However, the orange cloud is still doing its job. And at work, we rely on web analytics.

Cover Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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