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Verfasor is an Indian composer, singer, sound designer, and record producer from Kerala. He has produced the Kaav EP for Palakkadan Dystopia, a side-project run by Street Academics. He started out his career as an IT consultant in 2012, meanwhile focusing on music projects like Dead Author, Xonikk, m1qnet, Verfasor, and SIGNALSIREN. “Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru” from his VOL I EP has been featured on the Rolling Stone India October 2020 Playlist Part 2.

Discography & other info.

Latest SingleNu Dance of The Golden Snake
Active projectsVerfasor, m1qnet, SIGNALSIREN, and Dead Author
Defunct projectsBโˆ†SE32, Longma, Xonikk, and ใ‚นใƒผใƒ‘ใƒผใ‚ฝใƒ‹ใƒƒใ‚ฏ
DAW preferencesFL Studio (Windows) & Ableton Live (macOS)
InterestsSound design, reverse engineering and manipulation.
Associated Act(s)Palakkadan Dystopia (Street Academics)
Featured onRolling Stone, Rock Street Journal
AlbumsVoid Voyagers EP โ€“ Xonikk โ€“ 2013
 Lost Years โ€“ Xonikk โ€“ 2015
 Goodbye ๅ†่ง LP โ€“ m1qnet โ€“ 2017
 The Pendulum EP โ€“ m1qnet โ€“ 2020
 VOL I EP โ€“ SIGNALSIREN โ€“ 2020
MixtapesLockdown โ€“ Xonikk โ€“ 2020
 Reprise: Special Edition โ€“ m1qnet โ€“ 2020
 Happy Me, Happy You โ€“ Xonikk โ€“ 2013
 Miss My Fam โ€“ m1qnet โ€“ 2020
 Press Play, Delete โ€“ SIGNALSIREN โ€“ 2020
 Madman โ€“ SIGNALSIREN โ€“ 2020
Record ProductionKaav EP by Palakkadan Dystopia โ€“ 2020
 Marupiravi EP by Palakkadan Dystopia โ€“ 2022
Official RemixEarthgrime โ€“ Reverse Chronology Xonikk Remix โ€“ 2013

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