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1351 in total. Name, Mastodon Handle, Twitter Handle, Key Area(s), Publication(s), Introduction

Patrick deHahn
@[email protected]
Global politics and US breaking news, as well as public health

Charles Seife
@[email protected]
Science journalism, investigative, data
Scientific American and elsewhere
Professor at NYU
David Delima
@[email protected]
NDTV Gadgets 360

Sara Gaiser
@[email protected]
Local radio newscast - San Francisco Bay Area, KQED FM 88.5

Taylor Lorenz
Technology, internet culture, media, breaking news
The Washington Post
Former tech reporter at The New York Times and The Atlantic
Keri Blakinger
@[email protected]
Criminal justice, prisons
The Marshall Project

Will Knight
@[email protected]
Wired magazine
Senior Writer at Wired
Jack Ryan
@[email protected]
Science Editor
Science Editor @ CNET. Award-losing journalist. Party pooper. Absolutely brain-wormed by Twitter. Writes about science and bad science writing.
Andrew Couts
@[email protected]
Digital Security
Security Editor at WIRED | Twitter: @andrewcouts | he/him | I like to think about journalism, ethics, and truth, but I mostly care about dogs.
Scott Nover
@[email protected]
I write about the internet for Quartz. @scottnover on Twitter, the real OG. Please don’t make me use this app.
Josh Sternberg
@[email protected]
Morning Brew
Executive Editor, Morning Brew
Patrick LaForge
@[email protected]
Breaking/Trending News
New York Times
Editor, breaking/trending news,
Mike Masnick
@[email protected]
Technology and Internet
founder and CEO, TechDirt
Shannon Vavra
@[email protected]
National Security
Daily Beast
National Security Reporter at The Daily Beast based in Washington, D.C. Send me your tips and thoughts: [email protected] [email protected]

Formers at CyberScoop and Axios
Andrew E. Freedman
@[email protected]

Technology and Gaming
Senior Editor, Tom’s Hardware
Sara Morrison
@[email protected]
Technology and Privacy Policy
senior reporter at Recode/Vox
Dell Cameron
@[email protected]
Privacy and Security
Senior Reporter, Gizmodo
Will Oremus
@[email protected]
Washington Post
writing about tech and its discontents for the @washingtonpost . formerly @ozm (RIP) & @slate
Jeff Jarvis
@[email protected]

Journalism prof at CUNY's Newmark School. Author of The Gutenberg Parenthesis, upcoming.
Karlin Lillington
@[email protected]
technology, digital rights, privacy and data protection, computing history, human rights etc
Irish Times (in past, the Guardian,,, man others)
Writing technology-focused journalism for 25 years. Investigative work provided key evidence that led to the invalidation of the EU Data Retention Directive by the European Court of Justice (Digital Rights Ireland case).
Marcy Wheeler
@[email protected]
civil liberties, national security, US legal cases

Neil Michael
@[email protected]
Irish Examiner

Sadhbh 'Shea
[email protected]
Professional cycling
I have worked as a cycling journalist for the last 10 years. I've also spent some time working in local journalism at the BBC.
Glyn Moody
@[email protected]
openness, copyright, privacy and digital rights.,,
author of Rebel Code, and Walled Culture books
Melanie Sill
@[email protected]
Local news, journalism + democracy, North Carolina news
Former top editor/news exec, N&O, KPCC, SacBee
Chris Horn
@[email protected]
Innovation and Tech Startups
The Irish Times
Michelle R. Smith
@[email protected]
The Associated Press

Joanne Stocker-Kelly
@[email protected]
Open-source, video verification, visual investigations

Jessica Calarco
@[email protected]
Education; families; inequality and social policy; health; Covid
Freelance, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Atlantic, and others
I'm a Sociology Professor, but I also write about my own research and others' for a range of news outlets
Sara Luterman
@[email protected]
Caregiving, disability, aging
I am currently a staff reporter at The 19th.
Disabled reporter reporting on disability and the systems around it.
Joshua Wood
@[email protected]
Photojournalism, politics

Tina M Casey
@[email protected]
Clean Tech, Politics/Policy, ESG, Civil Rights
Covering the politics of clean tech since 2009.
Sharon Machlis
@[email protected]
R, Quarto, and other tools for data analysis
InfoWorld, Computerworld, CRC Press
Director of Editorial Data & Analytics at Foundry (an IDG company). Author of Practical R for Mass Communication & Journalism.
George Musser
@[email protected]
Scientific American, Quanta, and other magazines

Will Knight
[email protected]
Senior editor covering AI and related stuff like chips, defense, geopolitics.
Sarah Posner
@[email protected]
Religious right, Christian nationalism, right-wing extremism, US politics
TPM, Insider, The Nation, The New Republic, Politico, Type Investigations, many others
Author of Unholy: How White Christian Nationalists Powered the Trump Presidency, and the Devastating Legacy They Left Behind
Zach Everson
@[email protected]
Money and politics in the US
Staff writer reporting on money and politics at Forbes (subscribe!) • Staked out Trump’s DC hotel for four years at 1100 Pennsylvania • Tip? [email protected], Signal/mobile 202.804.2744
Dell Cameron
[email protected]
Privacy and tech policy

Charlie Savage NYT
@[email protected]
National Security and Law
New York Times

Tom Schaffer
@[email protected]
Politics, media, football,
Editor in chief, journalist, blogger, podcaster from Vienna, Austria.
Stephen Wentzell
@[email protected]
Federal politics, book reviews
CTV News Atlantic,, The Blueprint

Armin Himmelrath
@[email protected]
Schools, higher education, education politics
„Der Spiegel“ and several radiostations

Olan McGowan
Arts, culture, current affairs, politics, film, music
RTE Radio Ireland

Hanno Böck
@[email protected]
IT Security, Climate and Energy, freelancer

Irène Unholz
@[email protected]
Art, Culture, Media
Freelance, mainly, WOZ (Die Wochenzeitung)

Rob Arthur
@[email protected]
technology, criminal justice, baseball
VICE News, the Ringer, the Atlantic, etc.
freelance data journalist formerly of FiveThirtyEight
Wendy M. Grossman
@[email protected]
computers, freedom, and privacy

@[email protected]


@[email protected]
copyright/piracy/p2p some robotics/tech digital rights
TorrentFreak, techdirt (on occasion)
Russell Merryman
Digital, solutions journalism, science journalism
Various outlets
Journalist, editor (ex-BBC/Al Jazeera), academic, future media geek, Yorkshireman, hardline realist, academic, PhD cendidate.
Ingrid Brodnig
@[email protected]
Disinformation, hate speech online
Austrian news magazine Profil and books
I am a journalist and book author from Austria, my work focuses on disinformation and hate speech online
Thorin Klosowski
@[email protected]
Privacy and security / consumer tech

Ernie Smith
@[email protected]
Technology, History, Offbeat
Editor of Tedium, a popular newsletter that’s been active since 2015. Bylines in Vice, Atlas Obscura, and Input.
Scott Stedman
[email protected]
Corruption, financial crime, and foreign election interference.
Forensic News

Michelle R. Smith
@[email protected]
New handle after migrating over to a new instance
Jonathan M. Katz
@[email protected]
Foreign affairs, disaster, politics, conflict, fascism
Hey everybody
Dean Betx
@[email protected]
Media, aerospace
Ex-Microsoft, Hearst, Advance Digital
Melissa Davlin
@[email protected]
Idaho politics

Parker Molloy
@[email protected]
Media criticism, politics, culture
Author of The Present Age, former Media Matters for America editor-at-large
Jeff Brown
@[email protected]
Media ethics, news startups,

Nick Schwellenbach
@[email protected]
Federal government corruption, misconduct, abuse of power
Project On Government Oversight

Raffaele Angius
@[email protected]
Italian investigative journalist on corruption, cyber crimes, State surveillance
IrpiMedia, Wired Italia, Indip
From Sardinia, writes about privacy and state surveillance, criminal organisations in Italy
Chris Foreman
[email protected]
Investigation of life-risking rescues through public records & interviews
R.E. Hawley
@[email protected]

NYT, The New Yorker, Atlantic, Gawker, Astra, The Point

Rehan Hooda
@[email protected]
Video games, Computing, Pop Culture
IGN India

Sheera Frenkel
@[email protected]
Tech, tech accountability, misinformation, fringe online movements, and really, any good/interesting stories that should be told.
New York Times

Marc Schulman
@[email protected]
Israel, Technology
Newsweek, Times of Israel, Historycentral
American born living in Israel on and off for 45 year
Sergiu Gatlan
@[email protected]
Cybersecurity / technology

Melissa Davlin
@[email protected]
Idaho politics
Lead producer, host, Idaho Reports
Jay Rosen
@[email protected]
Press criticism
I teach journalism at NYU
Joanne McNeil
@[email protected]
internet, art, culture
Filmmaker magazine, The Nation, Motherboard, New York, etc
author of Lurking
Craig Welch
@[email protected]
climate and environment reporting
National Geographic
I'm a senior staff writer. Work: [email protected]
Dan van Moll
@[email protected]
Current affairs & tech
Seven.One Media Group
Head Geek, Gamer Dad, Mac Head & Cigar Aficionado
Adam Klasfeld
@[email protected]
Legal/Courts beat
Managing editor at Law&Crime
Erik Gunn
@[email protected]
Economy, labor/workplace, health policy, Wisconsin government & issues
Wisconsin Examiner (
Deputy Editor at the Wisconsin Examiner; the Wisconsin Examiner is part of States Newsroom, nonpartisan nonprofit group of independent news bureaus covering state government across the U.S.
David Blumenstein
@[email protected]
Social, finance, opinion
Graphic reportage, aka comics about what's happening.
Abe Hefter
[email protected]
sports journalism, broadcast, audio/podcasting

J-Prof w/three+ decades of sports media (radio) in Canada
Molly Jong-Fast
@[email protected]

Vanity Fair and Fast Politics

Emily Nussbaum
@[email protected]
TV and pop culture
The New Yorker

Adrian Coakley
@[email protected]
Photography and Photojournalism
National Geographic
Photo Director for National Geographic Books
Molly Jong-Fast
@[email protected]

Vanity Fair and Fast Politics

Alan Kotok
@[email protected]
science, technology, business
reporter, publisher, photographer, entrepreneur
Mark Henick
@[email protected]
Mental health, health and science, narrative
Bylines in USA Today, CNN, CNBC, Chicago Tribune, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, and others. 200+ on camera segments.
Mental health advocate and media commentator. Bestselling author, So-Called Normal: A Memoir of Family, Depression and Resilience (HarperCollins, 2021).
Lila Guterman
@[email protected]
Science Magazine
Deputy News Editor, Science Magazine
Fatma Edemen
@[email protected]
Culture, film, politics
I’m a freelancer from Turkey. Currently focused on my PhD research and publish about cultural field whenever I find the opportunity. L
Qina Liu
@[email protected]

James Kanter
@[email protected]
European and EU affairs
EU Scream
Editor @euscreams politics podcast. Priors IHT, NYT, DJ WSJE, Cambodia Daily @
Rosa Furneaux
@[email protected]
Global health, science, investigations, Covid-19
The Bureau of Investigative Journalism; The Guardian; The Telegraph; The Independent
Global health investigative reporter at The Bureau of Investigative Journalism
Joyce Vance
[email protected]
The intersection of legal & political analysis
Former Obama US Atty, MSNBC & NBC legal analyst, Writes Civil Discourse newsletter in Substack, Co-host of #SistersinLaw & Insider Podcasts
Emma Best
@[email protected]
Transparency, leaks, secrecy, national security
Distributed Denial of Secrets
Published leaks from 50+ countries, FOIA freak
Soraya Morvan-Smith
[email protected]
International news
France 24
24h worldwide news on France 24
Megan Lavey-Heaton
@[email protected]
Data journalism, social media, podcast production Patriot-News
Outside of journalism, I am also a comics creator and do book design.
Brian PJ Cronin
@[email protected]
Climate, nature, outdoor recreation
The Highlands Current (
Also teach journalism at Marist College
Laura Beil
@[email protected]
Medicine, health health policy
Podcasts: Sympathy Pains, Dr Death, Bad Batch, Vaping Fix. Print: ProPublica, NYTimes, Texas Monthly, Science News
Drew Hawkins
@[email protected]
Environmental, criminal justice
The Guardian, The Daily Beast
Brittany Wong
@[email protected]
Senior lifestyle reporter at HuffPost
Aaron Derfel
[email protected]
Health and medical matters
Montreal Gazette
My bio:
Mike Deal
@[email protected]
Daily general newspaper photojournalism
Winnipeg Free Press
Have been a working photojournalist for over 20 years
Cory Bergman
[email protected]

Quinta Jurecic
@[email protected]
Law and the rule of law; internet; national security
Lawfare, The Atlantic

Emily Alpert Reyes
[email protected]
Public health
The Los Angeles Times

Kate McKenna
@[email protected]
Canadian politics, Canadian culture, Canadian news, climate change

Sylvène Gilchrist

Joanna Stern
@[email protected]
Tech journalism, personal tech, latest trends and gadgets
The Wall Street Journal

Paul Voosen
@[email protected]
Earth, climate, and planetary science
Science magazine

Ronda Kaysen
@[email protected]
Real Estate/ housing / home design trends
The New York Times
I am a real estate reporter for The New York Times and co-author of “The New York Times: Right at Home”
Elizabeth Yuko
@[email protected]
Health/medicine (incl. Covid & Long Covid); architecture & design; history; pop culture
Rolling Stone, CityLab, Architectural Digest, WSJ, NYT
PhD in bioethics
Amy Harmon
@[email protected]
science, nature, social inequality
New York Times

Jared Kaltwasser
@[email protected]
Healthcare, business, and journalism
Various places (freelance)

Jamie Broadnax
Entertainment News / Pop Culture Commentary
Founder and CEO of
Michael Greshko
@[email protected]
National Geographic

Meredith Schmehl
@[email protected]
Neuroscience, science policy
Freelance, podcasting, blogging
Maryn McKenna
@[email protected]
public health, global health, food policy, epi, ID
senior writer for health, WIRED; science writing professor at Emory
Siri Carpenter
@[email protected]
Science, environment, health, technology
The Open Notebook
Science journalist and co-founder/EIC of The Open Notebook, a nonprofit whose mission is to help journalists covering science develop their skills. Past president of National Association of Science Writers.
Adam Becker
@[email protected]
Physics, space, quantum, tech
Freelance: NYT, BBC, NPR, SciAm, New Scientist, etc.
Author of WHAT IS REAL? (2018, Basic) and a forthcoming book on science and ideology in Silicon Valley
Michelangelo Signorile
@[email protected]
SiriusXM radio post on SXMProgress, writer, author, various pubs
journalist, radio host, author, substacker
David Zipper
@[email protected]
Transportation, technology, and cities
Slate, CityLab, WaPo, Fast Company (freelance)

Matthew Moore
@[email protected]
Radio journalist in Northwest Arkansas
KUAF Public Radio

Evan Engel
@[email protected]
Tech, media, business, politics
Pivot podcast / NY Mag

Tyler Hayes
@[email protected]
Consumer technology; product reviews; service journalism; music streaming

Max Eddy
@[email protected]
Infosec, privacy, reviews
I've been on Mastodon a while so say hi!
Matt Karolian
@[email protected]
Platforms / business
Boston Globe

Jeong Park
Asian American Community
I cover Asian American communities for the Los Angeles Times. Former: Sacramento Bee, Orange County Register, Journal and Courier, Daily Bruin. [email protected]
Vanessa Franko1
@[email protected]

Danielle Solzman
@[email protected]
Film and TV
Solzy at the Movies, Below the Line
Transgender film critic
Violet Blue
@[email protected]
Security, hacking, privacy, tech equity
Engadget, Popular Science, freelance
Bylines CNET, CBS News, CNN, Financial Times, San Francisco Chronicle, more.
Kirsten Han
@[email protected]
Singapore, politics, democracy, human rights, social issues
Freelance, so lots of places
I'm an independent journalist and activist and I run the newsletter
Jonah Aragon
@[email protected]
Privacy, security, open-source technology

Andrew Roman
@[email protected]
Raleigh / the and NC statewide news newsletters
Expect some haiku. Well, expect lots of haiku. You'll get used to it.
Amy Fallon
@[email protected]
Human rights, social justice, culture, travel, lifestyle, Africa, Australia

Matt Potter
@[email protected]
Tech, global security, organised crime, geopolitics, culture and world news
Washington Post, BBC, Literary Review, and author of nonfiction books on hacking, cyberwar, arms trade, Russian mafia etc
Journalist, broadcaster & showpony. Author of ‘Outlaws Inc: Flying with the world’s most dangerous smugglers’ and Hachette’s 2023 nonfiction ‘We Are All Targets: How a band of renegade hackers invented cyberwar and unleashed an age of global chaos’. Bit nerdy. ’
Benoît Perrier
@[email protected]
Classical music, jazz, contemporary music, Swiss music scene
RTS Espace 2 (a national radio station in 🇨🇭)
Radio producer, journalist and host in French-speaking Switzerland
Michael Alden
@[email protected]
Local television news
Producer at Spectrum Bay News 9
John W. Little
[email protected]
The intersection of technology, intelligence, and conflict.
I build and manage private sector intelligence teams focused on disinformation, extremism, and many other threats.
Tim Carmody
@[email protected]
Technology, media, digital commerce, blogging, The Amazon Chronicles, Wired, The Verge, The Message
Big redhead with a beard
Tory Wegerski
@[email protected]
Local news in Pittsburgh and Southwestern PA, politics, hockey
Looking for my fellow broadcast TV news journalists #producerprobs
Michelle Iracheta
[email protected]
Redwood City community news, main news source for Redwood City
Redwood City Pulse /
Editor at the Pulse. Helped launch the media site in 2021. Former Houston Chronicle reporter
Kevin Shakir
[email protected]
Disinformation, Russia and Ukraine, Internet culture, Danish domestic issues
Danish Broadcasting Corporation / DR -

Claire Conner
[email protected]
Politics, economics, global affairs, high school students
The Harvard-Westlake Chronicle (school newspaper)
High school journalist in Los Angeles
Ivo Vegter
@[email protected]
South African politics, economics, policy, opinion
The Daily Friend (
Classical liberal. Former technology journalist. Became a full-time opinion writer at Daily Maverick in 2009. In 2020, I joined the South African Institute of Race Relations and its publication, The Daily Friend.
Gretchen McCulloch
@[email protected]
language and linguistics
Wired, NYT, The Toast
Internet linguist, author of Because Internet
Rachael Phillips
@[email protected]
Lifestyle, travel and tech
Independent, CreativeBloq, Evening Standard, TechRadar
I’m a freelance journalist based in South Wales. I write about lifestyle, travel, tech, food & drink and digital culture.
@[email protected]
Russia, Ukraine, Baltics, culture, tech
Vice, The Times of London, RFE/RL

Matthew Moore
@[email protected]

Reporter at KUAF Public Radio

Martin Clavey
@[email protected]
sciences, research policiers, open science, openaccess, computer science, AI
I'm also french 😊
Friedrich Moser
@[email protected]
documentary films about current affairs, science, technology, history, geopolitics
VoD & tv broadcasters (Netflix, Prime, iTunes, ARTE, ARD, ZDF, YLE, SVT, DR, AJE ...) & theatrical releases
documentary producer & director since 2001, tv journalist 1998-2000, MA contemporary history 1997. Based in Vienna, Austria.
Sandrine Chesnel
@[email protected]
Social, political, environmental issues
French newspapers, magazines and news sites : Le Parisien, Le Figaro, Le Canard enchaîné..
French freelance reporter
Kevin Wammer
[email protected]
Video Game journalism (former fulltime print journalist)

Jared Newman
@[email protected]
Consumer tech: Advice, reviews, features
PCWorld, Fast Company, TechHive, Cord Cutter Weekly, Advisorator
Freelance tech journalism since 2008, self-hosted newsletters since 2016
Lex Weaver
@[email protected]
Boston, Arts & Culture, Food and International news
The World (; also FREELANCE
Currently radio associate producer at The World, but I'm all things Boston!
Yorick A.K. Dupon
@[email protected]
Tech, social media
Co-founder of Tandem Tech
Naomi O'Leary
@[email protected]
European current affairs and politics from an Irish perspective
Irish Times and The Irish Passport podcast
I'm the Irish Times Europe Correspondent, I was named political journalist of the year in Ireland's newspaper industry awards in 2021, I'm the host of the Irish Passport podcast which explains the historical backstory to current events
Martin W. Angler
@[email protected]
Environment, psychology, medicine, biology, technology
Daily papers: NZZ, SZ, magazines: GEO, PM
Author of journalism textbooks SCIENCE JOURNALISM and TELLING SCIENCE STORIES. Writing pieces in English and German.
Peter Sterne
@[email protected]
Media, politics, technology
City & State, New York Focus, New York magazine, CJR
Freelance journalist and editor. Previously managing editor at New York Focus, senior reporter at Freedom of the Press Foundation, and media reporter at Politico.
Steve Trimble
@[email protected]
Aerospace, aviation, defense, natsec, military, OSINT
Writes stuff about military aircraft, missiles and the defense industry
Brandi Buchman
[email protected]

January 6 probe, Oath Keepers and Proud Boys trial coverage
Daily Kos
I also cover all things related to the multiple ongoing criminal probes of Donald Trump
J. Emory Parker
@[email protected]
Data, Dataviz, Health, Life Sciences

Zac Crellin
@[email protected]
World news
DW News

Dr. Juneman Abraham
@[email protected]
Psychology, Indonesia
I am an Indonesian social psychologist working for 'Indonesian Psychologist' ('Psikologi Indonesia') Bulletin; E-ISSN 2685-7758. More about me, please visit
Wilfred Chan
[email protected]
Tech, labor, housing, NYC
The Guardian, Curbed (New York Magazine)

Jeff Craven
@[email protected]
Medical and regulatory news
Medscape, MDedge, RAPS

Wendy Siegelman
@[email protected]
Open source research, kleptocracy, financial networks, corruption, politics,
Independent journalist
Mike DiGirolamo
@[email protected]
Environment, Climate Change, Conservation
I produce and host podcasts and video for
Ed Bott
@[email protected]
Tech, US politics
Author of many books on Microsoft tech, ex-ZDNet
Benjamin Felton
@[email protected]
Defence, OSINT, Maritime Security, Climate Security
Freelance: Australian Defence Magazine, Asia Pacific Defence Reporter, Naval News, USNI News Overt Defense

Rob Brunner
@[email protected]
Life in Washington DC

Chris Bidmead
@[email protected]
IT, scriptwriting
ex-Doctor Who script editor and script writer.
Alex Davis
@[email protected]
Unscripted television, game shows, games
BuzzerBlog and syndicated out
Reporting on unscripted television for 18+ years. Most known name in game show news, reviews, and opinions.
David Dore
@[email protected]

Central Massachusetts, community journalism
Leominster Champion, Millbury-Sutton Chronicle, The Grafton News
Ink-stained wretch (aka newspaper journalist) for 20 years
Steve DaSilva
@[email protected]

Justin Hendrix
@[email protected]
tech and tech policy
Tech & Democracy
Ethan Edward Coston
@[email protected]
Spotlight PA, CalMatters, Prism, and local outlets in San Diego
I'm currently an associate editor at The American Independent and a freelance reporter. I've previously covered PA politics for Spotlight PA and I was a CalMatters CJN fellow.
Jocelyn Luizzi
@[email protected]
Books, Movies, TV Shows
freelance writer and founder of write through the night
Touch Fluffy Tail
@[email protected]
corruption, disinfo, foxgirls, crypto
Hero of Justice and Savior of the Fediverse (4/15/2020)
Christopher Wiggins
@[email protected]
Politics, Law, Public Policy and Intersection with LGBTQ+ Community
The Advocate
I’m based out of DC.
Steven I. Weiss
@[email protected]
Investigative, data-driven, finance, econ, business.
Slate, Atlantic, many other publications.
Currently senior staff writer at Inc Magazine. Announcement of new gig coming soon.
John Lorinc
@[email protected]
Cities, climate, cleantech.
Spacing, Globe and Mail, Walrus, Corporate Knights, Toronto Star
Non-fiction editor, Coach House Books, author, Dream States: Smart Cities, Technology & the Pursuit of Urban Utopias (2022).
Anders Halverson
@[email protected]
Science, Environmental

Swapna Krishna
@[email protected]
space, science, tech, video games
Wired, Freelance

Judd Legum
@[email protected]
corporate power, money in politics

David Todd McCarty
@[email protected]
Politics, Culture, Science
The Standard, Medium

Evan Urquhart
@[email protected]
transgender issues, media criticism, video games (past),
I monitor anti-trans propaganda in the US right wing media and cover its impacts on the mainstream press
Andrea Star Reese
@[email protected]
#Photojournalist #DocumentaryInvestigativePhotography #LucieAwardDISORDER RT/Follow/❤️is not endorsement = save. BOOK: #URBANCAVE_@
Meg Maker
@[email protected]
Food, Wine, Foodways, Agriculture
Freelance and Terroir Review
Independent researcher and writer about nature, culture, food, wine, and place. Also an illustrator and visual storyteller.
Danielle Alberti
Data visualization
Axios managing editor, data visualization
Brandon Keim
@[email protected]
Animals, nature, environment & science
New York Times, The Atlantic, National Geographic, Nautilus et al.

María Ramírez
[email protected]
International journalism, writing, digital innovation
Deputy Managing Editor, international correspondent, Nieman fellow at Harvard, Columbia J-School grad
Larry Loeb
@[email protected]

Dave Levitan
@[email protected]
Climate, science, policy
Current climate reporter at Grid, long-time freelancer everywhere.
Tu Thanh Ha
@[email protected]

The Globe and Mail

Levi Sumagaysay
@[email protected]
Gig economy, tech and inequality, corporate accountability
Longtime Silicon Valley tech reporter and editor
Le Nouvel Arbre Mondial
French politics
These are short fr podcasts that may focus on ecosocialism progress
Jeremy Ranting
@[email protected]

Independent travel / web / tech / media content creator.

Nithin Coca
[email protected]
Environment, Human Rights, Asia
Al Jazeera, The Nation, Nikkei Asia, Foreign Policy

Jack Gillum
@[email protected]
Cybersecurity and technology
Investigative reporter at Bloomberg News, focusing on cyber and tech
Cyrus Farivar
@[email protected]
Tech, surveillance, Silicon Valley

Adam Gaffin
@[email protected]

Larry Felton Johnson
@[email protected]
county-level local coverage for Cobb County GA
Cobb County Courier
I'm the Editor and Publisher, but given our small size, I also report a lot
Ash Ponders
@[email protected]
Environment, climate, immigration, the policies thereof.
NYT, wsj, et al.
Freelance photojournalist in Arizona.
Lance Knobel
@[email protected]
Local news
Berkeleyside, Oaklandside
CEO, Cityside Journalism Initiative, a nonprofit local news organization
Ian Hill
@[email protected]
Digital and social strategy, audience growth
TEGNA, ex-KQED and local print beat reporter
Helping 3,000 journalists grow their audience as part of America’s largest independent broadcast company.
Michael Petch
@[email protected]
Science and Technology, Advanced manufacturing, frontier technology, industrial 3D printing, additive manufacturing
Editor-in-chief at 3D Printing Industry, interested in the future of manufacturing, economics of enterprise and frontier tech in all its multifarious splendor
Sheryl Huggins Salomon
@[email protected]
Health and health disparities
Everyday Health,
Health journo, advisory board chair for City & State NY mag, alum of The Root, Columbia J-School. Academic Comms at NYU Silver
Jeff Perry
@[email protected]
Technology and Internet
I wrote about the internet, technology, and whiskey online
Caleb Crain
@[email protected]
history, literature
New Yorker, NYRB
Also a novelist
Anna Bower
[email protected]
Law/courts, with a focus on Trump-related criminal investigations
Lawfare (

Christina Binkley
[email protected]
The business of fashion and culture and sustainability
Vogue Business, The Wall Street Journal, Hot Buttons Pod, New Yorker, Town & Country
Longtime journo and new podcaster.
Chris Stokel-Walker
@[email protected]
Freelance - everywhere
Author of YouTubers and TikTok Boom
Kerry K. Taylor
@[email protected]
finance, business, personal finance
Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, CBC,
Personal finance journalist
Tony Elkins
@[email protected]
Product Director for Gannett
Joe Fedewa
@[email protected]
Consumer electronics and services
How-To Geek

Todd A. Price
@[email protected]
Food, culture, general news
USA Today Network/Gannett South papers
Enterprise reporter covering the South
James Poniewozik
[email protected]
TV, culture
The New York Times
NYT TV Critic, author of Audience of One: Donald Trump, Television and the Fracturing of America
Adam Conway
@[email protected]
Technology, politics, and esports,, and on Twitter/Mastodon
Senior Technical Editor for XDA-Developers, Editor-in-Chief of IrishTech
Grant Marek
@[email protected]
I cover the Bay Area and unexplored area of California.
I’m the editor in chief of SFGATE, the second largest media site in Calif. behind
David Slotnick
@ [email protected]
Airline business
The Points Guy

Pine Island Glacier
Antarctic cryosphere
Scientific journals
I'm an ice shelf. I'm melting.
Theres Luethi
@[email protected]
Science & Medicine
NZZ am Sonntag
Science and health editor and journalist
Rae Solomon
@[email protected]
Rural and small communities, ag and clim change. Northern Colorado
KUNC, public radio for Northern Colorado
Public radio reporter in Northern Colorado. Ex-architect
Maryn McKenna
@[email protected]
public health, global health, food policy, diseases, antibiotics
Senior writer at WIRED
Elizabeth Grenier
@[email protected]
Culture, Germany
DW (Deutsche Welle)
Canadian journalist in Berlin, DW Culture Online editor
James Temple
@[email protected]
Climate change, clean energy, carbon removal, climate policy
MIT Technology Review
Berkeley-based senior editor, climate and energy
Meghnad S
[email protected]
Public Policy, Parliament, Politics, Society and Tech
IVM Podcasts, Youtube
I'm a journalist, commentator, author and podcaster. Currently trying to build my own YouTube channel and venture into the civic education space.
Steven Jambot
[email protected]
Journalism, media, podcasts, radio

Andrew Dunn
@[email protected]
Healthcare, biotech, life sciences
Business Insider

Luke Bailey
@[email protected]
Digital Culture
Head of Digital at the i
Vivian Ho
@[email protected]
Inequity, race, poverty, mental health, human interest
Primarily the Guardian
Freelance journalist based out of London
Fco Javier Casas Ciria
@[email protected]

Clinical Microbiology, antibiotics, resistence, virus

Rachel Metz
@[email protected]
AI and VR
not much else, but thanks for creating this list!
JP Asher
@[email protected]
Print specialist
East Anglian Daily Times and Ipswich Star
Formerly chief reporter at the Comet (North Hertfordshire)
Tod Maffin
@[email protected]
Marketing, business, technology, advertising industries
Today in Digital Marketing

Anthony Avice DB
@[email protected]
Research, International Journalism, Geopolitics, MENA, Human rights, International Law, Security and foreign policy
JPost, Times of Israel, Areo Magazine, SAIS Hopkins, Freelance
I write about MENA| Dreyfusard| B.A. & LL.B. student| Contributor: @SAISHopkins , @Jerusalem_Post , @TimesofIsrael & @AreoMagazine | اصبر تنل | Vive la laïcité!
Alexandra Samuel
@[email protected]
remote and hybrid work, technology, digital culture, productivity and neurodiversity
The Wall Street Journal
Freelance businesss, tech & data journalist; regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal & Harvard Business Review. Bylines in The Atlantic, National Observer, NY Times, JSTOR Daily & more.
Liz Seegert
@[email protected]
aging, health care, health policy, social determinants of health
freelance: Next Avenue, Assn. of Health Care Journalists, American Journal of Nursing, TIME Health, syndicated in Forbes, MarketWatch
Topic Editor, aging, for AHCJ, co-direct journalism fellowships for Gerontological Society of America and Journalism & Women Symposium (JAWS)
Ian Livingston
@[email protected]
Extreme weather, data, climate change
Washington Post

Alan Sepinwall
@[email protected]
Rolling Stone

Aida Alami
@[email protected]
migration, human rights
NYT, nybooks, BBC
Moroccan freelance reporter
Steve Herman
@[email protected]
US politics, geo-politics, climate policy
VOA chief national correspondent
Paul Krugman
@[email protected]
New York Times
Nobel laureate. Op-Ed columnist, @nytopinion . Author, “The Return of Depression Economics,” “The Great Unraveling,” "Arguing With Zombies," + more.
Mira Kamdar
@[email protected]
International affairs; India; Europe; France
NYTimes, The Atlantic, NYRB
Former editorial writer on international affairs for the New York Times. Author of four books on India. Lives in Paris, France.
Molly Quell
@[email protected]
International Law
Courthousenews Service
The Hague Correspondent at CNS
Tom Sadler
@[email protected]
Conservation, Flyfishing, politics
Mountain Journal,, Marine Fish Conservation Network
Former ExecDir of Outdoor Writers Association of America
Demi Lawrence
@[email protected]

Mike Watson
@[email protected]
media, art, politics
jacobin, artforum, radical philosophy

Cody Toombs
@[email protected]
Android Police

John Patrick Pullen
@[email protected]
Longform, news, and tech
Founding editor of Long Lead, a story studio focused on finding, funding and producing in-depth, longform journalism
Lea Guedj
@[email protected]

Anna Hiatt
@[email protected]
climate change
Covering Climate Now
Executive Editor at Covering Climate Now. Contributing editor at The Nation. Former executive digital editor at The Nation.
Claire Jackson
@[email protected]
Video games, tabletop roleplaying games, technology
Staff Writer, Kotaku
Yael Grauer
@[email protected]
online privacy and security, digital freedom
I work at Consumer Reports, but I also freelance for a lot of different tech sites and am working on a book for No Starch Press.
I do product at Security Planner (Consumer Reports), and freelance investigative tech reporting. she/her. [email protected].📱Signal tips: +1 (480) 630-8189. #alwaysantifascist
Lela Nargi
@[email protected]
Food systems + ag, social justice, climate + science
The Guardian, FERN, Civil Eats, Eater, Hakai, Nautilus

Pedro Guerreiro
@[email protected]
Portugal and US. World News and Tech
Público, in Portugal (
Journalist and Social Media Editor at Público. Portugal and Vermont
Edoardo Lisi
[email protected]
Energy, Innovation, Crypto, Space, Books, ,
Journalist and Author
Rachel La Corte
@[email protected]
Politics, local news
For 25 years I was a reporter with The Associated Press. I start Nov. 28 as a West Coast-based editor for Axios Local.
Former statehouse and political reporter; soon-to-be editor.
Eva Amsen
@[email protected]

Ann Murphy
[email protected]
Crime, investigations, general
Irish Examiner

Ann Murphy
[email protected]
Crime, investigations, general
Irish Examiner

Rob Garver
@[email protected]
U.S. politics and policy, financial services regulation
Freelancer, Voice of America, American Banker, etc.
Freelance reporter, editor
Claire Potter
@[email protected]
American politics, media, feminism
The New York Times, The New Republic, Alternet, Washington Post
I am a historian of political media, and teach at The new School for Social Research
Peter Rubin
@[email protected]
Culture, technology
Longreads, Wired
Head of Publishing, Automattic (Longreads and The Atavist)
Eric Geller
@[email protected]
Cybersecurity Reporter

Jimmy Cloutier
@[email protected]
Now: money-in-politics. All-around: data journalist
Bylines: OpenSecrets, Inside Climate News, Searchlight New Mexico
Ari Schneider
@[email protected]
I write features, often about culture, crime, or sports.
Senior Writer at Mountain Gazette. Other words in many different places.
Bairbre Flood
@[email protected]
Migration, refugee and human rights - podcasts & radio docs
Freelance (Newstalk, openDemocracy, BBC World Service)
Mainly produce podcasts & radio documentaries.
Richard Van Noorden
@[email protected]

Features editor
Juha Saarinen
@[email protected]
Technology, information security, business,, and
I don't know what's going on in Finland either.
Josh Marshall
@[email protected]
Political and Policy
Talking Points Memo
Editor and founder of TPM.
Liam Dann
@[email protected]
Economics and finance
New Zealand Herald

Brian Hioe
@[email protected]
Taiwanese politics, arts, and culture
New Bloom, The Diplomat, Popula
Founding editor of New Bloom Magazine, freelance journalist, and translator
Leigh :) Stark
@[email protected]

Kai Kupferschmidt
@[email protected]
science journalism
Science Magazine

Anne N. Connor
[email protected]
Climate, environment, solutions, sustainability
Online magazines
Freelance science writer and editor.
Cathleen Falsani
Religion, Spirituality, Faith, Beliefs, Culture
A variety of news media outlets
I am a longtime print journalist specializing in the intersection of religion/spirituality and culture.
Melissa Taylor
@[email protected]
Checkpoint is about giving a 1-up to diversity. We mostly write from a perspective of marginalised groups (LGBTQIA+, disabled, BIPOC).
Joy Press
@[email protected]
culture, TV, feminism
Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair correspondent; author of Stealing the Show: How Women Are Revolutionizing Television
Carmelo Garcia
@[email protected]
BBC, Gloucestershire Live
Local democracy reporter covering councils and other public bodies in Gloucestershire, UK
Bryan Schott
@[email protected]
Politics, Utah, extremism

Lesley Jones
[email protected]
Consumer reviews
The Sun, Independent, BBC Good Food, Telegraph
Freelance journalist
Maria Delaney
@[email protected]
Investigative Journalism, Health, Science, Social Justice &
Editor / Award-winning investigative journalism platform from
Noah Berlatsky
@[email protected]
politics, social justice, arts criticism
NBC Think, Public Notice, Editorial Board, Independent, Document Journal, more
wrote a book about the original Wonder Woman comics, Wonder Woman: Bondage and Feminism
Nick Visser
@[email protected]
Breaking News

Nitish Pahwa
@[email protected]
technology, U.S. and international politics, climate change, rap music
I'm officially an associate writer for business and technology at Slate.
BJ Mendelson
@[email protected]
Tech, Privacy, Personal Finance
Books (St. Martin's Press)
Author of multiple books including "Social Media Is Bullshit"
Tae Kim
@[email protected]
senior writer at Barron’s
Jason Paladino
@[email protected]
Extremism, surveillance, contracting, fraud, FOIA

independent investigative reporter
Michael Bolden
@[email protected]
Diversity and inclusion; sustainability; leadership development; cultural change; organizational transformation
CEO of the American Press Institute
Ria Misra
@[email protected]
science, outdoors

Chris Hardie
@[email protected]
Reinventing local news, solutions journalism,

Hadi Azmi
@[email protected]
Malaysia, Southeast Asia, South China Sea
South China Morning Post (SCMP)
Previously with Bloomberg Kuala Lumpur and BenarNews/Radio Free Asia
James Russell
@[email protected]
Arts, architecture, culture, Texas.
Next City, CityLab, Texas Observer, Arts and Culture Texas, D Magazine
Texas-based. Mostly retired lege reporter. Pivoting
Henry Irvine
@[email protected]
Tech, how-to, freelance
I write how-to articles
Anne-Elisabeth Moutet
[email protected]
Politics, International Affairs, Culture
Columnist for The Telegraph (London), UnHerd (London), FranceInfo TV (Paris)
There's no good opinion/analysis journalism without having got the facts on the ground.
Rod Hissong
Executive Producer

Lois Parshley
@[email protected]
Science, Investigations, Longform
Freelance investigative journalist
Tasia Bass
@[email protected]
Groovy Tasia
Buzzfeed, Mental Floss
Journalist currently working for Buzzfeed. Currently working on starting a 1 minute news segement for TikTok/Instagram/Youtube. My dream is to one day has an educational show that breaks down the news in a fun way for teenagers and young adulrs
Judy Stone
@[email protected]
infectious diseases, medicine (general), global health, social justice
senior contributor Forbes, Medscape, freelance
Infectious disease physician; also author of Resilience (a Holocaust memoir) and Conducting Clinical Research
Patrick Boehler
@[email protected]
Editorial strategy, news product, collaborative journalism
Head of Digital Strategy
Sarah Baird
@[email protected]
Rural communities, culture, and environment
Freelance (NYT, Bitter Southerner, Romper, WaPo, Guardian, etc.)

@[email protected]
Pacfic Northwest environment, history, society
Salish Current, etc

Arman Aghbali
@[email protected]
culture, spirit, tech
CBC Radio
I’m a radio producer with Tapestry on CBC Radio
Matthew Nadler
@[email protected]
Community journalism
Duxbury Clipper (Duxbury, Mass.)

Rozanna Latiff
@[email protected]
Malaysia, politics, the economy, business, migration, human rights
Malaysia correspondent for Reuters. Formerly with the New Straits Times.
David Hurlburt
@[email protected]
Politics, Investigative, Consumer & Finance, Weather/Climate/Environment, Health
Hearst TV stations and digital platforms
David Hurlburt is Director of Special Projects & Group Initiatives for Hearst Television. He manages group-wide initiatives and projects, including Forecasting Our Future, Project CommUNITY, and Hearst's 'Commitment' initiative for political coverage. David also has corporate oversight of Hearst TV's National Investigative and Consumer units, and the Washington News Bureau.
Scott Nover
@[email protected]

Neal Boudette
Automobiles, AVs, EVs, business, journalism, hockey
New York Times, USA Hockey Magazine

Liam Petterson
@[email protected]
Politics - Australia and international
The Conversation
Deputy Politics Editor, The Conversation AU
Renee Klahr
@[email protected]
Senior Breaking News Video Producer at POLITICO. Formerly: NPR, Hidden Brain, USA Today
Janine Zacharia
disinformation, media/technology, national security, foreign policy, plus local Bay Area news
San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, and edit student work for Peninsula Press
Former Washington Post, Bloomberg, now teaching journalism at Stanford, writing on disinformation, media, technology, national security and from time to time -- my old Mideast beat
Paula Penfold
@[email protected]
justice, crime, politics, and community impacts
NZ Stuff
Paula has a background in radio and TV reporting. In 2019 she won NZ TV Reporter of the Year award.
Alan Boyle
@[email protected]
Space and science
GeekWire / Universe Today / Cosmic Log
Previously: Science editor at, author of "The Case for Pluto"
Peter Tubbs
[email protected]
Agriculture and Rural Affairs
Journalist working on American agriculture and rural affairs
David Reevely
[email protected]
Tech, business and economics
Ottawa correspondent for The Logic, Canada’s tech and innovation newsroom.
Ashton Pittman
[email protected]
Mississippi & U.S. news, politics, elections
I'm the senior reporter for the Mississippi Free Press
Jeff Adelson
@[email protected]
Data journalism
The Times-Picayune | The Advocate |

Steve Reilly
@[email protected]
Investigative reporting on U.S. politics and policy
Grid News

Lauren Goode
@[email protected]
Tech and society

Lizzie Baumgartner
@[email protected]
Radio News + Podcasting, Music Podcasting, Media + Journo Academia
WBBM Newsradio, Emo Social Club
An audio professional based out of Chicago who's an managing editor for pods in newsradio, hosts & produces an indie podcast and livestream about music subcultures and teachers journalism and radio to college students.
David Hooper
@[email protected]
podcasting, music industry
I produce audio (radio/podcast) related to the music industry and artists. I also write about podcasting via both a newsletter and books.
Samuel Oakford
@[email protected]
Open source and visual forensic investigations
The Washington Post
I am part of The Washington Post's Visual Forensics team.
Michael Alden
@[email protected]
Television news
Television news producer in Tampa Bay
Jacoby Tekel 蒋泓玮
@[email protected]

Component reliability and intelligent transportation

I am a PhD candidate in Industrial Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and my research interests are the component reliability and intelligent transportation.
Nina Gregory
@[email protected]
Culture, national and intl news
Former Head of News at Clubhouse, former Senior Editor at NPR, avid reader and Scrabble player
Bryan Clark
@[email protected]
Idaho, opinion
Idaho Statesman
Opinion writer for the Idaho Statesman
Anne Applebaum
@[email protected]
Ukraine, Russia, European politics. Democracy, Autocracy.
The Atlantic
historian, author, some teaching too
Randy Cassingham
@[email protected]
News commentary
Oldest online need commentary newsletter (since 1994)
Walter Report
@[email protected]

Independent Ukrainian news coverage.
Pallab Roygupta
@[email protected]
Reader, learner
Bianca Nogrady
@[email protected]
The Guardian, Nature, WIRED, The Scientist etc
Freelance science journalist, founding president of Science Journalists Association of Australia
Daniel Nichanian
@[email protected]
politics, voting rights, criminal justice, local elections

Josh Davis
@[email protected]
Documentary video
Independent. Bylines for The Washington Post, VICE, NYT, NPR
Journalism professor at San Francisco State University
Jose Pagliery
@[email protected]
Political investigations
The Daily Beast
former infosec / courts reporter
Marc Rod
[email protected]
Capitol Hill/Congress, Elections, Foreign Affairs (Israel, Iran, Middle East/North Africa), National Security, Antisemitism, Jewish community
Jewish Insider

Justin Cauchon
@[email protected]
Director of Product at Engadget. Previously at WIRED and CNET.
Pratik Pawar
@[email protected]
Global health, Science
Undark, Science News, The Wire

Bill Barol
@[email protected]
Creativity, entertainment, pop culture
Ex-Sr. Writer at Newsweek; have freelanced for many publications since
I currently produce Imagination & Junk, a podcast about creativity
Ryan Houlihan
[email protected]
Finance, Tech, Sociology
Input, The Financial Diet
Host of Too Good To Be True
Michael Rodriguez
[email protected]
Reporter with the Calgary Herald/Calgary Sun
Ryan Lowery
@[email protected]
Politics, open government and criminal justice.
Source New Mexico, Las Vegas Optic, others
Independent journalist based in Albuquerque.
Joshua Eaton
@[email protected]
investigative reporting
Hearst Connecticut Media Group
formerly NBC, Roll Call, ThinkProgress
AJ Sadauskas
@[email protected]
Tech, social issues, environmental issues
I've previously written for The Fifth Estate, F&P, IT News and SmartCompany.
Josh Butler
Australian federal politics
Guardian Australia
Guardian Australia reporter in Parliament House, Canberra
Matthias Eberl
@[email protected]
Data Protection, Multimedia
Süddeutsche Zeitung, WDR, Netzpolitik
Anna Featherstone
@[email protected]
Environment, Non-Fiction Writing, Publishing, Bees, Native Bees, Farming, Carers, Indie Publishing
The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, Books
Passionate about non-fiction books
Stephen Cass
@[email protected]
IEEE Spectrum
Senior Editor, Special Projects
Kris Holt
@[email protected]
Tech, video games and entertainment
Engadget and Forbes
I'm a freelancer who lives in Montreal. I typically write about consumer tech, video games and streaming
Thin Lei Win
@[email protected]
Food systems and climate change + some on Myanmar (where I come from)
Thin Ink (my own substack), Lighthouse Reports, The New Humanitarian, and others. Myanmar stories tend to be on Mekong Eye or Nikkei Asia
Born and raised in Myanmar, now in Italy via Singapore, UK, Vietnam and Thailand. Former Southeast Asia Correspondent for the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Founder of Myanmar Now news agency. Co-founder of Kite Tales, a storytelling project on Myanmar.
Laura Howes
@[email protected]
Science journalism - chemistry, life science, sci policy
Chemical & Engineering News

Esther Tseng
@[email protected]
Food, Drink, Food Justice
Los Angeles Times, Bon Appétit, Food & Wine

Amanda Schrepf
@[email protected]
Science, climate, biodiversity
Science & Vie hors-série
I am also a student at ESJ Lille/Université Paris Saclay in the M2 Climat & Media
Vishnu Prasad
@[email protected]
Various outlets
I am from India and I like writing rather long sports features.
Rachel Lense
@[email protected]
Science, technology, space, citizen science, history, psychology
I do straight journalism as well as longer reported essays, narrative nonfiction, and other creative/literary writing.
Catherine Adams
@[email protected]
academic research into journalism and theatre; teaching journalism and communications at university
Journalism Practice, Media and Communication, Gender Studies
Former BBC broadcast journalist and correspondent in Eastern Europe.
Thomas Riedel
@[email protected]
Tech, startups, Metaverse, product development,
German based freelance journalist working in tech since 15 years.
Van Badham
@[email protected]
The Guardian
Columnist for Guardian Australia, bylines in New York Times, Bloomberg, Fairfax, The Telegraph (UK), author of “QAnon And On: A Short and Shocking History of Internet Conspiracy Cults”.
Jordan Wildon
@[email protected]
Disinformation, hate speech, conspiracy theories, digital investigations
Digital investigator researching extremism, hate and disinformation. Senior Digital Methods Manager @isdglobal . Creator of Telepathy (Telegram OSINT tool), admin of
Fiete Stegers
@[email protected]
disinformation, OSINT, digital stuff, politics in Germany
Freelance, formerly public broadcaster NDR
Currently research fellow at HAW Hamburg and journalism educator
Geoffrey Gavalda
@[email protected]
Fact-checking, OSINT, society, science, beliefs
Midi Libre
Skeptic journalist member of FIDESS
Andrew Stroehlein
@[email protected]
human rights
I work for Human Rights Watch but publish widely

Mike Melanson
@[email protected]
Technology and Open Source
Tech journalist since 2009
John Feng
[email protected]
East Asia politics and security
Contributing editor for Asia at Newsweek.
Tobias Hürter
@[email protected]
Science and philosophy
Die Zeit, Hohe Luft and others
German and English. Loving the long form.
Brian Bakker
@[email protected]
Business, Tech & Africa
Where I can earn a crust
production editor Inc.Africa
Laurie Kalus
@[email protected]
Trending stories worldwide
BBC World Service
Broadcast journalist at the BBC in London
John Battelle
@[email protected]
tech, media, business, policy, various,
longtime starter of things related to media/tech
Anne Brataas
@[email protected]
Ghost write with clients , web, print

Craig Grannell
Tech, Apple, design, games
Wired, Stuff, TapSmart, TechRadar, Wireframe
Occasional blog: // Website:
Pandora Dewan
@[email protected]
Science, health and tech
Science Reporter at Newsweek
Soma Basu
@[email protected]
Disinformation, misinformation, conflict, violence, factcheck
AFP, The Diplomat

Megha Rajagopalan
@[email protected]
investigative reporting, international subjects, human rights
The New York Times

Janine Funke
@[email protected]
History, Podcasts
ZDF, difference platforms for science Podcasts
I mainly research, script and produce science-podcasts in relation to historical topics.
Edward M. Shain
I'm retired

Jason Szep
@[email protected]
Investigative Journalism

Brady Dale
@[email protected]
Seeks the weird stuff.
Andy Bechtel
I teach editing and writing at the journalism school at UNC-Chapel Hill.
Kathy Roberts Forde
@[email protected]
race, democracy, media criticism, news media reform
Journalism historian/professor at UMass Amherst, studying the role of white newspaper leaders in South in building violent, white supremacist, near totalitarian political and economic worlds from 1875-1965. They organized insurrections, fomented racial massacres, normalized and even instigated racial terror lynchings, supported and expanded convict leasing, ended democracy in South.
Jack Jenkins
@[email protected]
Intersection of religion and politics
National reporter at Religion News Service
Scilla Alecci
@[email protected]
Investigative reporting; corruption, tax evasion, financial injustice
Reporter at the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ)
Carol Giacomo
@[email protected]
National security, foreign policy
Arms Control Today
Editor. Arms Control Today, ex-NYT editorial board
Andy Kroll
@[email protected]
Politics, voting, disinformation, conspiracy theories,

Pierre Romera
@[email protected]
Data-journalism, investigative reporting; cross-border journalism.
CTO at the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ)
Rick Ellis
@[email protected]
Entertainment, Media, Streaming

Ty Burr
@[email protected]
Film criticism, music, popular culture
Ty Burr's Watch List, Washington Post, WSJ
Boston Glove 2002-2021, EW 1990-2002, Pulitzer finalist in Criticism 2017
Sam Harper
@[email protected]
Investigative journalism, housing crisis, far-right
Pivot, a french-language independent media:
I am an investigative journalist with Pivot, an independent french-language media based in Québec, Canada. I mostly toot in french, with some english.
Ty Burr
@[email protected]
Film, media, popular culture, Washington Post, WSJ
Boston Globe 2002-2021, EW 1990-2002, Pulitzer finalist in Criticism, 2017
Meg Lemke
@[email protected]
comics, graphic novels, books, publishing, parenting, pregnancy, feminism
Publishers Weekly, MUTHA Magazine
I'm the editor in chief of MUTHA Magazine and the comics and graphic novel reviews editor at Publishers Weekly
Alex Barredo
@[email protected]

Jeremy Simes
[email protected]
Provincial politics in Saskatchewan, Canada
Regina Leader-Post and Saskatoon StarPhoenix

Neil deMause
@[email protected]
economics, sports, climate, city planning, crazy rich people
Hell Gate NYC, Global Sport Matters, Defector, City Limits, Field of Schemes
"Surprisingly levelheaded" —Publishers Weekly
Christie Dietz
@[email protected]
Food, Travel, Sustainability
Publications include National Geographic Traveller and Traveller Food (UK, US, India, Turkey), Food and Travel, The Guardian, Time Out, Pit, The Spruce Eats, EATEN as well as various guide books and in-flight magazines.
Award-winning freelance food and travel writer based in Germany
Susie Bright
@[email protected]
Politics, Literary Crit, Pop Culture, Psychology
Freelance: print, digital and audio
Jennifer Peebles
@[email protected]
Data journalism and freedom of information
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Data journalist and slowest banjo picker in ATL
Duncan McLeod
@[email protected]
Tech, business
Editor of TechCentral, a leading South African technology news website
Vittoria Pirone
@[email protected]
@Vittoria Pirone
Geopolitics, global news, public policy, human rights, economics
France 24
Senior news editor and executive producer at France 24, covering global news. Formerly at Bloomberg and CNBC. Interested in regulation, EU public policy, financial markets and economics, environment and public health.
Emily McFarlan Miller
@[email protected]
Religion and Spirituality (specifically, mainline Protestantism and alternative faiths)
National reporter for Religion News Service


Natalie Moore
@[email protected]
Travel, Culture, Food
Texas Highways Magazine
Head of digital for Texas Highways/audience journalist. Previously at Texas Monthly
Izzie Ramirez
@[email protected]
culture, food, climate, science
Deputy Editor, Future Perfect at Vox
Brian Fagioli
@[email protected]
Hi :)
Brian Fung
@[email protected]
Technology, law and regulation, government
Covering technology policy since 2013 from Washington, D.C.
Carolyn Bick
@[email protected]
Police accountability
South Seattle Emerald
I am a police accountability journalist with the South Seattle Emerald. My primary focus is reporting on the City of Seattle's police accountability system.
Andrew Tarantola
@[email protected]
Technology, EV, space, robotics, and AI.
I'm a Senior Editor for Engadget's Future desk
Darian Woods
@[email protected]
Economics, business, storytelling
The Indicator from Planet Money
Co-host of NPR's daily economics podcast The Indicator from Planet Money
Jacob Resneck
@[email protected]
Labor, democracy issues
Wisconsin Watch
A working journalist for more than a decade. Now based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
Ross Gianfortune
[email protected]
Business of government, federal government, oversight
I'm the podcast host for GovExec Daily, the flagship podcast of GovExec Media Group
Eric W. Austin

Small town news, culture, technology
The Town Line newspaper, China, ME
I work for a small town newspaper and write about tech and culture.
Andrew RC Marshall
@[email protected]
Politics, human rights, conflict, crime
Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter. Author of The Trouser People. Co-author of The Cult at the End of the World.
Julie Zerbo
fashion/retail law and business
The Fashion Law
Writing about legal and commercial challenges facing the retail industry
Peter R Butler
@[email protected]
Personal finance, software, mobile phones, health, home
How-To writer for CNET; Old content manager
Clifford Colby
@[email protected]
Technology, personal financial, health
How-To section managing editor at CNET.
Aaron Pressman
@[email protected]
The local tech scene around Boston, with occasional broader tech stuff
Boston based reporter, podcaster, Celtics fan, dad, hubbie and dog person.
Steven Levy
@[email protected]

Elizabeth Gibney
@[email protected]
Science, physical sciences, space & astronomy, policy
Nature (news and features)
Senior reporter
Liam Dillon
@[email protected]
Housing, Real Estate, California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles Times

Antoine Tricot
@[email protected]
Social, Working Class, History, Memory, Digital Words
France Culture Radio, Malking Waves Podcast
Radio Feature, Podcast, Sound Journalism, wrote a book about the working class neighborhoods in France
Alex Hern
@[email protected]
The Guardian
UK tech editor at the guardian
Graeme McNaughton
@[email protected]
Guelph Mercury Tribune, Toronto Star

Robin Epley
@[email protected]
California opinion journalism
Sacramento Bee

Laura Kate Dale
@[email protected]
LGBT / Trans Rights, Accessibility, Video Games
Freelance /
Accessibility / LGBT - Consultant / Journalist
Christine Hall
@[email protected]
Open source technology, music, politics
FOSS Force, Alternative Approaches, If This Be Treason

Curtis Franklin
@[email protected]
Cybersecurity ;
Long-time journalist covering technology. Senior Analyst at Omdia; Co-host of This Week in Enterprise Technology
Colin Henry
@[email protected]
Online extremism, critical tech, political violence
Political Violence at a Glance

Sharon Butler
[email protected]
NYC art, primarily painting
Two Coats of Paint
I'm the founder and publisher of Two Coats of Paint, an award winning blogazine, primarily about painting. Based in NYC.
Robert P Baird
@[email protected]
Politics, Literature, COVID
The New Yorker, NYT, The Guardian, CJR

Rob Gurwitt
@[email protected]
Local news, Vermont/New Hampshire

Thorsten Claus
@[email protected]
Thorsten Claus is a Berlin, Germany based tech-journalist, influencer, visionary and the founder of and
Mark Sumner
@[email protected]
Politics, Science, War
Daily Kos
Long running coverage on Ukraine both during and before the invasion.
Ryan Kawailani Ozawa
@[email protected]
Decrypt, Hawaii Bulletin, Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Hawaiian writer, journalist, and tech entrepreneur based in Hawaii.
David Maliniak
@[email protected]
Microwave/RF design engineering
Senior Editor, Microwaves & RF
Jennifer Walter
@[email protected]
science, nature, space, health, technology
Inverse, Discover Magazine, Milwaukee Magazine, Futurism, and others

Daniel Roberts
Crypto, Web3, Technology
Dan is the Editor-in-Chief of Decrypt. He spent five years at Fortune and five years at Yahoo Finance, and has written for a wide range of other publications including Sports Illustrated, TIME, Vice, The Wall Street Journal, Air Mail, The Guardian, The Paris Review, and Deadspin.
Josh Quittner
@[email protected]
Crypto, Web3, Technology
Co-founder and CEO of Decrypt Media. Ex-Flipboard, Business 2.0, TIME, Fortune, Newsday and the Albuquerque Journal.
Harriet Salem
@[email protected]
conflict, climate, political crises
freelance (bylines: the guardian, vice news, sunday times, politico etc)
I've worked as a conflict reporter for 10+ years. Now mostly focused on longform.
Ellie Mae O'Hagan
@[email protected]
Legal/Civil Society/Politics
The Guardian, NYT, WaPo, Vice, TLS, The Independent

Katie MacBride
@[email protected]
Health and Science
I'm a health science writer at Inverse
Nicole Sandler
@[email protected]
national progressive politics
Radio host
Christoph Koch
[email protected]
Technology, Society, Business
brand eins and several other German magazines/websites/newspapers

Sara Luterman
@[email protected]
Caregiving, disability, aging, long-term care
The 19th
One of a handful of disabled reporters reporting on disability
Leon Yin
@[email protected]
Data journalism, technology
The Markup

Miriam Fauzia
@[email protected]
Science, health, wellness, & innovation
Inverse, Motherboard, Popular Mechanics, New Scientist

Kevin Collier
@[email protected]
Cyber, privacy, ransomware, election security

Jessica Lucas
[email protected]
Internet culture
Input (RIP), The Information, Rolling Stone, Morning Brew

Timothy Noah
@[email protected]
politics, economics, domestic policy
The New Republic
Staff writer, New Republic (third tour). Previously The Wall Street Journal, Slate, Politico, U.S. News, Newsweek, and The Washington Monthly. Author, "The Great Divergence" (2012).
Emily Woodruff
@[email protected]
The Times-Picayune;
health reporter in Southeast Louisiana
Patrick Caldwell
@[email protected]
Politics, news
The New Republic

Eva Wolfangel
@[email protected]
Cybersecurity, Tech, AI, machine learning
Freelance/Die ZEIT/Technology Review and many others

Dana Blankenhorn
@[email protected]
Technology, Finance, History
InvestorPlace, DanaBlankenhorn.Com
Online since 1985 but still stupid.
Hannah Lang
@[email protected]
Fintech and crypto
Covering fintech, crypto and sometimes banking/finance policy for Reuters.
Sreedev Krishnakumar
@[email protected]
Data journalism
I am a data journalist from India. I mainly do stories on economy, politics, and tech.
Steve Katz
@[email protected]
Now at UC Berkeley Journalism, formerly many years at Mother Jones
Iona Craig
@[email protected]
Middle East, Yemen, conflict data, Yemen Data Project, western foreign policy
Freelance journalist. Mostly Yemen/Arabian Peninsula. OSINT conflict data.
Maret Orliss
@[email protected]
Los Angeles Times

Chris Dunker
@[email protected]
Higher education, state/local government
Lincoln Journal Star

Barbara VanDenburgh
@[email protected]
Books, arts, movies, pop culture
Books Editor and pop culture writer at USA TODAY
Ivan Jelić
@[email protected]
Technology podcast and website
Podcaster and technology journalist, published in Serbian and English
Drew Harwell
@[email protected]
Washington Post

Donna Lu
[email protected]
Science, environment, health, books
Guardian Australia

Bethanne Patrick
@[email protected]
Books, book publishing, authors, writers, literature
LA Times, The, Publishers Weekly
Angry feminist, lifelong depressive, debut memoir May 2023
Matthew Teague
@[email protected]
Essays, long narrative, politics and society
The Atlantic Monthly Press, magazines, etc
Co-author of THE STEAL for Atlantic Monthly Press | exec. producer of OUR FRIEND | Nieman Fellow
Anjalee Khemlani
@[email protected]
Health, Finance, DEI, Equity

Lois Parshley
I am on this list but switched servers! (sorry) new handle is @[email protected]
Science, Investigations, Longform
Freelance (New York Times, National Geographic, Grist, etc)
Independent investigative reporter
Jenna Zucker
@[email protected]
Social and digital trends

Ken Mingis
@[email protected]
@[email protected]
Executive Editor, Computerworld
Lee Moran
@[email protected]
General news, Spain, street art
Rich Haridy
@[email protected]
Science, Technology
New Atlas

Kyle Alspach
@[email protected]
cybersecurity industry
senior reporter at Protocol
Anna-Verena Nosthoff
@[email protected]
Tech, Big Tech, Platforms, Silicon Valley, Surveillance, Digital Capitalism
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, ZEIT, Republik, Deutschlandfunk, and internationally: Internazionale (IT), Le Temps, Jacobin, Dissent, Public Seminar


Andy Hirschfeld
@[email protected]
business, tech, politics
freelance / tv anchor
Anchor: Business Report / Writer: Al Jazeera, Daily Beast, TYT, CNBC etc
hannah gais
@[email protected]
Far right, politics, extremism
Southern Poverty Law Center, very occasional freelancer at Gizmodo, New Republic, The Baffler, elsewhere

Felix Maschewski
@[email protected]
Big Tech, surveillance capitalism, social media, Silicon Valley
FAZ, Zeitonline, Republik, Wiwo, Jacobin, NZZ, Philosophie Magazin, and internationally (Internazionale, Le Temps, Dissent, Jacobin (US), Public Seminar)

Jordan Fischer
@[email protected]
Jan. 6, Capitol riot, federal justice system, crime, Investigative
I'm an investigative reporter at WUSA in D.C. covering the Jan. 6 investigations and prosecutions.
Kat McGowan
@[email protected]
caregiving, health, science
Freelance editor & writer
Recently Wired, Pop Sci, Grist, Boston Globe, others
Saman Shad
@[email protected]
opinion, parenting, race relations, writing, arts
The Guardian, SMH, ABC, SBS
author, scriptwriter, freelance, playwright
Bertin Huynh
@[email protected]
Guardian Asu
I love video video video video!!
Deb Amos
@[email protected]
International/middle east/ Ukraine
National Public Radio
I am a long-time Middle East correspondent. Now, a part time journalism professor
Theo Francis
@[email protected]
Business, executive pay, corporate governance, securities disclosure, retirement and pensions
The Wall Street Journal
I use a wide range of data as well as securities filings and other publicly available documents to write about complex financial, business, economic, legal and regulatory issues.
Nicky Phillips
@[email protected]

Jackie Singh
@[email protected]
Surveillance, Privacy, Politics, Web3
README_ by Synack
I am a freelance writer and cybersecurity professional.
@[email protected]
Tech and crypto
Tech in Asia
Crypto journalist. Originally from SFBA, based in Malaysia.
Fran Molloy
@[email protected]
Science Environment Education Health/Medicine
Freelance - Sydney Morning Herald, ABC, Nature, etc
Australian freelance journalist
AJ Vicens
@[email protected]
State-aligned hacks, cybercrime, election security

Sam Jones
@[email protected]
human health and technology
The New York Times, Scientific American, New Scientist, Nature +. The science podcast I host and exec produce is called Tiny Matters
I'm a science journalist and audio producer based in Washington, DC. Find my work at
Steven Mazie
@[email protected]
the Supreme Court; law; lower courts
The Economist
I've been covering SCOTUS for The Economist since 2012. I also publish op-eds in a variety of outlets.
Jennifer Howard
@[email protected]
Freelance (WaPo, NYT, TLS, LARB, etc.)
Former senior reporter, CHE; former contributing editor, WaPo
Sarah Rieger
@[email protected]
Money, labour, environment
Wealthsimple Magazine
I write Wealthsimple's TLDR newsletter. Previously a staff journalist with CBC, HuffPost.
Jason Bouwmeester
@[email protected]
Tech, Gaming, Reviews
Senior Editor at, I wite about tech, gaming, and review tech & gaming products
Robert McMillan
@[email protected]
The Wall Street Journal
WSJ cybersecurity reporter based in San Francisco
Steven Bodzin
@[email protected]
corporate debt, sovereign debt, emerging markets, venezuela, colombia, peru, chile, restructuring, bankruptcy, SDNY, ICSID, investor-state arbitration, international arbitration,climate change
REDD Intelligence
Always trying to explain arcana
Scott Blanchard
[email protected]
Pennsylvania, politics, democracy, mis/disinformation, climate/energy
Director of Journalism at public media station in Harrisburg, PA
Howard Cheng
@[email protected]
Photojournalism. Focuses on social movements, protests, and events.
Freelance - either on assignment, as well as some photography through Getty or Shutterstock
Based in London and southeast UK.
Robson Fletcher
@[email protected]
Data, COVID-19, public policy & issues in Alberta, Canada
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
Data journalist with CBC in Calgary, Alberta
Leonardo Puglisi
@[email protected]
Politics & general Australian news
6 News Australia (mainly on YouTube and
6 News is a digital news outlet I manage and founded in 2019, run entirely by young journalists
Saba Eitizaz
[email protected]
Social justice, equity and human rights
Toronto Star
I’m currently the host of the Toronto StarMs flagship podcast “This Matters”. Former international correspondent with BBC reporting from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Award winning multimedia journalist
Felicity Nelson
@[email protected]
Science, health
ScienceAlert, Nature

Alanna Smith
@[email protected]
Social issues, politics
The Globe and Mail
Formerly The Canadian Press, Postmedia Calgary
Alex Boyd
@[email protected]
Canadian news
Toronto Star
Canadian national report with the Toronto Star, based in Calgary
Christian Schneider
@[email protected]
Politics, Culture
USA Today Board of Contributors, The Bulwark, National Review Online
I'm a long-time columnist for USA Today and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, who also writes frequently for The Bulwark and The Dispatch.
Kurt Kohlstedt
[email protected]
Urbanism, architecture and design
99% Invisible

Dave Earley
@[email protected]
Audience development
Guardian Australia
Audience development, growth, engagement, social and digital strategy
Yezi Yang
@[email protected]

PhD candidate in geochemistry and aspiring (?) science journalist
Michael Edison Hayden
Fascism and radical right
Antifascist and antiracist
Mallorie Sullivan
@[email protected]
Audience development, social strategy
I’ve also worked at the Dallas Morning News and Cincinnati Enquirer :)
Jessica Roy
@[email protected]
Service journalism - personal finance, vaccine access, mental health
The Los Angeles Times
I write news you can use on the utility journalism team at the L.A. Times
Eric Roston
@[email protected]
Climate change
Bloomberg; Bloomberg Green
Twenty years plus covering climate change, soup to nuts. Ex-TIME magazine. Author (The Carbon Age).
James Brooks
@[email protected]
Alaska politics
Alaska statehouse reporter
Kara Carlson
@[email protected]
Technology, business, Austin technology
Reporter covering technology for the Statesman in Austin, TX
Andrew Gregory
@[email protected]
The Guardian
Health Editor, The Guardian
Andrew Gregory
@[email protected]
The Guardian
Health Editor, The Guardian
Sebastian Lasse
@[email protected]
prev: war photographer, photojournalist, doc film – now: Digitalism
mainly german print magazines or public broadcasters
I am also doing OpenSource journo solutions, now an ActivityPub Fediverse CMS
Euan MacDonald
@[email protected]
Mainly Ukraine, some UK and international politics, climate and science.
Sachin Rawat
@[email protected]
Big Think, Labiotech, The Progress Network
Freelance science writer & journalist
John Leonard
@[email protected]
[email protected]
Technology, B2B IT, IT market research, online privacy, cyber security, open source, new developments, green
I'm research director at, interested in technological evolution and the way tech is changing the world - and us
Brandi Buchman
[email protected]
Jan. 6 probe
Daily Kos
Senior staff writer Daily Kos covering Jan. 6. Before: Chief White House & Congressional Correspondent @ Courthouse News. Before that, reporter/feature writer at The Southampton Press/27east.
Emma Wilkinson
@[email protected]
Health policy, medicine, public health, bioscience
BMJ, Lancet, Pulse, Pharmaceutical Journal, the limbic
UK-based freelance medical journalist
Stephen Graves
@[email protected]
Technology, cryptocurrency, Web3, film
Special Projects Editor at, director of short films including A Stitch in Time, Fred's Shed and The Dead of Winter (filming 2023!)
Eduardo Suárez
@[email protected]
News innovation, business of news, politics
Reuters Institute
Journalist. Head of Editorial at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. Formerly: Politibot, El Español, El Mundo. Loves opera, history, travel and books. He/him
Harley Dennett
@[email protected]
Australian politics
Canberra Times
Australian politics bureau chief, former Washington DC correspondent
Dave McKay
@[email protected]
Not anymore!
Linux, Shell Scripting, FOSS, Open Source
UK-based, writing for American websites. Also do private commissions.
Trond J. Strøm
@[email protected]
Investigative journalism. Norway. Crime. Far right extremism. Digital security. OSINT.

JC Palmer
@[email protected]

Tom's Guide
Phones Editor, specializes in mobile tech, gaming, and computing. Linux and FOSS fan.
CBC Sports, Guardian, independent media projects
Co-host and co-creator of Burn It All Down podcast. Essential critiques of sports ecosystems. Anti-oppression lens.
Daniel Schurter
@[email protected]
Tech Infosecurity Privacy
I am a Swiss journalist and editor at watson news
Bianca Britton
@[email protected]
Social newsgathering, OSINT, Verification
NBC News
Reporter at NBC News, using social media and #OSINT to tell stories
Matteo Moschella
@[email protected]
social newsgathering, verification, international news
NBC News

Rich McHugh
@[email protected]
Abuses of power, #Metoo, crooked and corrupt
@NewsNation, Business Insider, Vanity Fair
Journalist/Investigative Correspondent @ NewsNation
Annie Labrecque
@[email protected]
Québec Science, Les Débrouillards, Le Médecin du Québec
Freelance Science Journalist from Montreal, Canada (FR/EN)
Viola Stefanello
@[email protected]
Internet culture, tech policy, human rights
The Daily Dot, Wired, Rolling Stone etc
Italian journalist, based in Milan, writes both in English and Italian
James Frew
@[email protected]
Consumer technology, health & fitness
Fit&Well, Coach, Live Science
Writer, reviewer, editor at Fit&Well, freelance tech writer
@[email protected]
Climate. Foreign Policy. Arts.
Freelance Journalist
Former Editor, Wilson Quarterly; Consulting Editor, New Security Beat
Andy Wasley
@[email protected]
General news, travel and nature
The Press Association, The Great Outdoors, Trail and others
Freelance video journalist, photographer and writer, working across UK/international news, travel (hiking/adventure) and nature
Denise Florez
@[email protected]
Home page
Los Angeles Times
Digital editor
Andrew Gregory
The Guardian
Editor, Health, The Guardian
Leah Price
[email protected]
Books, media, biography
NYT Book Review; New York Review of Books; Times Literary Supplement; London Review of Books; SF Chronicle
Ian Rose
@[email protected]
Science and nature
Scientific American, Hakai, The Scientist, Corvallis Advocate
Weekly columnist at the Corvallis Advocate, and freelance writer for national science and nature magazines.
Alexandra Witze
@[email protected]
Science, especially earth & astronomical sciences
Nature, Science News, Knowable

Karim Benessaieh
@[email protected]
Reporter in Business section, specialized in techno
Margot Williams
@[email protected]
Research Editor, Guantanamo, National Security, Data Journalism, Training
The Intercept, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
ex-Washington Post, ex-New York Times, ex-NPR
Gillian Brockell
@[email protected]

The Washington Post

Shayne Nuesca
@[email protected]
Audience engagement

Currently the audience strategy director at States Newsroom
Roman Mars
[email protected]
podcasting, design, architecture, infrastructure
99% Invisible
Usually posting about things I like
Jan Walraven
@[email protected]
Technology, economics, climate & environment

Rae Hodge
@[email protected]
Tech, privacy-security tools, ethics, oddities
Investigative watchdog who quit chasing elections so she could bark at surveillance tech and teach you how to protect your privacy. Priors: AP, BBC, NPR, et al
[email protected]
Just here to test privacy
Ewan Spence
@[email protected]
smartphones, mobile technology,eurovision,podcasting
Freelance,, Eurovision Insight, Blog
Storyteller in online, media, and tech; smartphones, music, Eurovision, retro gaming, cat whispering, and more, he/him.
Octavia Nasr
[email protected]
Middle East and North Africa MENA
Formerly CNN
Former CNN Senior Editor of Mideast Affair
Leonardo Testai
@[email protected]
Italian economics, finance, politics - Tuscany area
Florence-based, journo for 20+ years
@[email protected]
Cats and art
Cats and art weekly
Corey Pein
@[email protected]
tech, politics, media, science, investigations
Former alt-weekl writer, contributor to The Baffler, author of a book on Silicon Valley's dark side
Erin Keane
culture, politics
EIC at
Mark Harris
@[email protected]
Technology investigations
Wired, MIT Technology Review, IEEE Spectrum, Anthropocene
Seattle-based. Science/tech investigations covering transportation, climate, space, surveillance
Lorax B. Horne
[email protected]
Hacks and Leaks
Previously seens in The Guardian, Newsweek, The Globe and Mail, Canadian Business magazine, Calgary Herald, El Telegrafo, Hypertextual, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
Tod Maffin
@[email protected]

Mika McKinnon
@[email protected]
science, disasters, space

Nell Greenfieldboyce
@[email protected]
science, astronomy, biology
NPR/National Public Radio

Sole Zeta
@[email protected]
Trans rightes, Tech, gaming
Agencia Paco Urondo, Pressover, Ponele
Escritora trans argentina. Escribo sobre tecnología, gaming, género y diversidad, no necesariamente en ese orden.
Cameron Conaway
@[email protected]
Business / Management
Harvard Business Review, elsewhere
Professor at the University of San Francisco
Brad Howard
@[email protected]

Jasmine Mangalaseril
@[email protected]
food and food culture, incl restaurants and restaurant reviews (Canada)
Freelance; Waterloo Region Record, Grand Magazine

Kelly Weill
@[email protected]
Extremism, conspiracy theories, the internet
The Daily Beast
Reporter at The Daily Beast, co-host of Fever Dreams podcast
Soleil Ho
@[email protected]
Food and cultural criticism
San Francisco Chronicle

Lee Hurley
@[email protected]
Trans media coverage, football,
NUJ member writing professionally for 25+ years
Gabriel Snyder
@[email protected]
media, tech, politics
The Fine Print
Publisher & EIC: @thefineprintnyc Formerly: @NewRepublic , @TheAtlantic et al.
Francis Wilkinson
@[email protected]
Politics, climate
Bloomberg, etc
Columnist, Bloomberg
Ken Schwencke
@[email protected]
Interactive journalism, news apps

Matthew Rodier
Freelancer all over
I'm a freelance photojournalist based in New York who specializes in political protest movements.
Eve Glicksman
@[email protected]
Health care, features, trends, behavior
Washington Post,, WebMD
Full-time Freelance
Dan Morain
@[email protected]
Politics, public policy, mental health system, justice
Author "Kamala's Way, An American Life," former LAT, SacBee, CalMatters, etc
Stephen Shankland
@[email protected]
technology and science
principal writer covering next-gen tech coming down the pike
Justin Myers
@[email protected]
Data journalism, investigations, science
The Associated Press
AP data editor
Sarah O'Connell
Host of The Sarah O’Connell Show and film critic
Jeff Stone
@[email protected]
cyber, tech, internet, national security
Bloomberg News

Gwendolyn Star
@[email protected]
The paper goes to press on my watch
Masters in newspaper administration, Medill School of Journalism, 1989. Consultant to the North American newspaper industry.
Mehmet Safak Sari
@[email protected]
Disinformation, Fact-Checking, New Media
Several Digital Newspapers


Daily Kaler Kantho
Hi, I am Azraf. I have been working with Bangladeshi news media since 2013.
Melissa Martin
@[email protected]
Social issues, culture, exploration of life and all things, Canada
Winnipeg Free Press, Substack
Just a girl, some words, some thoughts, out in the world.
Susanna Granieri
@[email protected]
First Amendment, Criminal Justice, Data

Frederic Lardinois
@[email protected]
Enterprise editor
Anthony McIntyre
@[email protected]
Irish politics north & south

Geof Bard
@[email protected]

Substack, Medium, Podcast
War and peace, human rights, politics, extremism, music, arts
Mark Hughes
[email protected]
Film reviews & movie business
Screenwriter, entertainment journalist, former political journalist & public policy campaign ad maker
Rebecca Traister
@[email protected]
politics, culture, gender, race, power
New York Magazine
author of Good and Mad, All the Single Ladies, Big Girls Don't Cry
Poppy Jeffery
@[email protected]
All news and features in the UK

David Hamilton
[email protected]
Tech editor, AP; main focus is technology and its unintended consequences/shortcomings
Email: dh[email protected]. I'm an editor and don't have many recent bylines
Claire Caulfield
@[email protected]
science, climate change, audio

Audio journalism, science journalism, podcasting, also posts about books
Ashli Blow
@[email protected]
Environmental policy and science
Crosscut, Tennessee Lookout, Guardian
My essays and stories range from the lives of people in urban watersheds to those who roam the wilderness. As a graduate student at University Washington, I’m studying how to better integrate public policy into solutions-driven climate journalism.
The Chancery Daily
@[email protected]
Delaware Court of Chancery
Twitter, Substack, email subscription
TCD covers corporate and commercial law in the Delaware courts, with its main focus on the Court of Chancery.
Fredrik Naumann
@[email protected]
Run picture agency Felix Features in Oslo, Norway.
Christophe Carron
@[email protected]
International / Politics / Life

David Heath
@[email protected]
Former USA Today, CNN, Huffington Post
Bill Bennett
@[email protected]
Technology, business, telecommunications
Freelance: NZ Herald, RNZ, NZBusiness among others
Auckland based
David Bordewyk
Newspapers, free press, local journalism
South Dakota's newspapers

Sada Reed
@[email protected]

Journalism professor researching sports journalists' use of hero mythology, source selection, and doping coverage (American and Russian).
International Journal of Sport Communication, Communication & Sport, Teaching Journalism and Mass Communication, Journal of Sports Media

Charlotte Schubert
@[email protected]
Life sciences and biotech
Health and life sciences reporter at GeekWire. My website:
Gustavo Turner
@[email protected]
Adult industry, censorship, sex worker rights
I’m the News Editor for XBIZ, the adult industry trade publication
Frederick Gardner
@[email protected]
UK and US Politics, Social Policy, Foreign Policy, International Relations
(Freelance) Youth Foreign Policy Magazine, Mouth of the Ystwyth, Independently via social media

Dick Morrell
Cloud, Open Source, Security
Computer Weekly, Podcasts
Founder of Smoothwall recently acquired for $100m in 2021

New scientist, science, Boston Globe,
Science journalist in Boston, Chennai born
Renss Greene
@[email protected]
Local government
Loudoun Now
Deputy editor, Loudoun Now in Loudoun County, Va
Jeff Butts
@[email protected]
Apple products and services news, rumors and reviews

Katie Brooks
[email protected]
National World PLC
Group Live Editor aka SEO and Trends Lead. Based in and covering the UK
Clothilde Le Coz
@[email protected]
Media sustainability ; media freedom ; human rights ; women's rights; politics and international relations
A journalist, I am also a strong advocate for media freedom and journalists's rights. I lived over 15 years abroad (US, Cambodia, Myanmar, Morocco, Lebanon...) and specialised in building sustainable newsrooms in these countries as well as journalism training.
Tommie Lee
@[email protected]
Local & regional news
Anchor/reporter for WTRC & WOWO
Jeffrey Perkel
@[email protected]
Life science technology
Technology editor
C.J. Schexnayder
@[email protected]
Construction Industry
Engineering News-Record

Nicolas Gutierrez C.
@[email protected]
Health, science, environment
Sciences et Avenir, New Scientist…
Science journalist (former researcher), specialized in health
Alex Lowe
@[email protected]
EVs, automotive and technology

Paul Shread
[email protected]
paulshread - shut it down today
Cybersecurity, data privacy

James Fallows
@[email protected]
Book and magazine writer.
Mika Epstein
@[email protected]
Lgbtq TV with a lean towards female content

Ann Silversides
Canadian health policy, Canadian politics
several online
independent journalist. Author, AIDS Activist, Michael Lynch and the Politics of Community (BTL), Taking Our Place, Champions of Medicare etc
Jamie Bellinger
@[email protected]
Photojournalism, mainly protest and activism in the UK and UK press
Photojournalist documenting protest, activism and grassroots democracy in the UK through images and social media
Wade Roush
@[email protected]
Technology, science, innovation, startups
Soonish, MIT Technology Review, Scientific American
independent journalist, author, audio producer based in Cambridge, MA, USA
Eu Tech Policy
Web publication & idea forum based in Brussels, discussing the future of the internet from a broad perspective on society's digital evolution
Nina Berman
@[email protected]
militarization, fracking, gender violence
freelance, NY Times, Intercept, Nat Geo
Documentary photographer, filmmaker, Columbia Prof
Dylan Horetski
@[email protected]
Online entertainment and Tech news and reviews

Andrea Pitzer
@[email protected]
climate change, Arctic, civilian detention, states of emergency
Freelance for Washington Post, NYRB, Slate, Nautilus, etc.
I also write books! Icebound, One Long Night, The Secret History of Vladimir Nabokov.
Sarah Rogers
@[email protected]
Visuals, photojournalism, art direction, data visualization
CNN, The Daily Beast, ABC News

Howard Owens
Local News
The Batavian
Publisher of The Batavian, digital news fur Genesee County. Some 40 years in journalism and media.
Keegan Leech
@[email protected]
Fact-checking, verification, misinformation, disinformation, Africa, South Africa
Africa Check
South African researcher at Africa Check, the continent's first independent fact-checking organisation.
Heidi N. Moore
@[email protected]
Finance, business, economy

Jeff Kart
@[email protected]
environment, great lakes, sustainability, startups,,

Mathew Ingram
[email protected]
Technology and its impact on the media
Columbia Journalism Review

Leo Laporte
@[email protected]
Podcaster, Broadcaster, Tech Pundit.
Robyn Tomlin
[email protected]
Local News

VP, local news at McClatchy
Aulia Masna
@[email protected]
Politics, tech, and SEA/Indonesian coverage
Previous stories on Macworld, The Jakarta Globe,, e27, Asumsi
Doesn’t always post work related content, currently building a new Indonesian news startup
David M. Ewalt
@[email protected]
Tech, games
Editor in Chief of Gizmodo, author of nerdy books
Steven Rosenberg
@[email protected]
I do content production and curation for a mainstream digital news site

Zurairi A.R.
@[email protected]
Malaysia, human rights, religion, social media
International Association of Religion Journalists East Asian representative
Tahmeed Shafiq
@[email protected]
Features, investigation, science, culture
Torontoverse, Globe and Mail, The Local magazine
Editor at Torontoverse
Josh Renaud
@[email protected]
Data journalism, crime, elections
I am a journalist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and an amateur retrocomputing historian
Jenny Splitter
@[email protected]
climate, science, food and agriculture
Sentient Media, The Guardian, Vox, Undark
I'm a climate and food systems journalist and the managing editor of Sentient Media
Bryn Nelson
@[email protected]
Science, medicine, environment
Freelance - many publications

Netopia EU
European Tech Policy
Brussels Bubble...and beyond
Netopia EU

Susie Neilson
@[email protected]
bay area local matters, crime/criminal justice, housing
The San Francisco Chronicle

Nils Weisensee
@[email protected]
Cybersecurity, North Korea
NK News, NK Pro
Director of News Operations at Korea Risk Group and covering cybersecurity at NK News. Information Terrorist. Formerly Head of Operations at Choson Exchange, correspondent at DAPD, and reporter at the Associated Press.
Sarah Stankorb
@[email protected]
Religion, abuse, politics
VICE, Washington Post, New Republic, contributed to GEN before it closed
Book, DISOBEDIENT WOMEN (Worthy/Hachette) coming out summer 2023
Karen Hao
@[email protected]
China, AI, tech & society
Wall Street Journal

Emily Willingham
@[email protected]
Elon banned me permanently for parodying him
Scientific American, others

Aaron Moss
@[email protected]
Copyright law, policy and news
I write and publish Copyright Lately, a site about the latest news and developments about copyright law. I'm also a practicing attorney.
Brian Edwards-Tiekert
@[email protected]
Environment, Politics, Housing, Police, CA & SFBay |
Radio host, UpFront, weekdays at 7am Pacific on KPFA
Azraf Al Mutee
@[email protected]

Technology/ International Relations
Daily Kaler Kantho
Hi, I am Azraf. Journalist from Bangladesh. Working with local news media since 2013.
Kristina Campbell
[email protected]
Microbiome science
Nature, Leaps, Gastro & Endoscopy News, Microbiome Times, etc.

Jack Yan
@[email protected]
Fashion, motoring, lifestyle, travel
Lucire, Autocade
Founder and publisher, Lucire and Autocade
Jim Kuhnhenn
@[email protected]
Press freedom, reporting/writing coach

Former AP, Knight Ridder Washington correspondent
Theodora Sutcliffe
@[email protected]
Travel and environment
Recently: Hakai, Independent, National Geographic Traveller (UK). Less recently: CNN, BBC, Guardian, Telegraph (UK)
Journalist and content writer with a focus on the environment and travel.
Dylan Newman
[email protected]

Features and Opinion
23 y/o Journalist @ SJSU
Aroon Deep
@[email protected]
Tech policy in India

Maury Brown
[email protected]
Sports Business, BBWAA member, motorsports, meda
20 year sports business reporter, national sportswriter of the year nominee (2020), former bylines at USA Today, Variety, Baseball Prospectus, Baseball America, FanGraphs
Rich Wild
@[email protected]

Local interest items in Suffolk, Uk
I write short interest pieces about Suffolk events and Suffolk history for the Box River News. Please get in touch if you have anything you think you’d like to see published!
Arieh Kovler
@[email protected]
UK, US, Israel, politics, tech, extremism
The Hat Tip, the Spectator, Dainik Bhaskar Group India

Erik Sherman
@[email protected]
business, tech, economics, finance, inequality, public policy, politics
Fortune, Forbes,, Zenger News, others
old school, cranky, like dad jokes, draw, cook
Geof Bard
@[email protected]
Civil rights, Human Rights, Constitional law, Canine law, assistance animal, ADA, political trends.
Medium, Substack
Founder/admin large/[st?] Tribel politics group.
Lev Gringauz
@[email protected]
Jewish local reporting in Minnesota and Cincinnati, Jewish philanthropy, and occasionally cybersecurity and environmental reporting,,
Jewish journalist and occasional podcaster covering mostly Jewish stuff
Gareth Halfacree
@[email protected]
Custom PC Magazine,, Make: Magazine, Others
Author, photographer, and science & technology journalist. Vintage computing for fun!
Lisa Hafey
@[email protected]
Music and entertainment
London based Aussie/Brit dual national
Jessica Beck
@[email protected]
The Guardian
Audio producer & journalist 🇺🇸 in 🇬🇧 Past: NPR, BBC
Bill Weinberg
@[email protected]
politics, ecology, cannabis
CounterVortex, primarily
Veteran award-winning journalist, blogger, ranter, raconteur.
Christian Baars
@[email protected]
Health, Climate
German public broadcaster NDR (ARD)
Investigative department
Stephen Applebaum
@[email protected]
Film, filmmakers, celebrity, entertainment, politics, current affairs
The Independent, The Jewish Chronicle, Radio Times, The Guardian, and more
Freelance writer based in the UK
Alex James Kane
@[email protected]
Video games and culture
USA Today, Polygon, Fangoria, etc.
I wrote the oral history of Morrowind.
Tomasz Oryński
@[email protected]
Polish politics / transport industry
Britske Listy,
Freelance journalist, publishes in Czech, Polish and English. lived 17 years in Scotland now based in Helsinki
James Milsom
[email protected]
Audio documentary and podcasts, focusing on law, justice, social affairs, much more
The Guardian Australia, independent outlets

Emma Byrne
@[email protected]
Science and Technology
The Guardian, Wired, The FT, Forbes,
Author of science books Swearing Is Good For You and How to Build a Human. Contributor to BBC, RTÉ and Sky factual
André Langlois
@[email protected]
London news
Ham&High, Islington Gazette, Hackney Gazette, Brent&Kilburn Times
I’m editor of the Ham&High, Islington Gazette, Hackney Gazette, and Brent&Kilburn Times
Phil Creighton
@[email protected]
Hyperlocal journalism for Reading and Wokingham, UK and
Hyperlocal journalist with more than 25 years experience, based in Reading, UK. Typography, hyperlocal, local news, community news
Felipe Barousse
@[email protected]
Technology and Science topics.
"Interfase" at Radio Educación, México's Public Radio
@[email protected]
European Technology & Telecoms Correspondent
Jacopo Mazzeo
@[email protected]
Wine, drinks, spirits, travel, beer, food, hospitality
Freelance. A list of publications I contribute to can be found here
Former news editor at Imbibe Magazine. Former sommelier. Before that, I studied musicology at the University of Bologna (Italy) and got a PhD at the University of Southampton (UK)
Nicole Nguyen
@[email protected]
consumer tech
personal tech columnist, covering lots of different things from paris, fr, originally born + bred in sf bay area
Karen Krizanovich
@[email protected]
film, film industry, film criticism, culture,
freelance print, online, radio, podcast, TV
Writer, journalist, critic, broadcaster and film design researcher, secretary Critics' Circle Film Section UK, BFDG, FIPRESCI, BAFTA, BIFA #filmcritic #journalist #filmindustry #broadcaster #researcher #writer #ex-agonyaunt
Yúbal Fernández
@[email protected]
I write in spanish to explain technology to those people who doesnt have knowledge on it, and make everything more accesible.
Lowri Daniels
@[email protected]
Fact-checking: mainly medicine and health for features/news/books
UK-based freelance fact-checker
Patrick Gray
@[email protected]
Australian cybersecurity journalist and host of the Risky Business Podcast
Elizabeth Nolan Brown
@[email protected]
criminal justice, sex policy, tech policy, First Amendment law, reproductive freedom, politics & policy from a libertarian perspective
Reason magazine and elsewhere
Senior editor at Reason magazine
Kerry Tomlinson
@[email protected]
Cyber crime, cybersecurity, video news stories, help for people who aren’t tech experts
YouTube: Ampere News, site:
TV news reporter for decades, Emmy award winner, now cyber news reporter and editor in chief. Looking for ways to help and energize people to protect themselves from cyber attackers.
Sarah Churchwell
[email protected]
American culture, history, politics & literature
NYRB, Atlantic, Washington Post, Guardian, Times, FT, TLS,
Professor at Univ of London, writer/journalist/broadcast media
David Harper
@[email protected]
General news, but also business and tech
BBC, LBC & New Indian Express
Presenter and Newsreader for BBC World Service. Also regular presenter for LBC News.
David Allen Green
Law and policy

Financial Times, Prospect, Al Jazeera, law and policy blog
Rupert Cocke
@[email protected]
I mainly write about Spanish business finance behind a paywall and blog about thinking critically about the news on the open internet
My main gig is at Mergermarket (ION Analytics), my side gig is at Substack
Check out my blog at
Juliette Irmer
@[email protected]
science journalism
Jürgen Schmidt aka ju
@[email protected]
IT-Security, Cybercrime
heise Security
Just ju
Peter Beaumont
@[email protected]
Foreign affairs
The Guardian
Author The Secret Life of War
Samuel Fernández
Tech and mobile comms
Xataka Móvil & Xataka Android

Jose Luis Orihuela
@[email protected]
Teaching and researching digital culture
Professor of Multimedia Communication and Transmedia Narrative at the School of Communication, University of Navarra (Spain)
John Richardson
@[email protected]
Technology, information Security, UK politics
Own website and podcast
Information Security and IT Governance expert.
Sonia Blanco
@[email protected]
Disinformation, digital journalism, social media
Scientific Journals and elsewhere
Our Resear Projet has a web in
Gregory Manni
@[email protected]
climate, environment, science, justice
The Local Austria, Metropole Vienna, Grand Haven Tribune
Reporter/writer focused on environmental justice and the climate crisis, Uni Vienna grad student
Len LaCara
@[email protected]
Digital journalism and content strategy analysis

Former Gannett journalist, new role TK
Evan Greer
@[email protected]
Opinion writer on tech policy, LGBTQ+ rights
Washington Post, TIME, Wired, NBC News, Daily Beast, The Guardian etc
Director of Fight for the Future, freelance writer and commentator
Kat Hughes
@[email protected]
Film - Horror film and festivals in particular
Primarily THN but also have bylines at Filmhounds, Film Stories and The Companion
Kat Hughes is a writer whose speciality lies within horror. A regular on the genre festival circuit Kat loves championing the freshest independent horror. Though her primary outlet is THN, Kat also has writing credits for Film Stories, Critical Popcorn, Filmhounds, The Companion and her personal blog Film Disclosure.
Jim McDermott
@[email protected]
America Magazine, Popverse, Panel x Panel

Equinox Features
@[email protected]
breakingnews, equality, disability, diversity, security, infosec, LGBT+
National and international print media, online media and television.
Nice video and photojournalists covering: breakingnews, equality, disability, diversity, security, infosec, LGBT+
Aaron Fernando
[email protected]
(I am actively destroying my Twitter due to Elon Musk's new ownership, so it's locked and drastically reducing in quality; don't want to share at this time)
Solidarity economics, co-ops, social movements, public banking and community finance, housing and land justice (Freelance, so Shareable (mostly), The Progressive, The Real News, other)
Freelance journalist focused on social movements and solidarity economics, based in Ithaca, New York
Nick Hune-Brown
@[email protected]
Longform magazine writing, health, profiles, social issues
The Local, The Walrus, Toronto Life, etc
Toronto-based magazine writer and editor at
Lisa Burton
@[email protected]
UK politics, Brexit, equality
Yorkshire Bylines
Passionate about equality and standards in politics. You can read some of my work here www.yorkshirebylines/author/lisaburton/
Richard MacManus
@[email protected]
Technology, web development, fediverse
Tech Journalist and Founder, ReadWriteWeb (2003-12)
Jeremy Gahagan
[email protected]
BBC’s online Live coverage
BBC News website

Erin Nolan
@[email protected]
City of Newburgh, investigations, local news, New York, Hudson Valley
USA TODAY Network, Times Herald-Record, lohud, Poughkeepsie Journal
previously reported in New Hampshire and Massachusetts
Seth Prince
@[email protected]
College media, community journalism, sports media
OU Daily newsroom adviser
Loren Hall
@[email protected]
My main focus is on universal healthcare, a living wage, a green new deal, a federal jobs guarantee, fighting neoliberal policy in government, and neoliberal ideology everywhere else using modern monetary theory.,, and
I am actually a visual/musical artist that only felt compelled to try and write seriously in 2016, but I have written over 80 articles for Real Progressives during a 5-year period, and continue to write today. Exclusion from this list is understandable on this basis, but I would be a fool to pass up an opportunity to be included!
Rick Smolan
[email protected]
Social Jusitice, Global Water Crisis, Big Data, Blockchain, Future of Food,
National Geographic, Time, my own books
I invite 100+ global journalists to collaborate and fcus in emerging topics
Lindsay Ellis
@[email protected]
Careers & Work
Reporter covering the workplace, young professionals and business education. DC based, Boston roots. [email protected].
Chris Were
@[email protected]
Local news in south east Wales and south Herefordshire
Ross Gazette local newspaper (

Chris Merriman
@[email protected]
Technology, Music, Disability, Media
IT Pro, Tech Advisor, Computer Weekly
Interests including streaming media and smart home
Simon Bowes
@[email protected]
current affairs, lifestyle
freelance journalist/photojournalist
Jason Parker
@[email protected]
activism, justice, law

I work on what I think is interesting or necessary.
Elise Cutts
@[email protected]
Science: biology, geology, planetary science, astronomy, microbiology
Freelance: Scientific American, Science News, Sky and Telescope, AGU's Eos, Science, and more.
I'm a freelance science journalist based in Austria, mostly covering the Earth and life sciences. More at
Katie L. Burke
@[email protected]
Generalist sciences, with a particular proclivity for the life sciences, ecology & environment, public health, history of science, science & technology studies, & diversity/inclusion issues in STEM
American Scientist

Mike McGrath-Bryan
@[email protected]
Arts/music; neurodivergence; general features
Irish Examiner; The Echo
Neurodivergent features writer and digital journalist with experience in content management systems
Dan Falk
@[email protected]
physics, astronomy, cosmology, the mind, AI, anthropology, archeology, history of science, philosophy of science
Quirks & Quarks, Undark, Smithsonian, National Geographic, Quanta
I'm a freelance science writer and broadcaster. Co-host of BookLab. Last book = The Science of Shakespeare.
Micah Loewinger
@[email protected]
Internet, media, far-right

Correspondent for WNYC's On the Media
McKenzie Funk
@[email protected]
data, climate, capitalism, America's long shadow in the world
New York Times Magazine, Harper's, National Geographic, London Review of Books, Outside, etc.

Pam Baker
@[email protected]
science and technology
I freelance for many mainstream and online publications
Freelance journalist and book author
Hayden Field
@[email protected]
Morning Brew
Reporter: tech + investigative. Currently at Morning Brew. Bylines at Protocol, Entrepreneur Magazine, MIT Tech Review, WIRED UK & more.
Kim Lyons
@[email protected]
Business, tech, pittsburgh
Substack NYT, Penn Capital Star, Morning Brew, others
Thorsten Claus
@[email protected]
moobilux | connected mobile
Thorsten Claus is a Berlin, Germany based tech-journalist, communicator and visionary. He is the founder of, and the event-series pitchfreunde // Pitch your story.
Johannes Grunert
@[email protected]
Far-right, protest, Eastern Germany
Zeit Störungsmelder, Der Rechte Rand, etc

Thorsten Claus
Food & Beverage
All about #Coffee. ist Dein unabhängiger Kaffee-Blog. #KaffeePiraten alles rund ums Thema #Kaffee & Co.
Barbara Wimmer
[email protected]
Tech & politics
Journalist from Vienna
Dan Ackerman
@[email protected]
Editorial Director, CNET
Justin Jaffe
@[email protected]
Personal finance + crypto

Virginia Gewin
@[email protected]
Climate change, land use, agriculture, food security
Nature, Popular Science, Audubon, Bloomberg, Civil Eats
Based in Portland, Oregon, I focus food production in a rapidly changing world
Georgina Laud
@[email protected]
Engagement Editor at
Shrikant Joshi
@[email protected]
Freelance, Audio Storytelling, Podcaster, Mental Health, Science, Technology - currently dormant
Independent Audio Creator. Tech-enthusiast. Creator of - a Hinglish audio series on #MentalHealth, available on Audible India. Also wrote & produced "The Covid H________ Project" podcast during the #COVID-19 lockdown, found here:
Adrien Beauduin
@[email protected]

Central and Eastern Europe, politics, socio-economic issues, social movements, culture
Le Courrier d'Europe centrale, Le Soir, La Presse, Jacobin
I'm an independent journalist writing on Central and Eastern Europe and based in the region for more than 10 years.
Maeve Allsup
@[email protected]
Web3 and retail
Morning Brew
I write about tech and Web3 for Morning Brew's retail newsletter!
Hessie Jones
[email protected]
AI ethics, data privacy, technology, entrepreneurship
I am an investor. I work in accelerator focused on clean-tech and hard tech. I am also a cofounding member of MyData Canada. I am also part of a volunteer group developing solution for identifying, detecting and remediating PII in large datasets.
Politics, climate, animals
Utube,twitter, facebook, instagram

[email protected]
Politics, environment, climate change, animals
Twitter, facebook, instagram, utube

Daniel Summers
@[email protected]
Medicine, LGBTQ+ issues
Daily Beast, Slate
Private practice pediatrician and freelance health and science columnist
@[email protected]

Los Angeles times

Nicole Lee
@[email protected]

Journalist with over 17 years of experience covering tech. Looking for a job.
Shannon Bond
@[email protected]
technology, disinformation, social media
correspondent on NPR's disinformation beat
Gianlua Pezzi
@[email protected]
Automotive, Technology, Esquire Italia
Based in Milan, Italy.
Adrian Elliot
@[email protected]
Spanish, UK and LatAm current affairs

Derrick Rossignol
@[email protected]
music, video games
Uproxx Music News Editor
Connie Guglielmo
@[email protected]
tech, media, misinformation, diversity+inclusion
Editor in Chief of CNET
Ty Ross
@[email protected]
Politics, Police Accountability, Political Violence, Corruption
Occupy Democrats & Washington Press
Freedom of the press is a constitutionally protected right.
Felipe Barousse
@[email protected]
Technology & Science
"Interfase", a weekly talk show on Radio Educación; Mexico's Public Radio
@[email protected]
science, civic science, global
Formerly BBC now Freelancer/Fulbright scholar
Primarily audio based. Interested in Civic Science and global science stories.
Roberto Bissio
@[email protected]
Sustainability, decolonization, multilateralism, justice
La Diaria, Agenda Global, Social Watch network
Uruguayan journalist, coordinator of the Social Watch
fernanda câncio
@[email protected]
human rights; investigative; politics; everything.
diário de notícias ( portuguese daily newspaper
portuguese, lisbon based.
Nick Tylwalk
@[email protected]
Pro Wrestling
Wrestling Junkie/USA TODAY
Sr. Manager/Content/Managing Editor for Wrestling Junkie, part of the USA TODAY Sports Media Group.
Dyani Lewis
@[email protected]
Science, environment, health, science policy

Nikhil Pahwa
[email protected]
Technology Policy
I'm the founder and editor of MediaNama. We've been reporting on tech in India since 2008
Cam Wilson
[email protected]
Internet, Australia

Howard Owens
@[email protected]
Local News
The Batavian
Publisher. Reporter. Photographer
Andreas Proschofsky
@[email protected]
Technology with a focus on Android, Linux, IT Security
Der Standard

Margaret Harris
@[email protected]
physics and related areas of science/technology
Physics World
Online editor, Physics World
Robb Montgomery
@[email protected]
mobile journalism
Author, "Mobile Journalism" book.
Phineas Rueckert
@[email protected]
Press freedom, human rights, digital security, urbanism, migration
Forbidden Stories, Vice World News, Next City, Jacobin
Investigative journalist at Forbidden Stories
Ste Carson
[email protected]
Sports journalist who mainly covers football/soccer
Gaël Lombart
@[email protected]
Le Parisien /

Evan Rodgeres
@[email protected]
Consumer technology

John West
@[email protected]
I provide extra computational firepower to complex investigations
The Wall Street Journal

Shaun Sindelman
@[email protected]
Colorado, PA, WI, MI, VA, FL, AZ, IA, NC
Video Editor residing in CO doing work for Courier Newsroom's 8 state-based newsrooms in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, Florida, Arizona, Iowa, and North Carolina
Mike Carlucci
@[email protected]
baseball, red sox
Data Analyst at work and at play.
Rachel Courtland
[email protected]
Technology and engineering
MIT Technology Review
I commission stories from freelancers and experts
Catharina Cheung
@[email protected]
Lifestyle, Journalism industry, Culture & heritage, East Asian
Journo Resources, Bustle, Medium @ricewords, Freelance
Deputy Editor of Journo Resources; Writer, editor, translator
Valerie Belair-Gagnon
Technology, press criticism, mental health
Varies. Nieman, CJR, etc.

Martin Heller
@[email protected]
Software development, data science, enterprise software
InfoWorld and others

Marco Fioretti
@[email protected]
digital rights, ethics in technology, effective innovation
other info at
Jeremy Hance
@[email protected]
Climate, wildlife, forests, Indigenous people, environment in general.
Mongabay, Guardian, Ensia and a number of others.
I have a book out called Baggage and I love to play Dnd.
Stephen Applebaum
@[email protected]
Film, celebrity, politics, current affairs
The Independent, The Guardian, The Jewish Chronicle, and elsewhere
Freelance writer
Elizabeth Howell
@[email protected]
space, spaceflight, astronomy, science, stem
Staff writer at and freelance for science or Canadian publications
Staff writer, spaceflight at I also freelance and have written 5 books so far.
Lynn Greiner
@[email protected]
technology, interpreting business for tech & vice versa
IT World Canada, Channel Daily News,, CIM Magazine and others
techie w/a business degree
Claire Miller
@[email protected]
Data journalism and freedom of information

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols
@[email protected]
Technology and Business
ComputerWorld, ZDNet, TheNewStack, &The Register
Known for Linux, open-source software, and cloud coverage,
E Rosalie
[email protected]
Disinformation, risk, threats, crisis
Hoaxlines, Rantt, Nature, MMFA
Disasters & disinformation (public health + nat sec) @ Johns Hopkins | Tracking disinfo in 🇺🇦
Erik de la Reguera
@[email protected]
France, UK, Latin America, politics, migration, climate, social issues
Dagens Nyheter (Sweden)
Paris correspondent
Gaby Goldstein
@[email protected]
State legislatures, state politics, voting rights, gerrymandering
Op eds & commentaries - CNN, Guardian, Salon, etc

Priyanjana Bengani
@[email protected]
technology, local news, platforms, politics
Columbia Journalism Review
Senior Computational Research Fellow at the Tow Center @ Columbia University
Alexander Nguyen
[email protected]
General Assignment
Multi-media reporter/producer for KPBS News, San Diego's NPR and PBS station
Paul Dempsey
@[email protected]
Technology, US government policy, AI, semiconductors, China
E&T Magazine
Washington Correspondent for E&T, published by the UK's Institution of Engineering and Technology
Jason Davis
@[email protected]
soccer, football, calcio, etc.
SiriusXM radio host
American soccer guy. LFG
Jason Perlow
@[email protected]
Technology, Food
Linux Foundation, ZDNet, CNN
Technology and Food Journalist
Paul Levinson
music, politics, TV and movie reviews
Wired, Mediatie, Vocal
Prof., Comm & Media Studies, Fordham U; science fiction author: The Silk Code, The Plot to Save Socrates; singer-songwriter: Twice Upon A Rhyme, Welcome Up
Jin Ding
@[email protected]
international, China, DEI, Asian American, Investigative
Center for Public Integrity

Lonny Goldsmith
@[email protected]
Jewish community journalism, primarily in Minneapolis/St. Paul, but we're expanding to Cincinnati.
Award-winning journalist covering the Jewish community, but also a sports fan. Basically doesn't matter the sport.
Tim Richards
@[email protected]
Freelance travel writer based in Melbourne, Australia; writing on travel in articles and books.
Nikki Bayley
[email protected]
Food, drink, travel
Daily Telegraph,, BC Living,
Reliable source for deliciousness in BC and beyond.
Andrew E. Freedman
@[email protected]
Technology, gaming, hardware, business, consumer tech, product reviews
Senior Editor, Tom’s Hardware
Jeanne Pinder
@[email protected]
Health costs, Covid, transparency, trust in journalism
We are bringing transparency to health care by telling people what stuff costs, on our home site and in partnership with other journalists. TED talk here:
Marissa Rothkopf
Food and politics
New York Times, Newsweek, NJ Monthly my substack @marissarothkopf
also: host of The Secret Life of Cookies podcast
Tristan Louis
[email protected]
Freelance (NY Times, Insider, Forbes...)
Activist, Entrepreneur, Writer... not necessarily in that order
Poly Z.H. Sun
@[email protected]
intelligent transportation systems, human factors in driving, neuroergonomics, brain and cognitive status under maneuvers, physiological parameter measurement, bio-inspired vision mechanism, operations research, and their applications in human-in-the-loop transportation systems
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent VehiclesIEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering
Poly Z.H. Sun (MIEEE) is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He has authored over 30 research papers in refereed international journals and conferences.
Drew Benvie
@[email protected]
Social media
Commentator on social media trends on the BBC
GroundUp News
@[email protected]
South African human rights (esp in vulnerable commuities), social grants, government housing, Lottery corruption, law, labour
On our website. We are republished often by News24, Daily Maverick, etc
GroundUp shares the realities of life in underreported communities. The South African Constitution promises basic human rights to all, and we show what this means in daily life.
Ekkehard Knörer
@[email protected]

Kritik, Filmkritik, Literaturkritik, Theaterkritik
taz, Merkur, Cargo

@[email protected]
[email protected]
Art. Politics. Turkey
taz. süddeutsche. kunstforumInternational
@[email protected]
right wing extremism, climate and LGBTQ related issues
various national broadcasters and Tiktok (@julyn.reports)
freelance journalist, creative producer and director
Wiebke Tomescheit
[email protected]
Social Media, Kultur, Musik, Geschichte

Alastair McKay
@[email protected]
Music, film, television
Author of Alternatives To Valium: How Punk Rock Saved A Shy Boy’s Life
John Leonard
@[email protected]
IT, tecnology, B2B, privacy, open source, infosec, market trends, green, ai, cloud
Research Director at Computing UK, covering all aspects of tech with a business focus
Tom Schaffer
@[email protected]
Politics, Media, Economy, Society, Football, Tech, Games,,, YouTube
Based in Vienna, Austria
Marcio Delgado
@[email protected]
Business and Trending News
London-based Journalist and Digital Consultant
Satoko Omata
@[email protected]
Consumer and Enterprise Technology, Business
Bylines in Fintech News, Tech Wire Asia, Asian Correspondent,, Business Today
Currently a healthcare technology content and communications manager in Singapore
Karl Hodge
@[email protected]
Music, virtual reality, tech innovation, games, health.
Stuff, Tom's Guide, Guardian, Medium
A formerly active tech journalist for two decades who now specialises in features writing on VR, games, music and wellbeing. More of an academic now than a hack.
Carl Zimmer
@[email protected]
New York Times
Columnist, book author
Brandon C. Williams
@[email protected]
High School and College football recruiting
Tansy Hoskins
@[email protected]
Garment industry, labour rights, climate
openDemocracy, Guardian, Tribune, Huck
Author of 3 books on the fashion industry. Teach supply chain jsm.
Roger Parloff
@[email protected]
Law & politics, January 6

Noah Shachtman
@[email protected]

Rolling Stone
EIC @RollingStone . Back in the day: @thedailybeast , @Wired , @ForeignPolicy , @BrookingsFP // [email protected]
@[email protected]
Malta, Courts and justice
Senior court journalist at MaltaToday | Usual caveats | Ex-squaddie | Likes funny things | DM for Signal number | Secure comms read this:
Annika Becker
@[email protected]
Football/Soccer, Women in Football/Soccer, Football and Politics, Gender Equality and Inclusion, LGBTQIA+ in Football, Tactical Football Analysis
Freelance Journalist
From Germany
Kathryn Hulick
@[email protected]
Any science for kids: Technology, robotics, AI, energy, space, biology, health, climate
Science News Explores
I also write books for kids and contribute to the magazines Muse and Front Vision
Petros Demetropoulos
@[email protected]
Athens News Agency (ANA-MPA)
Hellenic Parliament Correspondent
Dawnthea Price Lisco
@[email protected]
Local/regional Virginia news, public media, freelance editing and copyediting
CNET, Slate, WAMU, various
Career copy/homepage editor, incoming managing editor at VPM, big on accessibility, Taurus
Kit O'Connell
@[email protected]
Human rights, LGBTQIA, extremism, social justice, Hemp and cannabis
Texas Observer
Digital Editor at the Texas Observer, longtime movement journalist and community organizer.
Mehdi Hasan
@[email protected]
Political News
MSNBC and Peacock
Host on MSNBC and MSNBC on Peacock
Michael Slezak
@[email protected]
Environment, climate change, science
ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
National Environment and Science Reporter at the ABC
Amanda Kolson Hurley
@[email protected]
Climate, environment, architecture/development
Bloomberg News
Climate editor, Bloomberg
Francesca Fontana
@[email protected]
Business (personal finance, management, work), first-person essays
The Wall Street Journal

Tony Winton
@[email protected]
Hyper-local, nonprofit govt accountability and environmental
I'm a former Associated Press reporter and journalism union leader, working to build nonprofit news.
Nicu Calcea
@[email protected]
Data Journalism, Business, Money
Data Journalist at BBC Business, formerly Data Projects Editor ar the New Statesman.
Patrick Boehler
@[email protected]
Media, censorship, digital rights

Hannah Weinberger
@[email protected]
Science & the environment
Science & Environment Reporter for Crosscut / KCTS9 PBS in Seattle. I write about how humans and wildlife adapt to a changing planet and each other (ecology, enviro health, sustainability), and tell a lot of dad jokes.
Brandon Keim
@[email protected]
Nature, animals, science & the environment
New York Times, National Geographic, Nautilus, The Atlantic
Based in Bangor, ME
Tiffany Li
@[email protected]
Tech, Privacy, Law
MSNBC columnist. Also words elsewhere, including: Washington Post, The Atlantic, Slate, NBC Think, Quartz, McSweeney’s
Joshua Long
@[email protected]
Apple and macOS security and privacy
Cybersecurity researcher, investigative journalist, public speaker, podcaster. Formerly: Naked Security, MacTech Magazine
Erik Hauth
@[email protected]
Blogger and Podcaster, Sailor from Hamburg
Tabatha Southey
@[email protected]
Macleans, Walrus, Globe and Mail, National Post Elle Canada etc

André Kühnlenz
@[email protected]
Macro Economics and Finance
Finanz und Wirtschaft

Steve Lubetkin
[email protected]
New Jersey, technology, commercial real estate
co-author, "The Business of Podcasting: How to Take Your Podcasting Passion from the Personal to the Professional" (
Marc Martorell Junyent
@[email protected]
Middle East, book reviews, Iran, Israel/Palestine, international politics, Turkey, books
Freelance journalist (published in Responsible Statecraft, The New Arab, Inside Arabia, Mondoweiss, MANARA Magazine...)
MA Graduate in Comparative and Middle East Politics and Society (Tübingen University/American University in Cairo)
Ann Silversides
@[email protected]
health policy
long time independent health policy journalist
Sonja Hartl

Literature, Crime Fiction, Film

I am a freelance journalist for radio, online and print
Mindy Weisberger
@[email protected]
Live Science
Editor for Live Science, previously American Museum of Natural History writer/producer.
Karim Zidan
@[email protected]
The intersection of sports and politics.
The New York Times, The Guardian, VOX Media

Liza Gross
@[email protected]
Investigative, climate, fossil fuels, agriculture, environmental racism, abuse of science for private gain
West coast reporter, Inside Climate News
Joanna Pearlstein
[email protected]

New York Times Opinion

Stefano Epifani
@[email protected]
Digital Sustainability
President of digital Sustainability Foundation, professor of digital Sustainability
Justin Lahart
@[email protected]
Economics and finance
The Wall Street Journal
Heard on the Street reporter at The Wall Street Journal
Mariana Belloso
@[email protected]
Politics, economy, human rights, gender
Salvadoran journalist living in USA.
Nigel Chiwaya
[email protected]
Data journalism
NBC News
Senior Editor, Data Viz at NBC News Digital
Mark Keierleber
@[email protected]
Education, public safety, security, technology
The 74
I’m an investigative reporter interested in surveillance, privacy and other dystopian things
Collin Leonard
@[email protected]
Culture, humor, society, technology
Deseret News
long form features about our silly society
Morgan Forde
@[email protected]
Books, Literary Criticism, Urban Development, Housing
The Nation, Mic, The LA Review of Books, The Cleveland Review of Books

Gerard de Souza
@[email protected]
Politics, Mining, Environment, tourism
Live in and write on the state of Goa, India
Andrew Heavens
@[email protected]
African politics
Author of "The Prince and the Plunder"
Alex Sanz
@[email protected]
U.S. News, space, politics
Associated Press
Alex Sanz is part of the U.S. News leadership team at The Associated Press.
TJ Butler
@[email protected]
relationships, alternate living styles
Freelance- outlets like HuffPost, Insider, Next Ave, etc.
Freelancer/essayist in a day job that supports the arts.
Emily J Gertz
@[email protected]
Environment and climate

Contributing editor at DeSmog and The Conversation
Amy Feldman
@[email protected]
Senior editor at Forbes
Alberto Zamora
@[email protected]
Current events United States and Costa Rica
NYU MA Journalist
Trent R Nelson
@[email protected]
Domestic and foreign politics, foreign policy, and contemporary happenings with historical context
Essayist, Historian, Commentator, Poet and Philosopher
Taylor Giorno
@[email protected]
money in American politics (campaign finance, lobbying, foreign influence)
Money-in-politics reporter at OpenSecrets closely watching FEC filings, lobbying disclosures and FARA
Lily Hay Newman
@[email protected]
Security and privacy reporter
Phillip de Wet
@[email protected]
South African business and technology, with a focus on policy and regulation.
Business Insider South Africa
I'm an associate editor at BI South Africa with a love for story discovery and audience, not necessarily in that order.
Alyssa Bereznak
@[email protected]
Tech and culture/Narrative podcasts
The Ringer

Davey Alba
@[email protected]
Misinformation, Google, big tech
Bloomberg News

Petra Tabarelli
@[email protected]
History of Sports (Football/Soccer)
WebDE, DFB referee's magazine
Benedikt Frank
@[email protected]
media, culture
BJVreport, Süddeutsche Zeitung
Kommunikationsreferent Bayerischer Journalisten-Verband
JR Raphael
@[email protected]
Android, Google, ChromeOS, technology, productivity
Android Intelligence, Fast Company, Computerworld, The Verge
I share creative ways to save time and get even more out of your favorite devices.
Kwame Opam
@[email protected]
Pop culture criticism
The New York Times

Adam Rogers
@[email protected]
science, tech, culture
wrote books: *Proof* and *Full Spectrum*
Jon Cohen
[email protected]

James H. Williams
@[email protected]
Digital sports editor and Southern California Sports (UCLA football beat writer, etc.)
Orange County Register and Southern California News Group
Covers UCLA football, local high school sports, Coachella Music festivals
Anna Massoglia
@[email protected]
foreign influence, dark money, money in politics,
OpenSecrets' editorial & investigations manager, foreign influence & "dark money" research focuses
Teresa Chin
@[email protected]
Climate change, environment, design, data vis, multimedia storytelling
Deputy editor, fellowship program lead
Jeff Yang
@[email protected]
Race; cultural criticism; pop culture; Asian American issues
CNN, the Guardian, NY Times
Cohost of podcast THEY CALL US BRUCE
Emma Schwartz
[email protected]
documentary, investigative
Varies. Currently with Maxine Productions. Recently NYT, PBS Frontline

Carlyn Zwarenstein
@[email protected]
drugs, pain, literature, housing & homelessness
freelancer. Globe & Mail, Walrus, Filter, Washington Post, others

Verity Chambers
@[email protected]
Media diversity, news, storytelling on social platforms
Mostly student publications now, formerly SMH and News Corp
Teaching journalism at TAFE NSW
Nichole Davis
@[email protected]
Local news in the Boston area
WBZ NewsRadio and other iHeart Boston stations
News anchor and talk show host for WBZ NewsRadio 1030 in Boston and surrounding affiliates.
Jeanne Perego
@[email protected]
News,politics,culture and food DACH
Italian journalist based in Germany (Bavaria) reporting DACH
Kirk Shinkle
[email protected]
Personal finance, investing and economics
I run the editorial team.
Noam Leviatan
@[email protected]
@[email protected]
Davidson Institute of Science Education, Various outlets, Freelance
Writing about science for the last 15 years. Writer and editor. Occasional blogger (, in Hebrew)
Robb Montgomery
@[email protected]
IN textbooks by Routledge Press (New York & London)
Daiva Repeckaite
@[email protected]
Environment, human rights, European politics
Latest: Coda Story, LRT, EU Observer, Green European Journal
I speak Lithuanian, English, German, Russian, Hebrew, some Spanish, Japanese and Swedish
Daiva Repeckaite
@[email protected]
Environment, human rights, European politics
Latest: Coda Story, LRT, EU Observer, Green European Journal
I speak Lithuanian, English, German, Russian, Hebrew, some Spanish, Japanese and Swedish
Ryan Goodman
@[email protected]
National security
Just Security
co-editor-in-chief at Just Security; NYU professor
Jessica Christian
@[email protected]
Bay Area photojournalism, local news, arts, entertainment, sports, etc.
San Francisco Chronicle

Ferris Jabr
@[email protected]
Nature and science
The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, Harper's, National Geographic, Scientific American, The New Yorker, Outside, Wired
I'm a contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine and a freelance writer based in Portland, Oregon. Currently I am writing a book about Earth for Random House
Sam Hartle
@[email protected]
Kansas City News, Weather, Sports
I am the digital director for KSHB, the NBC-affiliated news outlet in Kansas City, Missouri.
Libby Seline
@[email protected]
Data Journalism about life in Texas/San Antonio
University of Nebraska-Lincoln ‘21; previously at NYT, Salt Lake Tribune, Lincoln Journal Star
Frederic Huwendiek
@[email protected]

Head of Digital News / ZDF
Thomas Bécard
@[email protected]
Culture, movies, music, technology

Dwight Silverman
@[email protected]
personal tech
Personal tech columnist for the Houston Chronicle. Kinda retired, but bad at it.
Danielle Olavario
@[email protected]
Climate Change, Tech and Surveillance, Inclusive Economies website + our social platforms
Danielle is a social media journalist for Context, brought to you by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
Léo Roussel
@[email protected]
Australia, France, environmental issues, society, sport
Mediapart, Ouest-France,, Reporterre, Equal Times, SBS...
French freelance journalist in Sydney, foreign correspondent in Australia for Mediapart, Ouest-France, Reporterre, Le Soir...
Natasha Mitchell
@[email protected]
science and culture (science, medicine, environment, technology, etc)
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Science Friction podcast, ABC Radio National, ABC Science)
Australian science journalist, podcaster, presenter
Dr. Johanna Rupprecht
@[email protected]
Storytelling, psychology, journalism, science
Bayerischer Rundfunk (= BR, part of ARD)
video editor, interested in digital storytelling and knowledge transfer
Didde Elnif
@[email protected]
Digital journalism and journalisms role in democracy

Journalistic lecturer & PhD student at @CFJSDU Talk to me about digital journalism & internet culture. My fav dino is a stegosaurus
Kelly McBride
@[email protected]
Ethics, local journalism, democracy, public media,
Ethics advisor to journalists and newsrooms around the world.
Patricia Ventura
@[email protected]
AI ethics and journalism
PhD Media, Communication & Culture. Ethics, AI and journalism. Barcelona. Ethics AI and journalism.
Meeri Kim
@[email protected]
Science, health, wellness, physics, optics
Washington Post, Optics & Photonics News, Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings Blog, others
I'm a freelance science and health writer based in Pasadena, CA, USA.
Michelle Leder
@[email protected]
Business/finance/SEC filings expert
I’ve been reading SEC filings for nearly 20 years and still have my sanity!
Ethan Klapper
@[email protected]
The Points Guy

David Colborne
@[email protected]
Nevada, opinion
The Nevada Independent
Weekly opinion writer for The Nevada Independent
Cassie Knust
@[email protected]
Local news, education, city, health, immigrant community, everything in between
Montrose Daily Press in Montrose, Colorado

Madeline Bodin
@[email protected]
science (conservation, ecology, zoology, etc.) and nature

Margaret Larson
[email protected]
Broadcast T.V.
am now retired
Former NBC correspondent, Dateline correspondent and Today show news reader. Talk show host. Mentor on
Chris Reed
[email protected]
News, politics, health, Southern Utah
St. George News
Aina Marzia
@[email protected]
Politics, Enviornment, Culture
Freelance Seen in Teen Vogue, Allure, Yes! Magazine, Prism Reports, YR Media and more
16 year old journalist based in El Paso, Texas.
Jishnu Nair
@[email protected]
Tech, startups, climate, environment
Houston Business Journal
Hi I'm Jishnu! Currently based in Houston and looking to break into climate or environmental work.
Susanne Althoff
@[email protected]
entrepreneurship, innovation, gender gap, feminism
Freelance; bylines in The Boston Globe, Fortune, WIRED, etc.
Professor of publishing at Emerson College, Boston
Joe Veyera
@[email protected]
Seattle-area news, sports, politics, and business
Covering the world at Factal, but use social to continue monitoring local news in my hometown
Daniel Castro
Política periodismo
Diario El Observador
Periodista Uruguay
Catherine Bouris
@[email protected]
internet culture and pop culture

Justus von Daniels
@[email protected]
Stephen Hui
@[email protected]
Outdoor recreation
Jatan Mehta
@[email protected]
Space and Moon exploration

Tom White
@[email protected]
The environment, planetary health, inequality and general social issues
Variety of outlets including The New York Times, TIME Magazine, The Guardian UK, Buzzfeed News, Reuters, The European Pressphoto Agency, Southeast Asia Globe, Esquire, Nikkei Asian Review
Freelance Photographer from the UK based in SE Asia, also teaching documentary & photojournalism.
Adrian Polglase
@[email protected]
Investigative Journalism
BBC Panorama
Investigative Journalist covering all topics, including undercover pieces for BBC Panorama
Paige Blankenbuehler (Paige Blank)
@[email protected]
environment, climate, Western US, Southwest, public lands, conservation, biodiversity
High Country News

Mekdela Maskal
@[email protected]
Climate, Engagement Journalism
Covering Climate Now
Engagement Director working on newsrooms collaborations and educational resources for CCNow. Previously with THE CITY. Newmark J School and NYU Steinhardt Alum.
Andrew Leahey
@[email protected]
Tax, Tax Policy, Law, Tech
Bloomberg Tax
Tax and technology attorney and researcher/writer
Julie Millican
[email protected]
Media and platform accountability
Media Matters for America
Vice President of Media Matters
Lauren Evoy Davis
Health, Science, and Technology
WebMD, Verizon, FloHealth, ShareCare, Legacy
health writer
Jasmine Mangalaseril
@[email protected]
food and food culture, incl restaurants and restaurant reviews (Canada)
Freelance; Waterloo Region Record, Grand Magazine

Jess Aloe
[email protected]

Collateral Bits
@[email protected]
Technology and ethics

suhauna hussain
@[email protected]
Labor, tech, workers in the California economy
Los Angeles Times
i’ve written a lot about gig work, California’s AB5, issues facing fast food, retail, warehouse & other frontline workers in the pandemic. Feel free to reach out with tips, talk to me about rumblings inside your company etc.
Hannah Anstee
@[email protected]
Womens Wellbeing. Midlife. Mental Health.
Yoga Magazine. Substack. Freelance various.

Edmy Ayala Rosado
@[email protected]
Solutions, Climate, Antiracism, Feminism, Community Work, Puerto Rico

Alex Ip
@[email protected]
Environment, health, and science
The Xylom

Dennis Fisher
@[email protected]
Security and privacy

Laura García
@[email protected]
latin america, tiktok, health, science
BBC Mundo - spanish language service
Science nerd, new platform geek, Mexican journalist living and working in London
John Coggeshall
@[email protected]
O'Reilly, Sams, PHP|Architect, LWN
Technology writer, focusing on web tech and the makerspace
Steve Matthewson
@[email protected]
Interested in journalism innovation, skills development, the economics of media, ethics
Luis Martín
@[email protected]
Culture, arts, politics

Susan Kraemer
@[email protected]
International concentrated solar research in solar fuels, thermal storage,CSP

Perry Michael Simon
@[email protected]
Media, Radio, Podcasting

All The Brazilian Politics
@[email protected]
Brazilian Politics
Amateur blog sharing work by professionals journalists on Tumblr, Twitter, and Mastodon. Tumblr:
Royce Kurmelovs
@[email protected]
Climate, finance, class and general news
Gannon Burgett
@[email protected]
General technology, photography, cameras, lenses, 3D printing, and more
Digital Photography Review (DPReview)
Remote freelancer with >10 years of experience writing news, features, and reviews.
Tory Lysik
@[email protected]
Data, data viz

Megan Zerez
@[email protected]
Education, local news
WSKG Public Media
Covering education at NPR member station in upstate NY. Report for America corps member.
Michael Salfino
The Athletic, FiveThirtyEight, The Independent, Topps
Analytics scribe for The Athletic, 538 and formerly at the Wall Street Journal. i also write the backs of the cards for Topps. US elections correspondent for The Independent.
Alex Brizee
@[email protected]
criminal justice, police accountability plus breaking news
Idaho Statesman

Michelle Jaworski
@[email protected]
Entertainment, TV and film, criticism
The Daily Dot
Not a main area focus, but I also sometimes write about knitting and movie knitwear
Christian Paz
[email protected]
National politics
Senior politics reporter for Formerly of The Atlantic.
Shelley Boettcher
Food, wine, travel, general lifestyles, trends
Postmedia, Globe and Mail, New York Times, CBC
Also online at
Michael Squires
@[email protected]
Investigative journalism in the Southwest US
I'm a real peach.
Allan James Vestal
@[email protected]
Elections; politics; data & investigations
Formerly Mizzou, LAT Data Desk, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Dallas Morning News.
Rocky Swift
@[email protected]

Reuters correspondent. Formerly of State Dept. and Bloomberg News. Economics, FX and pro wrestling enthusiast. Opinions are my own. Tips to [email protected]
@[email protected]
Medicine, health care and health policy
Editing now but previously Kaiser Health News, CalMatters, San Jose Mercury News
Longtime health journalist now overseeing business of medicine news at Medscape/WebMD
Daniel Cody
@[email protected]
Politics, Culture
New Statesman
Journalist and online content creator
Caitlin Harrington
[email protected]
Technology and Labor
Staff writer at Wired, covering tech/labor
Aamir Siddiqui
@[email protected]
Smartphones, Consumer tech
XDA-Developers (Formerly)
Previously EiC at XDA. Will soon be joining new publication.
Meehan Crist
@[email protected]
science, climate, culture, politics, feminism, reproductive justice, criticism, books,
LRB, NYTimes, The Atlantic, The Nation, etc.
writer in residence in biological sciences, Columbia University. I write about the intersection of science, culture, and politics. Currently working on a nonfiction book about the climate crisis and reproductive justice (2024, Random House and Chatto & Windus_
Hans Appen
@[email protected]
Metro Atlanta News
Publisher at Appen Media.
Keren Henderson, PhD
@[email protected]
Former U.S. local TV news producer; current media scholar and co-PI of the annual RTDNA broadcast newsroom survey.; academic journals: Journalism, Electronic News
Assoc. prof. of broadcast and digital journalism at Syracuse University's Newhouse School. Started out Canadian, now also American.
Josh Hendrickson
Tech, Smart Home, etc.
Review Geek (
Editor in Chief of Review Geek, management team LifeSavvy Media
Brian Eason
[email protected]
Local government, housing and public services across metro Atlanta
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Byron Tau
legal affairs, national security, data privacy, technology, cybersecurity, intelligence

Ethan Freedman
@[email protected]
Science, nature, climate, technology, future
Science and nature journalist, prev. climate at The Independent
Jason deBruyn
@[email protected]
Health care
I'm a health care reporter for NC Public Radio in Raleigh, North Carolina
Caitlin Dewey
@[email protected]
Buffalo & Western New York, technology, internet culture
The Buffalo News/freelance/"Links I Would Gchat You If We Were Friends"
Reporter at The Buffalo News, advisor at Poynter, writer of "Links I Would Gchat You If We Were Friends," mother to a large/badly behaved German shepherd
Chandra Steele
@[email protected]
technology, culture, politics, art, fashion and elsewhere
Senior Features Writer at, other words at other places
Julie Kliegman
@[email protected]
Sports, gender, sexuality
Sports Illustrated

Flora Garamvolgyi
@[email protected]
global affairs, politics, far-right, democracy,
The Guardian, Observer
journalist focusing on the links between the US far-right and Europe
Neil J. Rubenking
@[email protected]
I review and evaluate consumer-facing security products
I'm a long-time PC Magazine and PCMag writer (from 1986) currently with a strong focus on security
Sewell Chan
@[email protected]
Texas government and politics; nonprofit journalism
The Texas Tribune
Editor in Chief of The Texas Tribune since 2021; formerly at Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Washington Post
Bryce Greene
Media Criticism

Gabrielle Healy
@[email protected]
I'm a radio producer working on shows about pop culture, immigration, health care and climate basically most things.
NPR's Here and Now

Jill Duffy
@[email protected]
tech, remote work, work life
Author of The Everything Guide to Remote Work and columnist at PCMag
Roman Battaglia
@[email protected]
Regional - S. Oregon & NorCal
Public radio reporter with a focus on politics & enviroment
Wendy Sawatzky
@[email protected]
I'm the editor in charge of journalism on the Winnipeg Free Press, an independent Canadian daily
Winnipeg Free Press

Winnipeg Free Press
@[email protected]
Local daily newspaper in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Chloe Murdock
[email protected]
Missouri legal news
Missouri Lawyers Media, though I used to work in public radio and have contributed freelance stories for NPR
Not a lawyer, but they answer my calls. Former audio reporting experience with current local legal news.
Andrew Engelson
@[email protected]
Seattle, politics, environment, culture, LGBTQ
Stranger, Crosscut, Seattle Times, etc
Freelance reporter also working on a book about polyamory
Siobhan Neela-Stock
[email protected]
Social Justice
Fortune, Dame Magazine, Dotdash Meredith, etc.
Former Social Good Reporter at Mashable. Now Freelance
Ian MacAllen
@[email protected]
Food, Books, Parenting, Italian Americans
America Domani, Chicago Review of Books
I am the author of Red Sauce: How Italian Food Became American
Ilana Masad
@[email protected]
books & cultural criticism
NPR, Washington Post, LA Times, Boston Globe, NYT, among others
I'm a queer Jewish writer of fiction and nonfiction and do a lot of book reviews and criticism
Laura Bliss
@[email protected]
transportation, housing, climate adaptation
Bloomberg CityLab

Garnet Henderson
@[email protected]
Abortion access, other intersections of health and culture
Recently: ELLE, the Nation, Truthout, Rewire Cosmo
Freelance reporter, also the host and producer of ACCESS: A Podcast About Abortion
Roey Hadar
@[email protected]
General, but do a fair amount of politics and sports
I do journalism & TV/video production while living in the DC area. I also have a work-oriented mastodon @[email protected]
Sakhr Al-Makhadhi
@[email protected]
Arab world, Middle East, U.S. social justice

Rose Butcher
@[email protected]
Health and Wellness - Mental Health and Neurodiversity
Currently and via Medium and Substack 'Ugly Health'

ilana kaplan
@[email protected]
Music, Culture, Entertainment, Pop Culture, Lifestyle
Alternative Press (day job); writing at NYT, GQ, Vogue, Rolling Stone, NPR, etc.
I'm a Senior Editor at Alternative Press. I also write for The New York Times, Rolling Stone, GQ, etc. Currently writing a book on Nora Ephron for ABRAMS.
Soumaya Keynes
@[email protected]
The Economist

Julia Wolfe
@[email protected]
Data visualization, politics, econ
I run the Americas Graphics team at Reuters. Before, I was at FiveThirtyEight & the WSJ
@[email protected]
Longform investigative reporting

Samir Abady
@[email protected]
Photojournalism, Photography
The Wall Street Journal
Photographer and Photo Editor, I'm currently a Photo Editor at The Wall Street Journal primarily focused on National and DC news for print. Some other things too.
Danny Cunningham
@[email protected]
I cover the Cleveland Cavaliers and the NBA

Ben Whitford
@[email protected]
Politics, tech/business, sustainability

Renée Reizman
@[email protected]
Art, Design, Culture
Hyperallergic & More
Artist and Writer based in Los Angeles
Siri Chilukuri
@[email protected]
Climate Change, Culture, local news in Chicago
WBEZ, Grist, Chicago Reader, Teen Vogue
Hi! I'm Siri, a local climate journalist from Chicago. Would love to connect with other journalists on here. You can see more of my work at
Derek Bodner
@[email protected]
Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA
Previously covered the 76ers for The Athletic and Philadelphia magazine.
Beau Yarbrough
@[email protected]
Southern California watchdog journalism, politics, education
Southern California News Group

Kim Key
@[email protected]
Technology, sports, culture
Brennan Suen
@[email protected]

Meg Marco
[email protected]
Investigative, Business, Tech

Helena Horton
@[email protected]
The Guardian

Rebecca Leber
@[email protected]
Climate, energy, money in politics

Jessica Blank
@[email protected]

Abuses of power, Child Victims Act, Scammers

Amy Westervelt
@[email protected]
The Guardian, The Nation, The Intercept, my own podcast Drilled
Investigative climate accountability journalist
Luke O'Neil
@[email protected]
Hell World

Melissa van Ruiten
[email protected]
deleted my Twitter
breaking news, affordable housing, cannabis, emergency services, local news, outdoors
I'm newer to the journalism field, working for a local weekly paper. Looking forward to continuing to hone my skill
Barry Rueger
@[email protected]
France, Nova Scotia, Urban Planning, Environment
Globe and Mail, Guardian, Asparagus Magazine
My site: Blog:
Brad Belstock
@[email protected]
Local news in the San Francisco Bay Area
I'm a newswriter-producer for KGO-TV and I wear many hats!
Tessa McLean
@[email protected]
San Francisco, real estate, housing, parks
Local Editor @SFGATE
Ariana Bindman
@[email protected]
Breaking Bay Area news and historical features
Award-winning reporter and Level 1 Wretch at the second largest media site in CA.
Nico Madrigal-Yankowski
@[email protected]
Food & Drink in the Bay Area
Based in San Francisco
Carolyn Barber
@[email protected]
Science, health,
Fortune, Scientific America.
ER doc x25 yrs & author of Runaway Medicine,
James Leigh
[email protected]
Local, tourism, breaking, court
The Sentinel-Record in Hot Springs, Ark.
Former sports editor at The Sentinel-Record; former editor at The Siftings Herald (Arkadelphia, Ark.), Gurdon (Ark.) Times, Prescott (Ark.) Picatune-Times, Hope (Ark.) Star; former sports editor at Malvern (Ark.) Daily Record
Natasha Lennard
@[email protected]
The Intercept, The Nation, Bookforum, Verso
I'm am columnist for The Intercept, covering power and liberation struggle. I write essays and reviews on politics and philosophy for The Nation, Bookforum and elsewhere; I wrote a book of essays called "Being Numerous: Essays on Non-Fascist Life" (Verso 2019)
Dylan Smith
@[email protected]
Arizona politics & public policy

Louis Oelofse
@[email protected]
General but fair amount of politics
DW News (Deutsche Welle)
Freelancer on contract for Deutsche Welle (DW News)
Iliana Limón Romero
@[email protected]
Sports, media, editing, writing, diversity and inclusion
Los Angeles Times
I'm the assistant managing editor for sports / sports editor at the Los Angeles Times. I'm also the president of AWSM and co-chair of the NAHJ Sports Task Force.
Juan Kruz Lakasta
@[email protected]
Iruñea, Nafarroa, Euskal Herria
Euskalerria Irratiak, Ttap, ETB1, Radio Euskadi
Scott Alves Barton
Food Studies, Africana Studies, CRT
Academic journals, food periodicals

Julia Skinner
@[email protected]
@bookishjulia and @rootkitchens
Food, history, travel

Jason Shaw
@[email protected]
Aviation and travel
Commercial aviation and travel are my main loves and work
Meera Subramanian
@[email protected]
environment, climate, energy, culture, birds, raptors, religion, plastics
Nature, Orion, Virginia Quarterly Review, and many others
Freelance Journalist, author and occasional professor. Co-director of the Religion & Environment Story Project. Chaser of birds & stories. #science #journalist #environment
Anne Aschenbrenner
@[email protected]
Art, Culture, Digitality
Tamara MC
[email protected]
Child Marriage, Cults, Modern Day Slavery, Motherhood, Judaism, Islam, Communes, Sufism
Ms. Magazine, Salon, The Independent
Email: [email protected]
William Crawley
@[email protected]
News, Current Affairs, Politics, Religion, Culture
BBC radio and television presenter/host
Dan Kennedy
@[email protected]
Local news, media and politics
Media Nation (
Professor of journalism at Northeastern University
Hanna Raskin
@[email protected]
The Food Section
Founder of The Food Section, covering food and drink across the American South
Rob Cameron
@[email protected]
Czech and Slovak politics, current affairs, history etc
I'm the BBC correspondent for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Have lived in Prague for almost 30 years.
Laura Santhanam
@[email protected]
health, polling
PBS NewsHour

Alex Renton
@[email protected]
History, slavery, child abuse, food policy
The Times, Guardian BBC, Observer, Sunday Times, Daily Mail,
Jacy Reese Anthis
@[email protected]

Jim Love
[email protected]
Technology, Marketing, Leadership, Analytics and related publications/podcasts
Technology writer, podcast host, author, speaker and musician
Louisa Lincoln
@[email protected]
Local news, nonprofit journalism, public media

PhD student at the Annenberg School for Communication at UPenn studying nonprofit journalism & public media in the U.S.
Teddy Amenabar
@[email protected]
The Washington Post
I’m a reporter on the Well+Being team at The Post covering the health information we see online.
Kylie Madry
@[email protected]
Mexico and LatAm
Reuters journo based out of Mexico City, covering business, politics and more
Nicola Williams
@[email protected]
Travel, outdoor sports, trail running, skiing, family
Lonely Planet, Telegraph, BBC Travel, National Geographic UK

Jennifer Billock
@[email protected]
Travel, food, history, witchcraft
Smithsonian, NYT, T+L, Good Housekeeping, Apartment Therapy, Wired, etc.
I’m a writer, author, and writing coach. She/her.
Rebecca Ostriker
@[email protected]
News reporting
The Boston Globe
News reporter for the Boston Globe. Former Globe Arts Editor.
Jason Perlow
@[email protected]
Tech, Food
CNN, ZDNET, Linux Foundation
Technology & Food Journalist
B. 'Toastie' Oaster
@[email protected]

Indigenous affairs
High Country News
They/them, Choctaw
Max Rauner
@[email protected]
Science, Medicine and Technology
Greg Hauenstein
@[email protected]
Photojournalism, primarily focused on political campaigns
Midwest-based photographer specializing in political campaigns, fashion, and events.
Joel Abrams
@[email protected]
Social Media
The Conversation U.S.
Director of Digital Strategy and Audience Outreach. Ex Boston Globe, CNN, CS Monitor, CNN
Lyle Muller
[email protected]
Nonprofit journalism, health, science, journalism education
Retired journalist, feeelancing, student newspaper adviser at Grinnell College, former Ex.Dir. at IowaWatch, former Cedar Rapids Gazette editor
Rachel Heimann Mercader
@[email protected]
Local News in the Bay Area
Covering local news in Contra Costa County. Send tips 📲 (925) 451-2475 (Signal) 📧 [email protected]
Rachel Heimann Mercader
@[email protected]
Local Bay Area News
Covering Contra Costa send tips 📲 (925) 451-2475 (Signal) 📧 [email protected]
Beth Pinsker
@[email protected]
Personal finance
I am an investing columnist with a CFP® designation.
Phoebe Davis
@[email protected]
Health, education, government, politics
Tortoise Media
Reporter for Tortoise’s daily newsletter, the Sensemaker
Jenny Stephens
[email protected]
Local news, politics
Tenille Clarke
Travel, Culture, Entertainment, Fashion, Music
I've written for MadameNoire, OkayAfrica, Hypebae and more. I am a Freelance Storyteller:
Hey! I'm based in the Caribbean, and I'd love to connect with various communities!
Joan Van Tassel
@[email protected]

General aviation, local politics, Christian nationalism
Routledge, Focal Press

Hillary Rosner
@[email protected]
Science, environment, conservation
Freelance--National Geographic, many others
Asst dir, Center for Environmental Journalism, CU Boulder
Brandon Sward
@[email protected]
Arts and culture
Dan Gentile
@[email protected]
Culture, Entertainment, Music, San Francisco
SFGATE, Austin Monthly, Wax Poetics

Steven Bodzin
investigative financial reporting on Latin America, distressed debt, bankruptcy
REDD Intelligence
ex-Bloomberg, Monocle, UC Berkeley SOJ, Christian Science Monitor, Venezuela, Chile
Zeb Larson
@[email protected]

History, food, politics, and music.
Smithsonian, Teen Vogue, Belt Mag, Atlas Obscura, Scalawag
I’m a former historian and academic who started freelancing in grad school and has kept it up ever since.
Sandeep Ravindran
@[email protected]
Life sciences and Tech
TIME, The New York Times, Nature, Wired, Smithsonian, National Geographic News, The Scientist.
Freelance science journalist based in Bethesda, MD
Sam Litzinger
@[email protected]
Freelance (most recently CBS News)
47 years as a broadcast journalist.
Audrey Henderson
@[email protected]
sustainability in the built environment, arts and culture related to social policy and justice
Energy News Network, GreenBiz, Wallpaper, Next City, Belt Magazine
African American journalist, native of Upper East Tennessee, located in greater Chicago area
Sonia Paul
@[email protected]
transnational politics, criminal legal system, podcasting
I teach at Uncuffed and report for everywhere
Punteha van Terheyden
@[email protected]
True-life and human interest
National newspapers and women’s mags UK
Journalist, editor, ghostwriter. Author of 10-Point Pitching Plan and founding editor of Lacuna Voices
Equinox Newsgathering
@[email protected]
Newsgathering, breaking news, politics, LGBT+, social issues, diversity, equality
Equinox Features, news, picture and video agency
Equinox Features newsgathering team
Maria Bustillos
@[email protected]
Media, Press Freedom, Technology, Politics, Culture
Brick House Cooperative, Popula, The Nation, Columbia Journalism Review, NYT, TNR, Coindesk, Eater, LAT, etc.
Writer, editor, information activist
Molly Taft
@[email protected]
Climate change

Sarah Murphy Madia
[email protected]
European migration, EU politics, Eastern Europe
The Parliament, Al Jazeera, AJ+
I'm currently the editor of The Parliament, a monthly EU politics and policy magazine
Hayley Smith
@[email protected]
Climate and environment
Los Angeles Times
Hayley Smith covers breaking news in California with a focus on wildfires, drought and climate change.
Marc Abrahams
@[email protected]
things that make people LAUGH, then THINK: science, medicine, tech, politics, general
Annals of Improbable Research, New Scientist
I organize the Ig Nobel Prizes, and write and edit various stuff
Mariana Alfaro
[email protected]
Thé Washington Post

Mark Riechers
[email protected]
podcasting, artificial intelligence, creativity, dogs
Mark is a radio producer, writer and photographer based in Minneapolis, with experience telling stories from everything from a history of Milwaukee beer ads to processing death through game development.
Martine Paris
@[email protected]
Trending Reporter
Bloomberg News

Twilight Greenaway
@[email protected]
Food, Agriculture, The Environment
Civil Eats, Inside Climate News, and other outlets.

Stephanie Lee
@[email protected]
Investigative reporting, science, research misconduct, higher education
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Senior reporter for The Chronicle of Higher Education, formerly of BuzzFeed News
Rafael Angel Fernandez Gutierrez
@[email protected]
Journalism, Digital Journalism, Mobile Journalism, Cyberjournalism, Press Advice, Press Freedom
Director on PressAge: Communication Agency and Press Cabinet
Lars Wienand
@[email protected]
Extremism. Disinformation/foreign interference in Germany.

Angely Mercado
@[email protected]
environmental justice & climate change

Dino-Ray Ramos
@[email protected]
Film, TV, Media, Diversity, Inclusion, Equity
Former DEADLINE editor, founder of DIASPORA
Evan Ackerman
@[email protected]
IEEE Spectrum
I write about robots, space, emerging tech, and other cool stuff
Nancy E Black
@[email protected]
climate, horoscopes, politics, democracy, documentary film, nonprofit films; documentary films; I also write a syndicated daily column with Tribune Media Services and Chicago Tribune (to about 80 newspapers and outlets)
Cofounder, @MercuryPressInt; Producer, @CafeSoloFilms; Syndicated @LindaCBlack; Board @GaviotaCoastC, @CCLSBC, @CLAWSSB
Colin Schultz
@[email protected]
Science news
Hakai Magazine

Cheryl Phillips
data journalism,, investigative journalism
I support local journalists in their work and am the founding director of
Founder of Big Local News, Data/investigative journalism lecturer at Stanford, former data innovation editor at Seattle Times + longtime member of IRE and I'm a MT native. Hit me up to talk collaborations for accountability journalism.
Laura Rice
@[email protected]
Texas, politics, health care, culture, film, people
Texas Standard
Managing Producer for the statewide NPR program Texas Standard based at KUT in Austin.
Ed Oswald
@[email protected]
U.S. News/Freelance

Julia Belluz
@[email protected]
global health, public health, obesity, nutrition, metabolism
Vox, New York Times, ProPublica, etc.

The Alabama Take
[email protected]
Pop Culture with Podcasts
The Alabama Take
With compositions, podcasts, and miscreants collected, we comment on TV, movies, sports, and books. The Alabama Take is also a podcast network with six shows in production which can be streamed from the home site or any pod app.
Nizzan Zvi Cohen
@[email protected]
labor relations, workers rights and unions in Israel
writes in hebrew
Jill Duffy
@[email protected]
remote work, work life, tech
PCMag, books, other websites
Author of The Everything Guide to Remote Work and columnist at PCMag
Schubert Peter
@[email protected]
Agriculture, law
Revista Cultivar
Andy Riga
@[email protected]
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, breaking news, features
Montreal Gazette:
Montreal Gazette reporter and feature writer
Andrew Ba Tran
@[email protected]
data journalism
The Washington Post
I do a lot with R.
Jeremy Ranting
@[email protected]

Independent travel / web / tech / media content creator.

** Updated with new handle **
Tony Marcano
@[email protected]

Managing Editor, Southern California Public Radio
Sana Sbouai
@[email protected]
North Africa - Corruption

Alex Sanz
@[email protected]
U.S. News, space, politics
Associated Press
Alex Sanz is part of the U.S. News leadership team at The Associated Press.
Jenna McLaughlin
@[email protected]

Thomas Mead
@[email protected]
TV reporter for 1News in Christchurch, New Zealand
TV 1 News, New Zealand
TV reporter for 1News in Christchurch - [email protected]
Amy Simons
@[email protected]
Media Criticism
KBIA-FM, Missouri School of Journalism
Mizzou J-School professor teaching news literacy, social media strategy & multimedia reporting
Suswati Basu
Breaking, world, trending, social affairs, mental health, arts
Suswati is an award-winning editor with significant experience in digital media at Channel 4 News and ITV News, who most recently worked in news verification at Dataminr. She is passionate about human rights, DEI, gender, mental health, the social model of disability, race, and social politics, as well as books. She oversees Trends and SEO as Head of Audience.
@[email protected]
Houston & Texas news
Welcome to Chron, Houston's home for essential news and compelling feature stories about the Bayou City. Chron tells the story of Houston through the lens of Culture, where we cover everything from local celebrities to interesting people to places we like; Food, a destination for off-the-beaten-path restaurants, trend stories and remarkable people in the culinary scene (and also tacos); Sports, home to coverage of Houston’s professional athletes both on and off the field, as well as college and high school teams; Politics, where we bring you the essentials about the local and state officials who make headlines; and News, where you can find everything you need to know about what’s happening in your city.
Rebeccah Macias
@[email protected]
Social Media Editor

Bernice Hillier
@[email protected]
I host a current affairs morning radio program in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada, covering a wide range of topics including health care, education, politics, justice issues, the arts. or on our live radio show
I love learning new things & connecting with people who share new ideas without judgment. I am to be kind and to show grace.
Josh Criswell
@[email protected]
Sports Editor at Chron covering Astros, Texans, University of Houston and all things Houston sports.
Tony Marcano
@[email protected]
Los Angeles area news and information
89.3 KPCC (NPR LA station);
Managing Editor, Southern California Public Radio
Beth Pinsker
@[email protected]
Personal finance
I’m an investing columnist with a CFP® designation
Steph Rodriguez
@[email protected]
San Francisco Bay Area food and drink news, features.
I'm Steph Rodriguez, I'm the Food Editor for SFGATE. I enjoy exploring all of San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area by tasting the beloved dishes of various neighborhood spots. I share the stories of the people behind the food we love. I believe food preserves culture and highlights who we are as individuals. Follow me and my incredible food team for the latest in SF Bay Area food news!
Elizabeth Paynr
[email protected]
The Ottawa Citizen, Postmedia
Canadian journalist who follows local, national and global health trends
Stephen Coles
@[email protected]
Graphic Design, Typography
Co-founder of Fonts In Use, Editorial Director at Letterform Archive
Ondřej Novák
@[email protected]

Climate change, renewable energy, climate politics

Gianluca Avagnina
@[email protected]
World news
BBC News
Journalist @BBCWorld via @ITVNews @Telegraph @Independent | @JSchofieldTrust Fellow 2021 | Eurasian
@[email protected]
science, mostly nature, biodiversity, conservation, climate & environment. Also book reviews on a wide variety of topics.
Freelance writer with English-language articles in many publications internationally. Formerly with The Guardian (UK) for 6.5 years. Contributed to several books about birds, fact-checker and subeditor for a biology textbook for Prentice-Hall. Judge for several major book/writing awards. American, currently in Norway. PhD Zoology (UW).
David S Roberts
@[email protected]

political economy, microeconomics

Emanuele Del Rosso
@[email protected]
Editorial cartoons
Syndicated via Cartoon Movement, GoComics, Cartooning for Peace (published on Courrier International, Le Monde, Japan Times, Financieele Dagblaad,etc, etc)
Amsterdam-based award-winning editorial cartoonist, published on international and local media.
Aditya Iyer
Culture, politics, history
Al Jazeera, Hyperallergic, The New Internationalist
Independent journalist & researcher based in London
David Trilling
@[email protected]
Central Asia and the Caucasus
Eurasianet managing editor
David Murphy
Consumer technology reviews, guides, how-tos
WSJ, CNN, Android Police, Reviewed, others
Formerly Lifehacker, Wirecutter, Computer Shopper, PCWorld, etc.
Kimber Streams
@[email protected]
Technology, laptops, keyboards
Senior staff writer at Wirecutter
Dan Fagin
@[email protected]
Science and environment
All over. My last book won the Pulitzer Prize for general nonfiction.
Martin Cutler
[email protected]

Eric Saeger
@[email protected]
Internet culture, online activism, music reviews
Fells Carson, Hippo Press
Author, Russian Nazi Troll Bots (2018)
Martin Cutler
[email protected]
Videos, Local & National News
Freelance, SWD Media
Video Journalist based in Edinburgh, Scotland
Jayashree Narayanan
Features, health, lifestyle, fitness, art, books, events, celeb interviews, long form

Eva von Schaper
@[email protected]
disinformation, antivaccination, science
The Inoculation
German/American journalist
Jim Swift
@[email protected]
US Politics
The Bulwark

GBH News
@[email protected]
We are a local NPR affiliate in Boston, MA.

Martin Gelin
@[email protected]
US politics, international politics, US-China relations
Dagens Nyheter, New York Times, Foreign Policy
US Correspondent for Dagens Nyheter and author of ten books
Rick Marshall
@[email protected]
Entertainment (TV/Film)
Digital Trends (
Contributing Editor @ Digital Trends w/ freelance bylines elsewhere. Full archive can be found @
Courtney Tenz
@[email protected]
Had @courtneytenz
European arts, culture, travel and women's rights/feminist foreign policy
Harper's Bazaar, Washington Post, The Cut, Guardian
Based in Germany but currently in the US
Rachel Fieldhouse
@[email protected]
Health, Science, Technology, News
Currently a journalist for Over60 Australia, soon to be a reporter for Australian Doctor
Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe
@[email protected]
Local news for Denton, Texas
Local news producer for KUZU 92.9 FM-LP, Denton, Texas
Josiah Mortimer
@[email protected]
UK politics
MyLondon and The Mirror
London-based journalist covering devolved and national politics
Chris Vognar
[email protected]
Film, books, television, music
New York Times, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, Boston Globe, USA Today, Texas Monthly
Freelance culture journalist
Saba Salman
@[email protected]
Disability, autism, inclusion, neurodiversity
The Guardian, The Independent, Byline Times, Community Living
Award-winning freelance journalist and author of ‘Made Possible’.
Delia Cabe
@[email protected]
Magazine writing; Emerson College Senior Affiliated Faculty, nonfiction writing
Self, Health, Boston Magazine, Boston Globe, Prevention
Author, “Storied Bars of New York: Where Literary Luminaries Go to Drink” (Countryman Press)
Ali Velshi
@[email protected]
Democracy, social Justice, politics, economy

Jared Dubin
@[email protected]
CBS, FiveThirtyEight

Diego Mendoza
[email protected]
Breaking News/China

Dave Statter
@[email protected]
Public safety issues
Retired broadcast journalist who continues to break news about 911 & DC Metrorail, along with showing DC area drivers at their worst.
Elan Head
@[email protected]
Aviation, Technology
The Air Current

Andy Dehnart
@[email protected]
TV, reality TV, media
I write about nonfiction TV, how it's made, and what it means.
Rico Moore
@[email protected]
Environment, environmental justice, Indigenous sovereignty.
The Margin, High Country News, The Guardian, DeSmog Blog, Boulder Weekly.

JohnTaylor Wildfeuer
@[email protected]
Public Utilities, Civic Maladministration, Public Education, San Francisco Arts and Culture
Bay News Rising, The Guardsman

Paul Ingram
@[email protected]
Tucson Sentinel

Gene Moreland
@[email protected]

Tucson Sentinel

Blake Morlock
@[email protected]

Tucson politics
Tucson Sentinel

Jeffrey Yost
software, data, surveillance, and inequality
I publish a critical inquiry blog Blockchain and Society
Journalistic essays on IT and inequality; also a prof. of history of tech., and dir. CBI a research ctr and archives on IT
Jacob Gardenswartz
@[email protected]
Washington politics and policy
The Wyoming Truth, The New Republic, YouthToday

Jay Claussen
@[email protected]
State Sponsored Malware coverage mainly on UK GammaGroup.Com FinFisher &'s Pegasus occasionally
Mainly on Twitter & Mastadon Fediverse. Union Member, 'TV Staff', former MSNBC Producer,, former web producer, Ex-Sun, Ex-Oracle, Ex-Cisco consultant. Occasional EIC on a KU dual path Satellite Uplink Truck 🚚 📡
Steve Rhodes
@[email protected]
Media critique, political analysis, Chicago, various other outlets
Longtime newspaper reporter and magazine writer (Chicago Tribune, Newsweek, Chicago magazine) and website editor and publisher.
Frank Jordans
@[email protected]
Germany, climate, science

Aisha Sultan
@[email protected]
columnist, writing about families and social change
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
independent filmmaker
Romain Burrel
@[email protected]
LGBTQIA+. Culture. Movies. Music.
Mixte, les inrocks, Numero, ROCK AND FOLK, FRANCE TV

Sarah Booker-Lewis
@[email protected]
@BHDemocracyNews @Sarah_Booker
Local government Brighton and Hove
Brighton and Hove News, The Argus, BBC Sussex, BBC South East, More Radio, Planet Radio
Local democracy reporter for Brighton and Hove, UK
Konni Winkler
@[email protected]
Sports & esports
SPORT1, Twitch

Jatan Mehta
Space and Moon exploration

John Rudoff
@[email protected]
Photojournalism; political, humanitarian, and social documentary
SipaUSA; APImages, Anadolu/Getty
Photojournalist based in Oregon; covers political, humanitarian, and human-displacement events worldwide. Follows NPPA and AP ethical Principles
Susan Chumsky
@[email protected]
freelance editor and writer

Jack Kelly
@[email protected]
Wisconsin politics
The Capital Times
Wisconsin politics reporter
Marilín Gonzalo
@[email protected]
Privacy, digital rights, AI, disinformation, media literacy, factchecking, feminism
Currently tech journalist and Public Policy at Newtral, first Spanish factchecking organization.
Albert Cuesta
@[email protected]
Technology, telecoms, consumer electronics
Catalunya Ràdio, Ara, GSMA Mobile World Live

Sharon Fisher
@[email protected]
technology, energy, business
Data Center Knowledge, AI Business, others
Sharon Fisher is a digital nomad who writes about entrepreneurship. She likes explaining things.
Catalin Cimpanu
@[email protected]
Cybersecurity, infosec
Risky Business
Currently RiskyBizNews newsletter, past The Record, ZDNet, Bleeping Computer
Stan Weddle
[email protected]
social justice
Freelance, blogs,
Words for justice.
Robert Vamosi
@[email protected]
Information security
Error Code podcast and The Hacker Mind podcast
I am the author of two infosec books
Matthew S. Smith
@[email protected]
AI, metaverse, PC desktops and laptops, peripherals, game history
PC World, Reviewed, IEEE Spectrum, Wired, IGN
Freelance tech journalist, formerly with Digital Trends
Dan Solomon
@[email protected]
Texas in all its forms
Texas Monthly
Senior writer for Texas Monthly
Aaron Pressman
@[email protected]
Local Boston tech scene, occasional national coverage
The Boston Globe
Longtime tech and business journalist
Micah Lee
@[email protected]
information security, data leaks
The Intercept
Director of Information Security at The Intercept
Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
@[email protected]
Electric Cars, Green Energy, Renewables, Equity in Transport,
YouTube content creator with background in Journalism who uses journalistic first principles to cover the world of cleaner, greener, safer and smarter transportation.
Roger Hodge
@[email protected]
National Security, Public Health, Criminal Justice, Technology, Environment, Covid-19
The Intercept
Editor at the Intercept. Author of Texas Blood and The Mendacity of Hope.
Joe Ray
@[email protected]
Food, Travel, Kitchen Product Reviews, Cookbooks
WIRED, AFP, AP, NYT, The Guardian, & mucho mas
Cookbook author, always in the kitchen
Joe Ray
@[email protected]
Food, Travel, Kitchen Product Reviews, Cookbooks
WIRED, AFP, AP, NYT, The Guardian, y mucho mas
Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of The Year, Cookbook author, always in the kitchen
Jatan Mehta
Space and Moon exploration

Kate Schneider
[email protected]
Investigative, data, political
Investigative Journalism Foundation
Reporter for the IJF
Investigative Journalism Foundation
[email protected]
Investigative data journalism
Investigative Journalism Foundation
Canada’s newest non-profit outlet dedicated to investigative data journalism
Jonathan Reiss
@[email protected]
Media, Corruption and Democracy
Freelance, latest in Dame Magazine
Organizer for Media and Democracy Project
Myriam Robinson
@[email protected]
Personal finance
Morning Brew
Writes about personal finance—and why it isn't just personal
Ali Velshi
@[email protected]
Democracy, social Justice, economics, global affairs

Avanti Kumar
@[email protected]
Digital trends, transformation and enterprise business in Asia
Various channels including Computerweekly, Disruptive.Asia, Computerworld, CIO Asia
Asia-based British journalist, consulting editor, published author, strategic comms advisor. Reformed consultant.
Steven T. Dennis
@[email protected]
U.S. Senate/politics, #FridayNightZillow for fun
Bloomberg News

Carina Dourado
@[email protected]
Data Driven Journalism
TV Brasil
Brazilian journalist, human rights, data driven journalism
Dave Bittner
@[email protected]
Cyber security
Host of the CyberWire Daily Podcast
Tineke Pauw
@[email protected]
Tech, online marketing, online communication, digital culture, social media
Content strategist & editor @Frankwatching in The Netherlands.
Bob Alberti
@[email protected]
Photojournalism, comedy, infosec, technology
Internet pioneer (RFC1436), photographer, comedian
Veronika Meduna
@[email protected]
Science, environment, climate
NZ Geographic, Nautilus, Deutsche Welle
Science writer, broadcaster, author of several books
Jo Bager
@[email protected]
Internet, Tech
c't Magazin für Computertechnik,
Senior editor at c't Magazin für Computertechnik
Jason Vermes
@[email protected]
LGBTQ+, technology, health and science
I'm a digital senior writer and editor for CBC Radio based in Toronto.
Dave Hogg
@[email protected]
Sports, Mental Health, Politics
AP,, Medium
Freelancer in Detroit with 30+ years experience
David Bradley
@[email protected]
Freelance science writer for more than 30 years
Mark Maxwell
[email protected]
State and local politics in Illinois, Missouri, and St. Louis.
Political editor for KSDK-TV in St. Louis. Previously Capitol Bureau Chief for WCIA and Nexstar TV stations in Illinois.
Abby Ohlheiser
@[email protected]
tech, culture, religion, misinfo
MIT Technology Review

Jim Reineking
@[email protected]
Digital sports editor with more than 20 years of experience.
Steve Dustcircle
@[email protected]

Human Rights, Labor Unions, Universal Healthcare

Phil Meyer
@[email protected]
Future of Journalism, Inclusion, Importance of Journalism in Democracy
Southern Oregon PBS in Medford, OR
Autism Dad, a11y
Timothy B. Lee
[email protected]
Economics and technology
Economics and tech reporter. Previously at Vox, Ars Technica, Washington Post.
Oscar Gonzalez
@[email protected]

Natasha Vizcarra
@[email protected]
Climate change, earth science, conservation
Various outlets and

Lisa Schmeiser
@[email protected]
tech -- communications and collaboration, workplace strategy
No Jitter, WorkSpace Connect
EIC of No Jitter & WorkSpace Connect, always looking for freelancers
Lisa Jarvis
@[email protected]
science, health, pharma
Bloomberg Opinion
Pharma/health columnist at Bloomberg Opinion
Marcy de Luna
@[email protected]
Update coming soon
Journalist. Formerly Reuters and Houston Chronicle
Hemant Mehta
@[email protected]
Writer. YouTuber. Podcaster.
Joe St. George
[email protected]
Politics and policy
EW Scripps/television/websites
National Politics Editor & Correspondent for E.W. Scripps. Based in D.C. but on local news in lots of places. I break down public policy & the next election.
Andrew Havranek
@[email protected]
Local news, K-12 Education, Local, State, US Politics
Spectrum News 1 Wisconsin

Victoria Guida
@[email protected]
economic and financial policy

Steve Lubetkin
@[email protected]
New Jersey, business, tech, commercial real estate
Award-winning multimedia journalist, co-author, “The Business of Podcasting” book
Kyle Clark - 9NEWS Denver
@[email protected]
Colorado news and politics
I am a political journalist and news anchor in Denver.
Alex Goldman
@[email protected]
Technology, and some other stuff
Former host of Reply All, current host of nothing.
Phil Solis
@[email protected]
Semiconductors - connectivity technologies, smartphone semiconductors,
I'm an industry analyst. Please consider adding a separate industry analyst section
Anna Rothschild
[email protected]
Science, Politics
I’m a science journalist and senior video producer at FiveThirtyEight. I used to make Gross Science for PBS Digital Studios. Formerly of The Washington Post.
Andrea Bettini
@[email protected]
Science and Technology
Science reporter at the Italian public all-news channel
Emily Molli
@[email protected]
Extremism, social movements, civil unrest, corruption, media & Getty Images
Photo & video journalist, documentary producer, investigative journalist
Free _Press
@[email protected]
Independent news / Ukraine
Free Lance /
Experienced center/left Journalist and Workforce Development Manager
Aroon Deep
@[email protected]
Tech policy, censorship, surveillance, Net Neutrality, telecom

Kyle Orland
@[email protected]
video games/tech
Ars Technica

Michael King
@[email protected]
Local: Atlanta, GA; Southeast US
Digital strategist for WUPA Atlanta; Murrow/Emmy Award-winning veteran journalist; Fmr. talk show host
Dan Gillmor
@[email protected]
Media, technology
In recent years, Slate, Guardian, Backchannel (Wired) etc.
I teach and discuss media literacy at Arizona State's Cronkite School
Brandon Richard
[email protected]
Local news in Denver, Colorado
Reporter at ABC affiliate Denver7, KMGH-TV
Lauren Raab
@[email protected]
podcasts, Los Angeles
Los Angeles Times

Omar Oakes
@[email protected]
Media, advertising, journalism, business
Editor of The Media Leader
Chris Winters
@[email protected]
Economics, politics, democracy
YES! Magazine, mostly
Senior Editor at YES! Media/fiction writer
Russ Grayson
@[email protected]

disinformation, travel, journalism, citizen journalism,
Retired but still practicing journalism, photography to support community groups.
Dan Pimentel
@[email protected]

Flying Magazine
Digital and print writer for leading aviation magazine covering university aviation programs for 2023 ( and print features for monthly magazine.
Robert Rutkowski
@[email protected]
NRW, Germany
Freelancer Photojournalist
John Last
@[email protected]
Europe, history, magazine, society, politics, Canada, Arctic
CBC, NPR, Smithsonian Magazine, Foreign Policy, National Geographic, Slate, WIRED, etc.
I'm a Canadian journalist based in Padova, Italy.
Sérgio Lüdtke
@[email protected]
Projeto Comprova
Editor-in-chief of Projeto Comprova
Claire Ainsworth
@[email protected]
Science: biology and biomedicine
Nature, New Scientist

Stuti Mishra
@[email protected]
Climate Change, South Asia, Human rights, international affairs
The Independent
Delhi based journalist writing about climate change in Asia. Member of Oxford Climate Journalism Network and Climate Tracker fellow for Cop27
Dick Tofel
Business side, nonprofit, management
Former president of ProPublica
Kurt Cagle
@[email protected]

Cognitive Computing, Future of Work
Seattle based tech journalist and programmer
Matthew Reed Baker
@[email protected]
Arts, music, general cultural ideas
Boston Magazine, freelance
Though arts and music are my focus, I write about anything including politics/sports/business, as I've always been a writer/editor at general-intetest publications.
Michael del Castillo
@[email protected]
Bitcoin and other blockchain applications
Reporter and founder
Waqas Mirza
@[email protected]
American Muslims, Islamophobia, surveillance, policing, and development.

Erica Hargreave
@[email protected]
nature, science, tech, sustainable funding, travel & culture, contemporary storytelling,
Documentary Filmmaker - on a variety of networks, Podcaster - on a variety of networks, StoryToGo, Roamancing,
Also written print magazines, and children's content for television.
David Robert Newman
@[email protected]
Climate and social-justice issues,
Lauren Walsh
@[email protected]
photojournalism/conflict reportage/ethics
Books and magazines
Director of Photojournalism Lab at NYU; author of books on conflict photography
Liam Proven
@[email protected]
Linux & FOSS
The Register
Ex PC Pro; Columnist for Network News & Custom PC
Miranda Moore
@[email protected]
Kansas state government; accountability; investigations,
I’m the Kansas state government reporter for The Kansas City Beacon and The Wichita Beacon. Past work: Treasure Coast News/TCPalm/USA Today Network-Florida; The Washington Post; BuzzFeed News; 60 Minutes
Robyn Pennacchia
Extremism, disinformation, reproductive rights, class war and criminal justice reform

Carl Beijer
@[email protected]
money in politics, socialism
Jacobin, In These Times,

Marc-André Argentino
[email protected]
Extremism, terrorism, dystopia

Vero Balderas Iglesias
@[email protected]
Politics, Policy, Human Rights, Environment
Voice of America
🇺🇸Award-nominated International TV Reporter/VJ
Emmanuel Goldstein
@[email protected]
Technology, hacking, privacy, intrusions
2600 Magazine,, WBAI 99.5 FM New York City,
Editor/publisher of 2600 Magazine since 1984, organizer of HOPE conferences (, host of "Off The Hook" on WBAI-FM NYC
Audrea Huff
@[email protected]
Digital strategy/audience/technology

I'm a longtime digital producer (Orlando Sentinel, Spectrum News, Stars and Stripes) who recently doubled down on the SEO/audience side of our industry..
Matthew Keys
@[email protected]
Media, business and technology / Fierce Video / Radio Ink
Based in Northern California
Ron Miller
@[email protected]
Enterprise Report at TechCrunch
Mike Drago
@[email protected]
Investigative, sports
Senior deputy editor, investigations, ESPN
Marina Bolotnikova
@[email protected]
@mbolotnikova (deactivated for now)
Factory farming, animal activism, and all other subjects in Vox's Future Perfect
Vox (past freelancer in other outlets incl Guardian, Intercept)
Editor at Vox's Future Perfect section
Paolo Bicchieri
@[email protected]
Restaurants, coffee, supply chains, labor, workers
Eater (Vox)

@[email protected]
Author of Findependence Day, The Wealthy Boomer
Jason Parker
Social justice, activism, law, whatever else the ADHD demands
Various (editors, hit me up)
Independent journalist, software developer, open source contributor and evangelist, collector of single-character Punycode domain names (e.g. https://ꩰ.com/ and https://ဪ.com/)
Lori Freshwater
Health and Science
Forthcoming book on military contamination
Martin Cooper
@[email protected]

UK media and British radio culture
Broadcaster, media analyst & historian
Erinnerungen im Netz
@[email protected]
Local News, History, Kassel, Hessen, Germany
Memories on the Net" (Erinnerungen im Netz) presents historical documents, stories and experiences from and about Kassel East on the Internet. In this way, the valuable knowledge of contemporary witnesses is preserved and made usable. This unique media library is created by the commitment of different people and offers many opportunities to participate. Only with their commitment can this living library develop and grow.
Dylan Dulberg
@[email protected]
Politics, tech, environment
FOX 2 Detroit, WJBK,
Journalist/TV news producer at Fox 2 Detroit. Political specialist
Jessica Brodkin Webb
@[email protected]
Community, Homelessness, Local government
The Esat County Californian | The Alpine Sun | Star-News
Staff Writer for The East County Californian, The Alpine Sun, Star-News; frequent contributor to Fleet Reserve Association magazine. Find recent articles at:
Josh Chin
[email protected]
China, tech, surveillance, politics
The Wall Street Journal
Deputy bureau chief for China
@[email protected]
Debunking Misinformation/Disinformation
Alt News

Jared Rutecki
@[email protected]
Pensions, public safety, public finance, health
Investigative/special projects producer and reporter
Gwen Snyder
Far right extremism, women's issues, tech, popular movements
Bitch Media, Jezebel, Philadelphia Inquirer, The Information, Grid (freelance for all)

Ryan Gerbosi
@[email protected]
New York sports; soccer; mixed martial arts

Erin Brown
@[email protected]
hockey, women’s hockey, NHL, Florida Panthers
The Hockey News,
Also: Sr. Lecturer at Univ. of Miami (FL)
Daniel AJ Sokolov
@[email protected]
Technology, Innovation, IT, Law
Correspondent North America for heise online
Loukas Christodoulou
@[email protected]
Sweden, Swedish politics, European Union, defence and security, climate change
Have been at Swedish public radio for 14, about to go freelance
Blogging about language and storytelling at
Carolina A. Miranda
@[email protected]
Art, Architecture, Design, Culture
Los Angeles Times
My big claim to fame is revealing that Hello Kitty was not a cat.
Adam Jezard

Business, society, tech, film and tv history
Previously FT, TES, Marvel Comics and othrrs
Semi-retired now freelance writer and editor
Katalin Halmai
@[email protected]
European Union, Hungary in the EU

Nadja Zecher-Christ
Music-Events, Local Journalism
Waldeckische Landeszeitung, HNA
Freelancer Journalist
Dean Obeidallah
@[email protected]

US politics/white supremacy
CNN, MSNBC Daily, Salon
I host a daily national talk radio show on SiriusXM in addition to writing
Gaëlle Cloarec
@[email protected]
Environment and Culture

I live in Marseille (France)
Emily Anthes
@[email protected]
Science and health
The New York Times
Science reporter at The New York Times, covering human and animal health
Iain Thomson
@[email protected]
Editing, security, science
The Register
A British jounralist working in the Bay Area for the last decade or so.
Jeffrey Robinson
@[email protected]
money laundering, fraud and financial crime
Author of internationally best selling books (The Laundrymen, The Merger, The Sink, Takedown,
Old fashioned Storyteller, investigative financial crime author, keynote speaker, television pundit. 30 books and counting. Former co-host SkyNews Television Debate.
Eric McDaniel
@[email protected]
Politics + Climate
NPR Politics Podcast Editor
David Brewer
@[email protected]
Journalism training
25 years experience as a reporter, news editor, editor, and manager in print, radio, TV, and then 20 years working in international media development.
Alexa Gagosz
@[email protected]
Business, Housing and Homelessness, Health care, Innovation, food and dining, Rhode Island
The Boston Globe
I’m Alexa Gagosz and I’m a business reporter for the Boston Globe where I cover the housing crisis, innovation, health care, and the business of food. I went from being an independent, community reporter to working at one of my dream news outlets, telling the stories of Americans in New England.
Scott Morris
@[email protected]
Police, civil rights, housing, local
Investigative journalist, public records nerd, co-founder of the Vallejo Sun
Abhishek Baxi
@[email protected]
Freelance technology journalist from India
Robert S. Anthony
@[email protected]
Tech and travel journalist and copy editor.
The Paper PC:
1.1 million Pinterest followers: Former senior writer PC Magazine. Former copy editor NY Daily News. Former reporter Milwaukee Sentinel.
Greg Chandler
[email protected]
Small-town community journalism
Hastings (Michigan) Banner, Middleville-Caledonia Sun and News

Dieter Holger
@[email protected]
Sustainability, Business
The Wall Street Journal

Markus Hesselmann
@[email protected]
Further interests are mobility, climate, sports, history, literature, London,/Britain
Ian Boudreau
@[email protected]
PC games, games industry, and games culture
Senior news writer for PCGamesN, also an occasional commentator and critic
Sam Adams
@[email protected]

Appalachia, climate change (storms, floods, extreme temperatures, crime)
The Mountain Eagle, Whitesburg, KY
Author, freelancer, reporter for The Mountain Eagle
Ximena Gonzalez
@ [email protected]
Calgary, urban affairs, housing, real estate.
Globe and Mail, The Tyee, The Sprawl
Calgary journalist
Susan Campbell
@[email protected]
Hearst newspaper in CT/CT News Junkie
Javier Bauluz
@[email protected]
Photojournalism in Conflicts, migration, human rights
Independent photojournalist
Pulitzer Prize 1995, National Photography Award Spain Piedad Isla 2022
Jacob Gonzales
@[email protected]

Hi, my name is Jacob Gonzales and I am a tech journalist with a passion for all things digital. I have spent the last two years reporting on the latest trends and breakthroughs in the tech industry, covering everything from the hottest new gadgets and software to the inner workings of some of the world's biggest tech companies.
Andrew Revkin
@[email protected]
#climate #sustainability #conservation #disasterrisk #weather #biodiversity
Nearly 40 years of award-winning reporting on environmental risk and solutions, mostly New York Times. Communication innovation work at Columbia Climate School. Performing songwriter for sanity's sake.
Natalie Davis
@[email protected]
social justice, antiracism, homelessness
Verdant Square Radio; freelance

Mason Wright
@[email protected]
Daily news curation and editing
The Globe and Mail
18 years in daily digital and print journalism
Tony Webster
@[email protected]
Civil rights, policing, surveillance
Freelance/Minnesota Reformer, Minnesota Public Radio

Jim Alexander
@[email protected]
Sports in Southern Calilfornia
Southern California News Group (L.A. Daily News, OC Register, etc.)
Lead sports columnist for SCNG.
Newley Purnell
@[email protected]
The Wall Street Journal

Mehmet Safak Sari
@[email protected]
FactCheking, Disinformation, New Media

Claire Berlinski
@[email protected]
Foreign affairs, populism
The Cosmopolitan Globalist and many other outlets
I'm the editor in chief of the Cosmopolitan Globalist, which is dedicated to filling the void left by the collapse of foreign correspondence
Punteha van Terheyden
@[email protected]
Ethical true-life features
National newspapers and magazines UK
Freelance journalist and founding editor of Lacuna Voices
Gavin Jackson
@[email protected]
South Carolina news and politics
South Carolina Public Radio, SCETV
I also host a televised weekly public affairs show This Week in South Carolina and twice weekly podcast South Carolina Lede
Casey Morell
@[email protected]
US Politics
Producer, NPR Politics Podcast
Simon Head
@[email protected]
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
Fighters Only (
Global Head of Content, Fighters Only. Sports editor/journalist since 1999. MMA reporter/editor since 2009.
Mike Jopek
@[email protected]
Montana Opinion Columnist
Flathead Beacon
Full time Whitefish farmer, former Montana legislator
Shawnté Salabert
Environmental science, environmental justice, outdoor culture, adventure travel
Outside, Alpinist, Adventure Journal, Condé Nast Traveler, Nature Conservancy Magazine, Land + People, etc.

Anna Clark
@[email protected]
Author: "The Poisoned City"
Drew Anderson
[email protected]
Environment and climate change
The Narwhal
Calgary-based journalist for The Narwhal, former CBC.
LaVonne Roberts
@[email protected]
health, tech, and science as well as climate change and ALS advocacy
The Washington Post, The New York Times, TIME Magazine, CNN, Wired and many other publications.
LaVonne Roberts is a health, technology, and science journalist. MFA in Nonfiction--The New School. Current work as an author and editor includes the newly-released Applied Virtual Reality in Healthcare.
Josh Nicholas
@[email protected]
Data journalism
The Guardian

Aditi Agrawal
@[email protected]
Technology Policy, privacy, surveillance, cybersecurity
Tips at [email protected]
Phil Italiano
@[email protected]
entertainment, film, free speech, adult
online and in-print
SCREW was founded in 1968, one of the most influential and controversial magazines in history
Carsten Werner
@[email protected]
General news
Managing Editor
Justin Ling
@[email protected]
Disinformation, national security, extremism
Gabriel Kahn
@[email protected]
local news sustainability, business models for news
Crosstown (
I'm a journalism professor at USC Annenberg, ex-WSJ foreign correspondent, also founder of data-driven local news site Crosstown (
Garance Franke-Ruta
@[email protected]
Politics, breaking news, Covid

Danny Nguyen
@[email protected]
Homelessness, mental health, drug abuse in San Francisco
San Francisco Chronicle

Daniel Rothberg
@[email protected]
Water, energy, conservation, climate
The Nevada Independent

Jonny Evans
@[email protected]
Tech, Apple, Future of Work
Computerworld, Apple Must, Evening Standard
I’m a veteran tech writer who has walked the Apple beat for over 20 years. My work has appeared across numerous titles.
Bill Rabinowitz
[email protected]
Sports (Columbus Dispatch)
Ohio State football beat writer
Jim Love
@[email protected]

Formerly at - moved
Maya Rodriguez
@[email protected]
I cover stories of interest across the country.
Scripps News/Scripps Television Stations
National correspondent for Scripps News and Scripps Television Stations, based in Washington, D.C.
Jenn Dize
[email protected]
Corruption, Flint, Social Justice
Rolling Stone, VICE, The Intercept, Courage News
Founder of Courage News, focusing on stories that impact the 99%.
Liz van Rensburg
@[email protected]
Carte Blanche
Online editor at South African investigative journalism programme, Carte Blanche.
Carte Blanche
@[email protected]
Carte Blanche
A South African investigative journalism programme that's been at the forefront of several investigations since 1988.
Amanda Chaya Engel
@[email protected]
Local Journalism (Baltimore, MD)
WMAR-2 News
Local journalist in Baltimore, MD working on expanding the depth of our coverage with data, context and more.
@[email protected]
Activism, Tech, Satire
Community Activist. IT Guy. Bon Cuisinier. Member, Society of Professional Journalists
Irene Rodríguez Salas
@[email protected]
Science & Health
La Nación, Costa Rica
Science Writer since 2009. Journalist, Symposium Speaker. Public Health Specialist. Why health and science communication? Beyond telling stories, communication is vital for people and societies to improve and maintain their health. I am a facilitator. I connect complex and difficult topics for many people to understand and help them see how science works for their health, how scientists improve their knowledge about the world around them. I accompany people to take advantage of science based tools in favor of a better quality of life. I translate the implications behind the innovations. It is not only journalism. Companies or organizations who work with health and science need assertive and strategic communication in order to connect with coworkers, clients, patients, members of an organization and society as whole. Science is necessary for health decisions to be made with sustenance and have better results. Communication is my bridge to connect with people. I use simple words to translate the work of specialized entities whose language may be incomprehensible to broader audiences.
Zecharias Zelalem
@[email protected]
Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa
Al Jazeera, The Telegraph, Reuters and elsewhere
Freelance journalist with an eye on Ethiopia.
Marla Broadfoot
@[email protected]
Science and health
Scientific American and others
PhD in genetics, 2022-23 Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Journalism Fellow
Kai Rüsberg @Ruhrnalist
@[email protected]
SCIENCE, Energy, Climate change, #mojo, education
Public radio and TV
Nancy Black
@[email protected]
Climate, democracy, US politics, astrology, syndicated daily horoscopes column
Multiple outlets: Tribune Content Agency
I write Linda C Black Horoscopes, syndicated by Tribune Content Agency to tens of millions of readers; I also produce documentary films and microblog on climate, US politics and democracy. I cofounded Mercury Press International in 1991
Nick Martin
@[email protected]
Hate and extremism
I run The Informant and occasionally publish elsewhere, including Talking Points Memo and The Daily Beast.
I write about hate and extremism mostly, but on social media I also sometimes post about tech, justice and the arts.
Randol White
@[email protected]

Mostly general but food and transportation are frequent
Lifetime member of NLGJA
Dan Murphy
Middle East, Geopolitics, Energy, Oil, OPEC, Saudi Arabia, UAE
Anchor / Middle East Correspondent at CNBC based in UAE
Lotte Folke Kaarsholm
@[email protected]
Opinion, climate, tech, literature, politics, economy, and ideas
Politiken, Denmark
I am an opinion editor at the newspaper Politiken and a former news anchor at Denmark’s public broadcaster DR
Carla Pedret
@[email protected]
Digital Strategy
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Thiago Ferrer Morini
[email protected]
Global Affairs, Mobility, Infrastructure, Planes, Trains and Automobiles
EL PAÍS (Madrid)
Journalism is what I do, not what I are.
David Chance
@[email protected]
Economics, international relations, trade
Irish Independent
Ex Reuters journalist, bureau chief in Hungary, Malaysia and Korea, editor in charge Americas economics, now at Irish Independent
Janko Roettgers
@[email protected]
Intersection of tech & entertainment, streaming, AR/VR.
Formerly Protocol, Variety, Gigaom, now freelancing.
I used to use Twitter to tweet little scoops and titbits, follow me on Mastodon for the same. Also, bad dad jokes.
Yasser Elshazly
Articles Writer - ARAB NEWS
articles Writer
Maggie Lee
@[email protected]
State of Georgia data journalism
The Current (coastal Georgia)

Ross Gianfortune
@[email protected]
Federal government operations
GovExec editor and Host of the GovExec Daily podcast
Suzanne Dufresne
@[email protected]
My journalism covers all aspects of life on planet earth.
CBC National Radio and Web/Digital.
I'm always curious.
Bernhard Lill
@[email protected]
Digital Storytelling, Mobile Reporting, Social Media
Online | | Twitter | Instagram @dermedientyp
freelance multimedia journalist and lecturer since 2009. Before: travel writer for Die Zeit, Stern, Brigitte; Radio reporter for BBC World Service, Radio Bremen, NDRinfo. Published a book on India (Zwischen Bombay und Benares, München 2004).
Michelle Manafy
@[email protected]
Digital media, streaming, future of work, DE&I
Various outlets including Digital Content Next, Business Insider, Inc., Nieman Lab, MediaPost, ERE, Recruiting Daily
Editorial director for the media industry trade association Digital Content Next (DCN)
Davey Alba
@[email protected]
Big tech, Google, misinformation, disinformation
Bloomberg News

Lou Covey
@[email protected]

Journalist for more than have a century covering many topics, but focused on technology for past 30
Andisheh Nouraee
Atlanta culture, politics and humor
Atlanta Magazine,
Author of Americapedia: Taking The Dumb Out Of Freedom
Nick Gillespie
@[email protected]
libertarian thought, tech culture/policy, free speech, drugs, immigration
Editor at Large,
Carlos R Munoz
@[email protected]
Rhode Island news, weather, environment
Rhode Island news, weather, environment
Johannes Skov Andersen
@[email protected]
Digital Storytelling
Head of digital storytelling at the Danish daily newspaper Politiken
Beat Witschi
@[email protected]

international news and current affairs

Rob Pegoraro
[email protected]
technology, privacy, security
Fast Company, PCMag, USA Today, Wirecutter and many other fine publications
D.C.-based freelance technology journalist covering, and often vexed by computers, gadgets, and other things that beep. May or may not be notable. He/him.
Vikas Bajaj
[email protected]
Business, energy, autos, airlines, economics
The New York Times
I am an editor on the Business desk of The New York Times.
Albert Cuesta
@[email protected]
Technology, Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications
Ara, Catalunya Ràdio, Mobile World Live

Kyle Hill
@[email protected]
Farm Broadcaster, primarily focused on agriculture, ag ed, and extracurriculars in Missouri and Kansas (KRES FM 104.7),, along with sister stations around the Upper Midwest & Great Plains

Greg Jorgensen
@[email protected]
Bangkok, Thailand, Southeast Asia, culture, technology
Weekly episodes of The Bangkok Podcast, since 2010
Focusing on life in Bangkok, commentary on cultural issues.
Chris Minnick
@[email protected]
Technology, programming, writing
Author of Mastodon For Dummies and other books.
Fediverse Report
[email protected]

The Fediverse
I write a weekly newsletter covering what has happened recently in the Fediverse, as well as articles reflecting on how it is developing and changing.
Daniel W. Lathrop
@[email protected]
Investigate journalism, criminal Justice, public safety
Scripps News
I’m an investigative data reporter for Scripps News channel and stations based in Iowa City, Iowa.
Sarah D. Wire
@[email protected]
Justice Dept, national security and government accountability, Jan. 6, extremism
Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times Justice Dept, national security and government accountability reporter currently focused on Jan. 6/ extremism. FOIA nerd. National Press Club board member
Bruce Maples - ForwardKY
@[email protected]
KY politics
Publisher of Forward Kentucky, the progressive voice for KY politics
Sarah Ann Rosa
@[email protected]
Feminist, investigative journalist with love for antifascism , nature, psychology and science.
Gabriel Gagnon
@[email protected]
National news editor for RDI, Radio-Canada's news channel + tech news and reviews on

Marco Secchi
@[email protected]
Photo Journlims, breaking news and features
Getty Images

Salvo Micciché
@[email protected]
Culture, photography
Italy, Malta, Tunisia
I'm an Italian #Photojournalist at Getty Images, Alamy, Biancavela Press (my press web agency) based in Italy but present also in Malta and Tunisia. I live in Sicily (Ragusa and Siracusa). I'm present in some socials: @Flipboard Vero, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
Alex Knapp
@[email protected]
Science and Healthcare
Senior editor at Forbes covering science, health and cutting-edge tech.
Jorge Iván Rojas

Colombia, politics religion

Martin Holland
@[email protected]
IT, astronomy, spaceflight, science,
I publish news articles in German, but I toot also in English.