How to Use Cloudflare And CloudWays SSL Together

Cloudways is undoubtedly a great managed web hosting service provider. Their one-click features are impeccable if you’re new to the whole hosting scene. They’re also good at providing documentation for all topics related to their platform and its features.

But, to be honest, there is no detailed or specific documentation on the “Cloudflare flexible/full/strict SSL + CloudWays SSL” subject. Things can go south if you enable Cloudflare flexible SSL and CloudWays’ free Let’sEncrypt certificates together without tweaking a few settings.

Learn How to Install Cloudflare and CloudWays SSL Together on a WordPress Site

Let’s see how we can successfully set up Cloudflare and CloudWays SSL together on a WordPress site without generating infinite redirection loops or 5xx errors.

Disclaimer: Backup or create a clone of your website before proceeding. Try this AT YOUR OWN RISK. I’ve tested this one on three sites (during migration), and it worked flawlessly.

Select Cloudflare in the WAF Module

Assuming that you’ve already added your site to Cloudflare and Cloudflare has issued a free SSL certificate (it takes up to 24 hours for the same), here’s what you should do next.

Log into the Cloudways Platform with your credentials. Then click on the Advanced tab in the Server Settings & Packages section under the Server Management area.

CloudWays Advanced Tab

Under the Advanced tab. Select CloudFlare under WAF Module and save the settings by clicking on Save Changes.

Turn off Cloudflare CDN to generate CloudWays Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates

It is not possible to create Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates in Cloudways platform while the CloudFlare CDN is active, so turn it off by clicking the Orange Cloud as shown in the image. The Grey Cloud means CloudFlare CDN is off.

Turn off Cloudflare CDN to generate CloudWays Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates

Setup Primary Domain & Generate the Let’s Encrypt SSL

You know the drill, visit Cloudways platform, create an app, and set the primary domain in Domain Management.

Now generate the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate by accessing the SSL Certificate section. Be sure to create a Wildcard SSL Certificate and set a new CNAME record as suggested by CloudWays.

Generate SSL Cloudways

Install the Cloudflare Flexible SSL, Really Simple SSL Plugins & Turn on Cloudflare SSL

Flexible SSL

This plugin is essential for enabling Flexible SSL on WordPress and will prevent infinite redirect loops when loading your Cloudways WordPress sites under CloudFlare’s Flexible SSL system.

Install the Cloudflare Flexible SSL Plugin

Download Cloudflare Flexible SSL Plugin.

Really simple SSL

This plugin makes sure your site is loading over https:// all the time. It is essential to install this one as well.

Install really simple SSL Cloudflare

Download Really Simple SSL Plugin.

Turn on Cloudflare CDN

Go ahead and turn on Cloudflare CDN after enabling the plugins listed above.

Enable Cloudflare CDN Cloudways

After the CloudFlare SSL is active, you can change it to¬†Full Strict. It’s up to you.

Need help?

Does this guide sound too much of a tech jargon? I can help you fix the SSL certificate issue of your website for the price of a cup of coffee. Contact me right away!

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