How to Hire a Freelance Copywriter?

If you’re looking for a new way to market your business or you want some fresh content for your company site, then hiring an experienced and talented content writer might be just what you need. 

However, before you start firing up Google and hunting down potential candidates, you must take a step back and make sure you understand what exactly makes a good content writer in Calicut.

What to look for when hiring a content writer

You don’t want to end up with writers who are only interested in churning out content fast—you need someone who will stick around and see projects through until completion. 

When finding a good content writer, the first thing to look for is experience. 

What to look for when hiring a content writer
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They should have at least one year of professional writing experience under their belt. If they haven’t already produced any articles for a live project, they shouldn’t even bother submitting their resume.

Where to find your next freelance content writer in Calicut

There are two ways to find your next freelance content writer. First, you can ask your friends and co-workers if they know anyone interested, or second, you can use social media platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn. 

Most freelancers keep active profiles on these networks, so it’s pretty easy to get in touch with people who could be interested in applying for a writing position. 

Of course, word of mouth is often more effective than posting job ads online. Make sure you ask everyone that you know! The chances are that one of them will know someone who would fit well with your content needs. 

The interview

While interviewing a content writer in Calicut, make sure your freelance writer has clear goals for each project and knows exactly what will be expected of them before they start work, you can have better control over quality.
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If you’re going to hire someone over Skype, do your research. To avoid awkward silences or, even worse: interviewing someone completely unqualified, you must set expectations and ask specific questions based on what they’ve written on their resume or cover letter. 

By making sure your freelance writer has clear goals for each project and knows exactly what will be expected of them before they start work, you can have better control over quality.

Furthermore, by asking your content writer candidate plenty of open-ended questions—such as Tell me about yourself!—you can determine how well they fit with your writing style and tone. 

Don’t forget to verify skills, either; just because someone claims they can write well doesn’t mean they actually can!

Things you need to know before hiring a content writer

Freelance writer in Calicut, Kerala
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Here are some tips on where to look and what questions you should ask: What kind of experience does your potential writer have? Understanding their past projects and their expertise will help determine if they can meet your specific needs.

Additionally, having previous writing samples from similar work is extremely helpful when determining if someone is suitable for your project. 

Are you more comfortable working with freelancers or agencies? 

Some companies prefer working with individual freelancers over agencies because it gives them direct access to writers who offer different perspectives. 

On the other hand, most freelancers don’t want to commit full-time hours unless it’s with a full-time job or contract, hence why agencies might be more comfortable offering flexible schedules instead of full-time positions.

The payment process

Because freelance content writers are independent contractors, they’re not eligible for employer-provided benefits like insurance or retirement plans. 

This means it can get complicated when it comes time to pay your writer. If you’re working with an extensive network of writers—say, if you own a site with multiple contributors—you can set up an escrow account where payments are held until you’ve confirmed that each piece has been completed satisfactorily. 

Or, you could outsource payments entirely and let someone else manage all that work for you.

Another option is just having your writers invoice you directly after completing their project; depending on how busy or strapped for cash they may be, it’s worth noting that most do expect to get paid quickly. 

To avoid any awkward situations down the line, make sure to lay everything out clearly from day one. You don’t want last-minute issues or payment disputes messing up a relationship! 

References from clients and professionals

As always, speak with references from previous clients. If you’re looking for a content writer for your business, find companies or websites that publish content and see how their past work has held up over time. 

Hiring a content writer? You can also ask your friends who own businesses if they have used content writers in the past; they may be able to give you personal feedback on what it was like working with them.

While testimonials can sometimes feel insincere or forced, genuine referrals are invaluable when hiring freelancers online.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for freelance content writers in Calicut, it’s best to start your search locally. This way, you can set up interviews face-to-face and talk about details like word count, price, and timeframes in person. 

Websites like Fiverr are helpful for finding contractors worldwide, but keep in mind that communication will be more difficult (and costly) if you decide to go with someone overseas.

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