Digital Consulting Services


Launching a new project? Looking to revamp your web strategy? Increase organic traffic and put yourself out there with my digital strategy consulting.

I will give you a clear picture about:
✅ The current technical SEO status of your website.
✅ Top actionable online strategy ideas you can adapt.
✅ Tips on improving your digital sales funnel.

Few reasons to hire me.
Since 2012, I’ve been helping various software companies and agencies grow (both in-house and as a consultant). If you are feeling stuck with your online strategy, have a chat with me for 20 minutes.

I’m an SEO expert with over 10 years of experience. I’ve previously worked with established software companies that catered to a global audience.

I can craft affordable digital marketing packages for both SMEs and medium-sized startups. My methods are transparent, proven, and holistic.

Connect with me today so that I can guide your SaaS to success. I’ve helped a few in the past, and I can scale the growth of your project as well.

I cover content strategy, product management, creative services, project management, SEO strategy, PPC strategy, and customer success stories.

I’ll deliver a unique strategy combining years of experience from B2B and B2C companies.

Don’t risk having a poor campaign because your copy isn’t up to par.

In addition to a digital marketing strategy, I’ll train your in-house team on digital marketing and SEO best practices.

Here’s a list of digital consulting services I provide.
I provide full-stack digital marketing strategy services, including copywriting, content strategy, outreach, SEO, social media, website revision, etc.

If your website can’t convert, it doesn’t matter how great your products or services are: you won’t see any sales. A conversion rate is simply a measurement of how many people do the desired action on your site, like sign up for an email list or make a purchase. If more than half of your visitors aren’t doing that action, then you need to test out new marketing messages and re-design your site to optimize for conversions.

With about four billion email accounts worldwide, email marketing is still an effective way to reach your audience. If you’re not already implementing some form of outreach in your digital marketing strategy, it might be time to reconsider. An email outreach strategy (also known as an email blast) sends one or more carefully crafted emails to a list of recipients to make an introduction or get a response from recipients.

Local SEO involves analyzing what people type into Google, not just for keywords and phrases related to your industry but also for location-specific terms like “takeaway service in Chicago” or “personal injury lawyers in New York City.”

Before a company releases a new product, copywriters like me would fine-tune its descriptions and sell points. Copywriters aren’t solely focused on selling a product or service; they focus on making it stand out from its competitors. The goal is to highlight what makes one brand’s offering better than another while connecting it to what consumers already want, think and feel.

SEO is an essential part of digital marketing that every business should implement to ensure its site appears at or near the top of search results. I provide SEO services for both B2B and B2C companies. Consider what your goals are, and connect with me.

Social media is a significant part of digital marketing. Integrating your social media accounts into your site can help you increase engagement with potential customers and connect more closely with current customers. Incorporating social media also helps ensure that your business provides up-to-date content and reaches a larger audience, increasing sales. I’ll analyze your niche and provide you with the strategy for each social media channel.

Writing for a software-as-service (SaaS) company is different from writing for a marketing agency. That’s because SaaS companies often need technical writing that speaks to their customers in the language they understand. It makes sense because SaaS companies, especially those that sell products to consumers, need to keep things simple.

The first step in a digital marketing campaign is to ensure that your website gets optimized for SEO, SEM, and all other facets of digital marketing. I will get your site as up-to-date as possible so that you can rank better on search engines and attract more customers to your site.

Is China your primary market?
Having worked with a handful of Chinese companies in the past, I’m well-versed in optimizing websites built for the Chinese audience. I also help Chinese companies with brand strategy and overseas operations.

China Web Perf Audit ↗

My web performance audit would give you a better understanding of your website’s performance in mainland China.

China Web Hosting ↗

Tired of overpriced web hosting services in China? I provide custom web hosting for China-focused business websites.

The work process

First off, we will discuss the scope of your project through questions and answers. Emails would be acceptable to collect the work specifics. But we should switch to WhatsApp, WeChat, or Skype to chat further. Zoom is optional if you insist. I don’t use it, however.

🤔 How much do you charge?

The pricing varies according to the scope and difficulties of the project. I’m a digital marketer who can code. If you want to hire me for an urgent project, please book a slot through PayPal. This slot guarantees 22 hours of digital commitment and consulting. Please contact me if you’ve booked the slot through PayPal successfully. We’ll kick-start the project in 48 hours.

🤔 How do you take payment?

I request a 50% deposit before starting any digital project. I accept payments by Alipay, Paypal, UPI or international bank transfers ( International clients are expected to cover any additional currency conversion charges and transaction fees for sending money overseas by PayPal or BACS.

🤔 Can you rank my website in n number of days?

There are various ranking factors to consider. Most are technical, and a few of them vary according to your niche. We should talk.

🤔 What industries do you associate with?

I’ve previously worked with Saas, BaaS, Travel, Tours, Law-firms, Suppliers, Enablers, Retailers, Teachers, and Creators.

🤔 Can you help my local business acquire more clients?

Yes, if your business caters to English and/or Mandarin-speaking audience.

🤨 Can we trust you?

I won’t start a project without signing an NDA. I’ve some references available on my website, and in PDF. You can refer to that before hiring me.

🤔 Can you help my local business acquire more clients?Can I work with you as a business developer?

Yes. I’ll give you 15% from each project you close. However, you should bring in a project worth 1000USD at least.

Food for thought: It doesn’t matter how old you are, or where you are from. You agree to leave your ego at the door while working with me or other freelancers. Let’s accept criticism with grace, let the best ideas win.

Muzik: I can help you with podcast post production also. I’ll guide through the whole process, and help you run a podcast. And if you are running a fantasy-themed podcast or show, I’m available to score original music. Pricing for audio engineering is different from what’s listed below. Please chat with me to know more.

Email info(at) if you’d like to work together.