Guide to Custom Packaging in China

Here’s an article for brands and entrepreneurs planning to optimize their budget for custom packaging without comprising the quality. 

You might have heard that custom packaging in China is the best affordable choice for companies in the west. But, the process of finding a reputed manufacturer will be tiring. 

If you Google search “custom packaging in China,” you will most likely end up in The platform is good. But, reputed brands tend to work directly with suppliers and custom packaging specialists in China. 

Cosmetic Packaging in China

Types of Materials Used for Product Packaging

Tin Box Company China
Tin Box Packaging Sample

You may know this already, but I’ll give an introduction to different types of product packaging materials for the new-comers. 

Packaging material options vary according to the niche.

Not all companies produce boxes, containers, and custom packaging using every material. 

Each packaging manufacturing company in China focuses on a specific material.

That’s why you should work with a trusted supplier who can source any material of your preference.

According to Google, these are the most searched keywords in this niche.

  • China Paper Packaging
  • China Corrugated Box Manufacturers
  • Tin Box China
  • Plastic Packaging in China
  • China Wooden Packing
  • Specialty Packaging in China
  • China Custom Rigid Boxes

If you don’t have a packaging design

Vintage Tin Box Design
Tin Box: Vintage Design

The account manager assigned by the packaging company will take care of this.

Most of these companies have a dedicated product designer in-house.

Note: Make sure you label the packaging according to the regulations. Labeling rules and requirements vary according to each country. 

Minimum Order Quantity

Keep in mind that most packaging companies in China generally prefer MOQs above 2000.

The idea of MOQ can vary according to the niche also. It’s best to discuss with the company itself to get a clear picture.

If you need further info and guidance, feel free to contact me. You can send me your ideas and designs.

Please explain as much as you can. I’ll review the details and come up with the best packaging option for your products. 

And no, I won’t charge anything. 

Updated on 8th December 2022.

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