Blockchain Content Writer (Hiring Guide)

Who is a blockchain content writer?

Let’s suppose you are building a blockchain or web3 project; a blockchain content writer ensures your content marketing efforts are in the right direction.

Blockchain has been making waves in the media and digital industry and has caught the eye of investors looking to get in on what looks like the next big thing in tech.

Have you noticed your competitors adding blockchain content to their marketing and advertising campaigns? 

If you’re not taking advantage of quality content, you could be missing out on big profits.

Don’t let that happen to your business—get ahead of the competition with the help of a blockchain content writer!

While hiring writers may seem like a tedious task, several great sources can help you find web3 writers who know what they’re talking about and can make sure that your business or website has the right content on it. 

Here are some tips on hiring the best blockchain content writer for your web3 project.

Who should hire a blockchain content writer?

Who should hire a blockchain content writer?

If you’re looking to use blockchain technology to streamline your business or optimize your operations, you will likely want to market it or explain what it is and how it works. 

In this case, you should consider hiring a blockchain content writer who can help you write high-quality blockchain-related articles and create high-impact white papers. 

The benefits of writing quality white papers

The benefits of writing quality white papers as a blockchain content writer

Blockchain technology is gaining popularity these days. Thus, many people are trying to incorporate it into their business model. 

While incorporating, you will come across many issues and problems.

For example, in some cases, you may not be able to solve a problem on your own or write something new that can help you stand out among your competitors. 

In such cases, you need to hire an expert blockchain content writer or work with someone who is already well-versed with blockchain technology so that they can offer quality services that can help solve your problem(s). 

You should know about some critical aspects related to writing before hiring someone for blockchain content writing services.

What to look for in an excellent blockchain content writer

Web3: Introducing the Future of the Web

If you’re looking to hire a blockchain content writer, it’s essential to look for certain traits. First and foremost, they must have an excellent command of English. 

After all, blockchain technology is based on communication: Communication between cryptocurrency nodes to maintain network integrity and security; communication between businesses and individuals so that everyone knows how things work in distributed networks; communication among users to ensure transparency; etc. 

So make sure your chosen writer has a good grasp of English because that’s key here.

They’ll also need knowledge of crypto platforms like Ethereum or Bitcoin, extensive knowledge about what makes these systems tick, and some deep understanding of distributed ledger technologies.

Why work with an expert in the blockchain niche?

Why work with an expert in the blockchain niche?

When you want quality content that is easy to read and free of typos, you must hire a writer specializing in the blockchain niche. 

Doing so will guarantee that they are familiar with all of your jargon and can help ensure they deliver original, high-quality content quickly. 

There are two benefits when you hire an expert in your blockchain industry:

1) An expert in the niche can create professional, topical articles faster than newcomers. 

2) Writers who know how to write for the blockchain market can craft content more targeted towards prospective leads and audiences than someone trying their hand at something new.

The questions you need to ask when looking for a good writer

The questions you need to ask when looking for a good writer

First, take some time to think about what you’re looking for in a writer and how they can help your business. Start by asking yourself these questions: 

  1. What is my audience’s main concern? 
  2. What blockchain topics do I need to be covered? 
  3. What tone should my web3 content have? 
  4. What goals are we trying to accomplish with our content? 
  5. How can a blockchain content writer help us achieve those goals? 

It’s also essential, to be honest with yourself when considering who you want to write for your brand. 

  1. Do you want someone experienced or someone with a room to grow? 
  2. Are there topics that will not be covered due to geographical location or technical limitations? 
  3. Who are your competitors, and how does their content compare? 
  4. Finally, what is your budget and timeline for getting work done within its constraints?

And once you find a potential blockchain content writing candidate, be ready with these questions:

  1. What is their professional background? 
  2. How long have they been writing? 
  3. Have they worked on anything similar to your content before? 
  4. What is their writing style like? 
  5. Do you like it or not?  
  6. Are you able to provide them with resources or support if needed? 
  7. Are they willing to ask questions if things are unclear and will take advice from experts where necessary 
  8. Can you get a sample of their work before hiring them

What should I pay for their services?

There are several factors to consider when figuring out how much to pay a writer. First, consider how long you expect your content to live and remain relevant. 

If you’re launching a blockchain-based product that will be in use for years to come, it makes sense to pay someone more money than if you were hiring them for an hour or two of short-term writing. 

You should also consider your budget; there’s no point in scoping out excellent writers if they’re so expensive that you can’t afford them! 

Hire an in-house blockchain content writer

It is not hard to see why blockchain is being touted as one of the most exciting technologies.

The ability to create secure, permanent records of transactions without an intermediary or middleman is a compelling concept. 

However, like many other cutting-edge technologies, it still requires some work to understand and implement. Having a solid content strategy should be part of your blockchain project.

Through, I can craft top-notch SEO-friendly content and copy for your blockchain project.

Having worked with web3 projects in the past and present, I know what it takes to attract both the users and the search engine; when it comes to blockchain content writing.

Services I provide as a blockchain content writer.

  • Content writing for NFT marketplaces
  • Content writing for dApps
  • Content writing for StabeCoins
  • Content writing for cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Content writing for ICOs
  • Content writing for web3 projects
  • Content writing for blockchain projects
  • Content writing on blockchain frameworks

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