API-alpha for Bug Guide

Status: Deprecated

Explore the data-set of 35447 insects!

Based on bugguide.net’s multiple .txt sets, I created an API to deliver insects’ data in JSON format. At present, the API only delivers the common name, genus, species, family, order, bug_guide_id, and bugguide.net URL information.

API Endpoint



Data can be parsed as JSON. Access to the bugs.deadauthor.org doesn’t require a token-based authentication. Kindly avoid sending too many requests. Consider donating if you plan to actively use the API.


Query a common name

GET https://bugs.deadauthor.org?api&common_name=Brown%20Angle%20Shades

Query a genus

GET https://bugs.deadauthor.org?api&genus=Oligotoma

Query species

GET https://bugs.deadauthor.org?api&species=nigra

Query a family

GET https://bugs.deadauthor.org?api&family=Oedemeridae

Query an order

GET https://bugs.deadauthor.org/?api&order=Coleoptera

Query a bug_guide_id

GET https://bugs.deadauthor.org?api&bug_guide_id=389

Query combination example

GET https://bugs.deadauthor.org?api&species=scrutator&order=Coleoptera

API Usage Example (Python)


Alpha disclaimer

The bugs.deadauthor.org API is actually in the alpha stage, which implies that “bugs” and issues may still remain undiscovered until this phase of testing is complete.

The alpha stage also means that the data may be corrupted, is not 100% validated or complete, and is subject to change.

Finally, services may have downtime and the API schemas and calls are subject to change