I’m Mighil, a music producer and digital native (see Résumé) based out of Chengdu, China, currently leading the full-stack marketing operations at HeyForm & TinySnap. Verfasor.com is a personal website and weblog. I write informally on this website about the things I learn and fancy. The moniker is derived from the German word Verfasser (m), which translates to author, composer, or writer. You can get in touch with via e-mail [email protected].


I was a massive fan of the 8-bit video games even though I grew up during the reign of 16-bit consoles and 32-bit handhelds. Video game soundtracks influenced me more than any other form of music, which inspired me to make music. Here’s a synthwave cover of Chaosium Sword, one of my favorite video game soundtracks. I dropped out of college to focus on digital media marketing and music. I received the Cambridge BULATS certification during my time at the Uni in 2010.

In 2012, I decided to start a career in search marketing.

Since then, I’ve been developing marketing campaigns to generate high-quality content in all forms. I have hands-on international exposure when it comes to digital marketing.

Post 2015, I have been actively learning new technologies. I’m very much into Python scripting, web servers, and front-end development. I’ve worked with great teams at Heyooo, Tap4Fun, Labex, ugChain, IObit Software, Acodez, and other companies in China, India, and the Netherlands.

I like reading non-fiction these days, particularly papers on absurdism and existentialism. And I’m more into horror, mystery, crime, and comedy flicks. I’m a Kaiju nerd, also. My favorite Kaiju is Anguirus.

@thedeadauthorm1qnet, Verfasor, and signalsiren are my experimental music projects. FL Studio is my main DAW. I used to produce electronic music under the monikers Xonikk, B∆SE32, スーパーソニック, and Longma in the past. “Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru” from my VOL I EP has been featured on the Rolling Stone India October 2020 Playlist Part 2.

I’ve authored several Python scripts and bots under the influence of pandemic blues. In October 2022, I launched the wr8.in starter kit for Notion.

Welcome again! Browse freely.

Email [email protected] or wechat: mighil to work together. I can help you with content, product ops, scripting, strategy, and technology.

Random: something I've read, browsed, or watched.

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